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Feb 15, 2004, 05:06 PM
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New to GS - need info on Byron's Originals/Iron Bays P-51 Mustang

I just purchased a Byron's Originals P-51 Mustang form a friend of mine.The fuse needs repair and so does the wing but I got it for a good price and plan to get it running again. Does anyone know where I can get pieces for this airplane such as the canopy and the front airscoop?
I am also trying to decide on the engine that I will need to purchase and have almost decided on the G-62. Know about another engine, let's talk. I am going to spend about $300 - $400 on the engine,about $200 on the retracts, considering Robart P-51 model 644 (I think) need input on that also..

I need to discuss what to do to reinforce and repair fiberglass faults without increasing weight too much. How do you repair a fiberglass-foam core wing that has been broken? Have dremel and am not afraid to use it.

I will need to discuss radio gear later, 1/4 scale servos??

Anyway this is just a post to get the communication about the Giant P-51 Mustang going cause I'm rally going to need your assistance.

Also-- Anyone know about the Purrrpow'r system that Iron Bay sells on their site? What ar ethe prices approx.?? Over my budget I'm betting.
I'll try to get some pics for anyone to view if interested.
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Feb 16, 2004, 03:28 PM
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OK a couple things have happened since I opened this post.
1st - I was able to contact Iron Bay and they are now sending me the instruction manual ($15), the canopy ($28) and the engine cowl ($28), should be in within the next week, woohoo
2nd- talked with previous owner who actually has another one in far better shape. He says that he is currently using a Quadra 35 witha reduction unit and it flies at approx. 90 mph = 500 scale mph, so I could get by with using an equivalent G38 and a straight prop instead of using the reduction unit and the thing should fly balls to the walls. Can anyone back that up?

I am also considering whether or not to put wire landing gear on it, fly it around, and get used to it before I get the $$ saved to purchase retracts. Any ideas??

About the ailerons, do ya think it would be better to put a servo on each aileron or use a single 1/4 servo to control both? I do plan on using a 1/4 scale servo on the flaps but they are connected with control rods so that would be easy.

Come on, gimme some advise here you giant scale people, please!!!