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The Race of Champions

The USRA invites you to participate in its upcoming Race of Champions at Rabbit Dry Lake Bed.



The new USRA SPORTSMAN class allows you to “run what ya brung." Victorville, California - October 24-27, 2013

  • Run ny plane - aerobatic, scale, civilian, warbird, as long as it has a minimum 80” wingspan for monoplanes and 60” wingspan for biplanes (IMAA rules).
  • You can use any piston engine up to 400cc or electric power of any size.
  • Gas or Glow fuel, and any prop you chose.
  • The class will have a break out time of 120 seconds (2 minutes), in other words.
  • If you fly the 6 laps in under 2 minutes you get a zero for that heat.

Other than that, plane across the finish line wins the heat. As a benchmark, your plane will need to be able to sustain 105-120mph for 6 laps AND you’ll need to fly a straight course without cutting pylons.

The course is a 2 pylon oval course with pylons 1600 feet apart, the USRA has computerized scoring with times, speeds and turn times for you after every heat so you can see how you’re doing. BTW, you will need a turn caller for racing, so bring a buddy or two!! Expect to fly 6 heats with a final gold race for the top 5 finishers on Sunday, you can test fly and practice on Thursday after registration and safety inspections. It sounds easy!!!…let’s see if you can throw down on the race course with the rest of us!

There will be help for the newcomers and great camaraderie and fun stuff like bench racing, music, refreshments, night flying racing, music, refreshments, night flying and more on the lake bed after the days racing as well.

Go to for more info. You

Go to for more info.

You can see the SPORTSMAN class rules here.

Feel free to contact any of the USRA officers with questions here.

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Sep 11, 2013, 07:53 AM
RCGroups Editor
Matt Gunn's Avatar
This is just awesome...
I found a video on the 'tube:
USRA Giant Scale Air Races (9 min 34 sec)

race video at the end.

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