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Jan 10, 2020, 01:30 AM
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Originally Posted by JimDrew
The failsafes on the X10+ can not be set from the transmitter. You have to use the live active failsafe feature to force servos to actual positions.
Hello Jim.

I do not know if I want to argue this any much, but I have tested all conceivable methods and draw the same conclusions I have written before.
You say I can't set up the failsafe with the transmitter, but as I understand, that's exactly what you do according to the manual on page 13.
And belive me, I have tried it.

To set the failsafe positions (Live Active Failsafe), make sure that you can
move the servos with your transmitter and then press and hold the
programming button on the X10+ until the LED turns off and then starts
flashing alternately red and green, and then release the button. The LED
will continue to alternately flash red and green for approximately 7 seconds.
During this time, use your transmitter to move the servos to where you want
them to be when during a failsafe condition. When the LED stops flashing
and returns back to solid green, the positions are locked into memory and
the failsafe positions are permanently stored. Only repeating this procedure
or performing a factory reset will change the failsafe position settings.

What I can note is that no matter what method I use, the X10 waits 15 seconds before the green light starts flashing green for a short while and then lights up red, (failsafe). Only if I change the settings in the receiver "max failsafe time" to, for example, 2 seconds can I get the X10 to turn red after about 2 seconds.

But as I said, it doesn't matter that much because I know how it works now. I don't want to start a war of words but I am satisfied that I made it work as I intended, and I'm very happy with the X10.


At the last attempt I made (not documented with pictures or video) I did a factory reset on both the receiver and X10 and just changed the receiver setting "max failsafe time" to 2 seconds. Thus, I did not make any failsafe settings via the transmitter but used X10 "Live Active Failsafe" for failsafe settings.
Afterwards I checked with the setup programs for both units and they had the same failsafe values. Actually repeated the attempt 2 times with 2 seconds and 15 seconds respectively for "max failsafe time" in the receiver settings and the X10 LED lamp obeyed these settings.
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Jan 10, 2020, 02:17 PM
Thread OP
You say I can't set up the failsafe with the transmitter, but as I understand, that's exactly what you do according to the manual on page 13.
No, that is not setting up failsafes from the transmitter! Again, you can't setup failsafes from the transmitter with the X10+. You can with some protocols (like XBUS-Mode A) with the X24.

Live active failsafe is NOT the same as setting up failsafes from the transmitter, so perhaps that is where the confusion is here. Setting up failsafes from the transmitter means that you are using the transmitter's failsafe feature to send the failsafe position information to the receiver. Live active failsafe means that the current channel positions are locked into memory and used as the failsafe positions when a failsafe occurs. These are two completely different things.

What I can note is that no matter what method I use, the X10 waits 15 seconds before the green light starts flashing green for a short while and then lights up red, (failsafe). Only if I change the settings in the receiver "max failsafe time" to, for example, 2 seconds can I get the X10 to turn red after about 2 seconds.
If the receiver is sending data to the X10+ then there is no failsafe condition at all. When the receiver stops sending data to the X10+ then that is when the failsafe timer starts. Normally, a receiver will not send any packet that is lost. For some reason (based on your description), Multiplex continues to send data when there is none until their failsafe time expires. I would set their timeout to be 0.
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Feb 23, 2020, 03:33 AM
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I have a new X-10+ Surplus to requirements and in the U.K. it’s never been installed or programmed for 2 reasons. 1) I am very colour blind so struggled with the flashing LED. 2) I moved away from large models due to restrictive legislation in the U.K. it does have the 2 power input cables soldered on. So open to offers. Please PM.
Feb 27, 2020, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by john.j.allen
I'm trying to set the Active Failsafe with the FrSky X8R receivers on the X10+.

When I press and hold the programming button it does not go into the red/green blinking.

Occasionally it will do one or two iterations, but then goes to just green blinking, and when I let the button go it goes back to normal solid green.
HELP! I haven't been using my X10+ boards since downsizing a couple of years ago but I'm setting up an electric twin where I need more than 8 channels so I dug out an X10+ and set everything up. All 10 channels are working from my FrSky Horus X12 and RXSR rx with an XM+ backup receiver. Right up until I try to set up the failsafe when I'm getting the same as John.J.Allen above where it won't go into failsafe setting mode. I'm using Futaba Sbus protocol and I've tried disabling and enabling failsafe override, I've done a factory rest, I've tried different receivers including an X8R, tx failsafe to 'no pulses' and to 'custom', and three different X10+ boards but all I can get out of the X10+s is hold last position - no passthrough and no override regardless of how I set it. The red LEDs are working as are the programming buttons, I just can't get either alternating red/green or passthrough.
I'm sure they used to go into failsafe setup and I doubt all three would have failed the same way in storage, in fact one was still in it's unopened packet! It has to be something simple - and obvious - that I'm overlooking. Any ideas?
Feb 29, 2020, 12:52 AM
Thread OP
You need to set your FrSky transmitter so the receiver failsafe is NONE. Your receiver is sending data during a failsafe, and it needs to send nothing during a failsafe for the X10+ to handle the failsafe.

You should be able to just press and hold the programming button once you can operate the servos and the LED will toggle red/green during the live active failsafe timer (about 7 seconds).
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Feb 29, 2020, 06:22 AM
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Originally Posted by JimDrew

You should be able to just press and hold the programming button once you can operate the servos and the LED will toggle red/green during the live active failsafe timer (about 7 seconds).
There's the problem Jim, as per the quoted post I'm not getting the red green toggle.
I have all 10 servo outputs working and following the sticks, they swaps to the redundancy receiver if the primary rx loses signal and I can go through the programming routines so the button is working, but if I press the button not one of three boards that I have will go into the live active failsafe setting mode. What happens is that the LEDs start flickering rapid irregular green with the occasional red flash roughly every 5 seconds. If I switch off the transmitter all three X10+s appear to be holding the last servo positions.
I'm pretty sure I used to be able to set the Live Active Failsafe ok so I can't see what I'm doing wrong!
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Feb 29, 2020, 10:38 AM
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I've now tried with 3 X8Rs, 1 each of XM, XM+, RXSR and an RX4R using X9D and X12 transmitters. I now have a theory which is that I'm in a fairly WiFi heavy area - the living room. My FrSky gear is all on EU LBT firmware and ALL receivers have some flickering of the LED evident. With 2 receivers connected I noticed the X10+s were sometimes swapping to the backup receiver for fractions of a second. The receiver LED flickering and swapping to the backup appears synchronised with the rapid flickering I'm getting with the program button depressed and when the receiver LED gives a brief solid burst looks to be when the X10 toggles red/green for a second. Would FL flags being set interrupt the live active failsafe setting process?
I can only blame the poor RF link quality on the wireless router being upgraded since I last used these boards. I'll try again later with the WiFi turned off.

edit - even with my WiFi router and laptop turned off I'm still getting a few missed frames, it got a couple of seconds of red/green but not enough to complete it's routine. Even with my WiFi turned off there are still 16 other connections showing from neighbours so I guess my received signal level is still too low. I'm pretty sure my problems are down to the nature of the LBT connection, I think I'd need to get right out of town to get a clean signal. Maybe I'll just leave setting the failsafe until I go to the flying field, if ever the rain stops long enough for the ground to firm up!
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Mar 02, 2020, 04:58 PM
Thread OP
I don’t think I made it so the live active failsafe can be interrupted by frame loss, but I will take a look at that. It’s not uncommon, especially with narrow band RF systems (FrSky, Futaba, Hitec, and Graupner Hott) to have a LOT of real frame loss when any other 2.4GHz system (Bluetooth de ides, routers or other R/C transmitters) are active. These systems do not cope well with noise.
Mar 03, 2020, 12:02 PM
Thread OP
Well, I did make it so you can not have any lost frames during the live active failsafe process. This would explain your issue.

Make sure that your transmitter is at least 3 feet away from your receivers, and that any receiver transmitting telemetry data is located as far apart from your other receiver as possible.
Mar 03, 2020, 06:01 PM
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Thanks Jim, it looks as though setting failsafe on an EU-LBT will need a little care and a deserted flying field! Otherwise it performs perfectly, it's just the legal requirement to have a failsafe set that is the fly in the ointment. I'm pretty sure it must be the number of WiFi signals in the area that are the problem when setting it up at home.
Apr 11, 2020, 08:34 PM
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Retract landing gear issue

Jim, I am having an issue with an X10+ V2 (vertical pins) in my current project. Project is 86 inch Typhoon Gas powered with electric retracts. My set up is FRSKY Horus 10S with RX8R pro receiver into S1 input of the X10+ and 2X3300 mah LiFe batteries for power. I have the radio programmed for Ch 5&6 are both retract channels. Ch 6 feeds a control box that controls the mains and they work fine, Ch 5 controls just the tail wheel retract and it is a retract with a built in servo (+-S). Programming on the transmitter was verified that both 5&6 were active on the retract switch. The tail wheel will not retract. I went through the wiring from the X10+ back to the retract all looked good. I then unplugged the retract and replaced it with a servo, the servo worked as you would expect it to. I assumed a defective retract and got my servo tester out and plugged the retract into the tester, it cycled up and down with no binds or issues. Thinking maybe it was just an intermittent connection I reconnected the retract back up and tried it again using the radio, it did not work. I unplugged the Ch 5 lead from the X10+ and plugged the servo tester back in, again it worked. The retract goes up at 1350 μs and down at 1550 μs, I verified with the tester that I could go down to 900 μs and up to 2100 μs and it still functions. I assumed there was not any problems with the X10s but to just make sure I replaced it with another new one and also tried one of the older X10+ units I have. The radio is programmed with the limits set to 100% +&- that should be 1000 μs and 2000 μs. For what itís worth I also tried plugging it into ch 6, that also did not work. I am baffled.
Apr 11, 2020, 11:22 PM
Thread OP
It could be that the retract servo needs a 5v signal level to make it work. The X10+ (like just about every receiver out there) uses 3.3 volts for all outputs.
Apr 13, 2020, 09:47 AM
Registered User
Thanks Jim, I'll just re-map that servo to a channel on the receiver.
May 14, 2020, 10:56 PM
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Any idea when these will be back in stock, or does anyone have one they'd sell?
May 15, 2020, 10:18 AM
Thread OP
We are stuck right now. Our products are manufactured here in the U.S. but no company in the U.S. actually makes resistors, capacitors, and numerous other electronic components that our products use. We are having difficulty getting these parts from China because of the world events. For the X10+ we are missing a couple of parts still, which is a far cry better than having only one part available! I may end up having to pay a premium (single part price) and doing a very small production run. We typically do production runs of 1000+ pieces to make these products affordable.

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