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Aug 14, 2013, 02:26 PM
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DX7 Programing - Flap 5

The original version of Flap-5 was posted Aug 30, 2013 and is now obsolete. After posting I kept working on it to try and resolve the problem with the AUX2 trim. What follows is the revised version which fixes the problems with having AUX2 trim active. This was accomplished by rearranging the P-mixes.

This is my favorite of all my efforts and does everything I could have hoped for with the old DX7.

DX7 - Flap 5

Dual Ailerons With Flaperon/Spoileron and Differential - Independent Dual 3 Position Flaps

This program does the exact same thing as Flap 4 but uses the AUX2 switch instead of the gear switch

Right Aileron servo goes to Aileron channel - Left Aile servo goes to Flap/Aux1 channel
Right flap servo to AUX 2 - Left Flap to Gear channel


[Input Select]

AUX2: 2P Switch
AUX2 TRIM: ACT/INH - Your choice. Active trim allows trimming both flaps together. You can use flap trim for Reflex or negative flaps if your flap hinging allows this.

FLAP: System

FLAP TRIM: ACT/INH - Your choice. Active trim gives flaperons/spoilerons with the Flap Rocker. This only effects ailerons.


FLAPERON: ON - Enables the Differential screen in function mode



Flap Switch gives full 3 position control of spoileron/flaperon in Flap System screen. Flap Rocker works independent of flap switch.

Up or Down values give spoilerons or flaperons from flap switch.

Elevator compensation here only works in response to the flap switch which is only used for flaperons/ailerons. If you can figure out some way to make use of that do it here, otherwise leave values at zero.

Elevator compensation for flaps can be done with P-Mixes. More on that later.

------------------ FLAP ------- ELEV
NORM ------ UP 60% ----------- 0 ----
MID ---------- UP 30% ----------- 0 ----
LAND ------- ----- 0% ----------- 0 ----

These values give two spoileron positions. The values have not been flight tested and were chosen randomly. I recommend starting with lower values and flight testing to determine best values. You can also choose to have one spoileron position and one flaperon position or two flaperon positions. Flap trim can be used in conjunction with these choices. With two spoileron positions on the switch you can use the trim rocker to dial in some flaperon or vice versa.


DIFF. - Set % for desired aileron differential

Program Mixes
----------------------------- CHANNEL ------ SW --- +RATE -- −RATE ------ OFFSET
[PROG. MIX 1] ---- AUX2 ⪫ AUX2 ---- MIX --- −100% ------ -0- ----------- -0- ---
[PROG. MIX 3] ---- GEAR ⪫ GEAR ---- ON --- −100% --- −100% -------- -0- --- Inhibits Gear switch
[PROG. MIX 5] ---- AUX2 ⪫ GEAR ----- ON --- +100% --- +100% -------- -0- --- Flap Servos on AUX2 and GEAR
[PROG. MIX 6] ---- GEAR ⪫ GEAR --- MIX --- −100% ------ -0- ----------- -0- ---

FLAPS - Right flap servo to AUX 2 - Left Flap to Gear channel

Flap travel must be adjusted via mechanical setup and via the Travel Adjust and Sub Trim screens.

Pull Mix switch for Mid Flaps. Pull AUX2 switch for full down flaps. AUX2 switch overrides Mix switch.

Elevator Compensation

If you want Elevator Compensation for flaps you can do it with two more P-Mixes.

Program Mixes
----------------------------- CHANNEL ------ SW --- +RATE -- −RATE ------ OFFSET
[PROG. MIX 2] ---- GEAR ⪫ ELEV ---- MIX --- +30% ------- -0- ----------- -0- ---
[PROG. MIX 4] ---- AUX2 ⪫ ELEV ---- ON ------ -0- ------- −30% --------- -0- ---

The compensation rate values were chosen randomly just to test the program. Start with lower values and adjust as necessary using your own experience.

The only flaw I have found with this programing is with the elevator compensation. Normal Flap use would be to pull the MIX switch first for mid flaps and then the AUX2 switch for full flaps; Flip AUX2 switch off first and then switch off the Mix switch. If you turn off the MIX switch before the AUX2 switch the flaps stay at full flap position but the elevator compensation changes. Check it out on the Servo Monitor screen. I don't consider it a fatal flaw but the effect should be understood.

I've checked and double checked my work but there still could be errors. Let me know if you find any problems or have any questions. I'm anxious to hear from any that use this programing.
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