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Sep 06, 2013, 09:01 PM
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F-35 conspiracy theories

How the U.S. and Its Allies Got Stuck with the World’s Worst New Warplane

Another piece criticizing the F-35's suitability. It was originally appealing, because of its simple mechanism for hovering compared to the Harrier. As the conspiracy theories have mounted, other factors have to be considered.

It never looked very maneuverable, but modern flight by wire can make anything maneuverable. It was tasked with doing many things: hovering, carrier landings, bombing, dogfights. Once again, flight by wire was advertized as making everything accessible to a single airframe.

1 obvious downside is the pilot can't see backwards, instead being expected to rely completely on radar & the opponent not being stealthy.

Another downside is the internet has increasingly decided there are limits to how much flight by wire can compensate for aerodynamics. By the time the F-117 was retired & destroyed, it was unanimously considered suffering from very lousy aerodynamics which the software couldn't compensate for.

Finally, there's the issue of why 3 variants of the F-35 are required. Why can't all of them hover, land on a carrier, & do whatever the air force does? If taking out 2 of the 3 options makes them better at 1 mission, wouldn't they be better if the rest of the airframe was optimized for 1 mission too?

So it's probably not as good as the A-10, F-16, F-18, & F-14 were at their jobs. It's probably better than the harrier for its job. It's definitely cheaper than maintaining 5 planes.

Even though it probably is inferior to what was around before, it's the best Americans can afford. They want equality more than they want to maximize human potential. It reflects the reality of a socialist people who can't afford the best. You can't call it a conspiracy when people get what they voted for.

There's also the issue of a human piloted, survivable plane becoming completely irrelevant. The modern strategy is to throw a large number of inexpensive, mass produced, drones at the problem until 1 gets through. How effective that would be against a modern opponent remanes to be seen.
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Sep 07, 2013, 01:00 AM
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Jack, there are many factors going into the F35... I am active duty Air Force and I too disagree with the F-35.

In my honest opinion, I feel the contract too Lockheed for the F-35 was only obtained due to the long lasting relationship between Lockheed, and the DOD. The price tag, which was once reasonable, has now climbed to the point at which the F-35 is useless, as it will be close to the price tag of the F-22!

The F-35 has already reached a point where it is many, many millions over budget. I personally feel a professional company such as Boeing could have done the DOD some justice in keeping the price under control... Not to mention the X-32 has a much more simple VTOL system than the complicated fan and transmission system of the F-35.

Quite frankly, there can not be a single airframe to suit all branches specific needs.

This s where you seem to be slightly confused. You see, you can make an airframe that performs well as a fighter, attack, and stealth strategic bomber. You can also make THAT airframe work well as a carrier based, VTOL, or USAF aircraft. However it is very difficult to make an airframe good at what it does, and comply to the needs of each branch. When it comes to the USAF we have no need for VTOL or carrier based junk.. Quite simply that is all wasted weight which could be better used in munitions or fuel. Obviously a Naval Aircraft MUST have carrier capable aircraft, and the Marines would surely like a "couple" stretegically placed fighters in an area no larger than a heli-pad.

All this being said, I am against the F-35, however I DO realize, and support the fact that we need a cheap multi role JSF (just not the F-35!!!).

Just for an example, most of the A-10's in the USAF are at least 2x, some of them 3x the INTENDED flying hours set by Fairchild Republic.... That's ridiculous!

My Vote, even though it is beastly ugly, is the X-32. Boeing seems to do a good job providing a quality product, at a reasonable price.

Lockheed on the other hand has never known any different than DOD contracts... We all know how DOD contracts turn out... Over budget, and late on the schedule! (Trust me, I see it daily... From Construction companies taking advantage of it, to electronic specialty companies taking advantage of these contracts....)
Sep 07, 2013, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Jack Crossfire
1 obvious downside is the pilot can't see backwards, instead being expected to rely completely on radar & the opponent not being stealthy.
First rule of Italian driving: What's behind you doesn't matter.

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