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Aug 28, 2013, 06:51 PM
Flying Phantom

Naza Lite, Naza V1 or Naza V2 vibration issue - confused

Hey guys,

I quickly want to outline, what I need clarification with.
I am in the midst of building myself an S800 with EVO arms, but normal centerplates et cetera. It is already advanced as I have the basic frame parts ready and yesterday motors (Sunnysky 4112 400KV) rotors 15x5.5 Carbon fiber props and ESCs arrived.

Together with all components and 2x 5000mAh batteries I have calculated AUW of around 4500grams, which should give me about 20+mins. of flight.

here is a picture of my built:

So now I am thinking about a Flight Control.
On my Phantom I had the Naza V1 and really liked it together with the GPS.
So right now I cannot decide between Naza lite - which is cheap and does everything I currently want from it, or the more expensive Naza M V2 as a bundle with the miniOSD and bluetooth LED, which both seem to be quite handy - though nothing I would regularly use, other then for some FPV flights maybe...

One thing that keeps me from just buying the V2 Bundle is this Text i found on DJI website stating the following:

"" Naza-M V2 does not support the aircraft which has large vibration, so when you choose to use hexa-rotor or octo-rotor, please use the vibration dampening devices accordingly""


So what is this about?
I have senn many people flying the S800 with a naza m without any troubles...but it was always V1!

So with the Wookong i know several people had problems with the IMU/PMU unit flashing white LED signs caused by vibration and making the unit malfunction -> which then caused DJI to release the anti vibration KIT for the S800.

Soooo, di you think I would need that one for the S800 if i chose the Naza V2?
why doesn`t the V1 or the naza lite need it?

Is the Naza lite also secured against one motor failing?
I somewhere read, that basicaly with naza lite you are stuck on Settings as with Naza V1 and 2.02 that true?
so mayn new features, like enhanced safety features from version 3.14 or 3.16 are not even incorporated in Naza lite?

Why is the Naza V2 more prone to vibration based disfunctioning then the V1?

Any help really appreciated!

Because Naza Lite + GPS -> 169€

Naza V2 -> 399€
PLUS Anti Vibration Mount for another 130€ plus the additional weight it adds...

thanks in advance,
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Aug 29, 2013, 02:19 PM
Flying Phantom
anybody any ideas?
Aug 30, 2013, 12:02 AM
flohio117's Avatar
I don't think the naza an fly an s800. Thenazaflysmy 950mm Y6 but it handsome very wierd tendencies that I've learned and no how to correct. Sometimes in auto level it will lock a angle and try to crash if I don't put it into manual mode and fight it back to normal. It's something I've learned to deal with and am fine doing it because I fly alot and am very comfortable. It doesn't happen much only during windy days. Buti fly it FPV so I can always take back over and no wherein going. If I flew it LOS that way I might have crashed it if I was out of Los. So I think your going to need a wk-m

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