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Feb 07, 2004, 09:50 PM
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Choosing a New Electric Motor for my falcon

Hello Mario,
I have a few questions, I have a falcon, and wanted to know what main motors you would recommend purchasing. I would like something with more power and basically more effecient without going brushless. Can you please list a few motor names. Also, my tail motor seems to keep burning out, I broke in my tail motor at 3 volts for 20 minutes, and still after 5- 15 min flights it burned out. I don't know if i need a hot sink or what but I think it is safe to say my motors are burning out or already burnt out. So I need to know which motors would be compatible with this heli so I could buy some in bulk. One more thing I was wondering if the tail motor was the same as other micro heli tail motors such as the piccolo and so on. Well hope you can answer all my questions.
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Feb 08, 2004, 03:28 AM
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Where did you get your spare tail motors? Are they the GWS B2/N20, or something else?

In any case, I do not recommend breaking in the tail motors. I have not seen any problems with them being used as is. And to give them longer life use either an HF100, Schulze Slim-105He, or Astroflight Firefly ESC.

As for the the main motor, I am using a coreless DC1724 (i.e. HeliStar motor) in a custom built Falcon. It is ***not*** more powerful than the stock motor. But, it is lighter and uses up less amps. It is a great motor for a lightly built BB or Falcon. But, you need an HF100 or Schulze Slim-105He for this motor.

You can also use two GWS IPS motors in tandem with 2-cell LiPoly packs.

For either the DC1724 or GWS IPS, you will need 8-tooth 64pitch pinions with 1.5mm bore. You might get away with 9 or 10-tooth pinions for the dual-IPS setup.

Jun Nolasco
Feb 08, 2004, 04:25 AM
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I am using is50 gws speedcontroller for the tail, and the pixie 7p for the main motor, the motors i have been using are the ones that came with the falcon from mario. I am not sure what they are exactly but they keep burning out. I have the 10 tooth pinion on the tail motor, I don't know, do you think the is50 is burning out the motor, I'm pretty sure it is designed for use in such applications as the piccolo tail motor. But then again I could be wrong. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Feb 09, 2004, 11:23 PM
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Check that the tail motor pinion is not rubbing agains the gear box, first of all. Under normal conditions the tail should last a while. Replacement motors are the typical B2 (N20) motors widely used on all tail motorized helis.

The main motor is a very nice motor and has more power than it is rated or compared to more expensive motors, replacement motor for the main is the MIABB or MIAFAL 180. If you want to try a different one try an Orion Elite Micro Modified.

A small brushless similiar in size to the original motor will be ideal but so far I have not come across anything smaller than the smallest Razor and that one is way too much power. An Astro 10 would be ideal if it was .75" diameter and could be a little taller.

The ESC willl need to be one of a High Frequency type to be used with the Orion Elite , as suggested by Jun, so that the brushes on the motor don't wear out fast. Or in the case of a brushless motor, something like a Pheonix controller.


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Feb 10, 2004, 11:01 AM
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Do you think the problem I am having with the tail motor is the fact that I am using a gws ics 50F ? I have it BEC with a pixie 7p. It works alright, but do you think that the ics50 has to low of a frequency so it wears out the tail motor faster? it is rated at 2 amp continuous and 4 amp max. Also is the pixie 7p a high frequency esc for the orion modified motor?
Also if I were going to try to make my own blades are there blades that I can start with such as longer blades and cut them into 2. Thx
Feb 11, 2004, 12:25 AM
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The N20s will really last longer using a high frequency ESC than on an ISC-50.

The Pixie-7, on the other hand, seems to work just fine on the Orion motor. I have used two Orions on helis with one more to spare. The spare eventually went on an IFO.

Jun Nolasco
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Feb 11, 2004, 01:57 PM
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What are some affordable esc that you think i can use BEC with the pixie 7 for the tail esc. I was using a pixie 7p on the tail originally but it was causing problems with mixing and the gyro. I figured it was do to its extreme sensitivity. The gws works good at controlling the motor but do you think it may be cheaper to just upgrade to possibly a modified tail motor. I do not know if they make tails with carbon brushes.
Yet confused on why they burn out the tail, also the main motor i noticed after 5 min flight will get hot, where i can't keep my finger on it for more then 3 sec. Is this a sign of a dying motor? my battery is a 435 mah 3sp it is lipol, it get slightly warm so i know that is ok, you think that it is to much voltage for the motors? I notice many people are using 2sp instead of 3cell. Very confused with how voltage is affecting these motors.
Feb 12, 2004, 02:29 PM
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Can you use a razor v2 micro heli motor brushelss witht he falcon? or do you think this is just way to powerful of a motor?
Feb 12, 2004, 10:03 PM
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The GWS N20 motors are supposed to have carbon brushes. I have't used them though as I still have a bunch of Wattage B2 motors.

As for using a Razor, I can't imagine why you can't use one. It might shoot up like a rocket though.

Maybe use 2 cells instead of 3?

Jun Nolasco