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Aug 02, 2013, 01:19 PM
Right Rudder
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1992 Toyota Camry Torque Converter Shudder!

Just to give you all some insight, about two years ago I did my own Transmission Service which included dropping the Transmission Pan and replacing the Metal Filter Element.

One thing that I had forgotten was that most of the Old Transmission Fluid is still within the Front Pump and most especially the Torque Converter! Well, I had good intentions to revisit and drop the pan again to at least make a good job of removing all of the old Fluid after a few miles down the road. Well, being that it was not the easiest job I let it go and well, about three weeks ago the Shuddering started on OVER DRIVE and anytime I encountered a slight hill and gently increase throttle without having the OVER DRIVE disengage, an awful "SHUDDER" was felt throughout the car and at times it was so bad that it SHUDDER transferred into the steering wheel.

The only way it went away was to quickly depress the throttle for the OVER DRIVE to disengage and all was good again.

Make a long story short, I found the Transmission fluid rather low right about the time this SHUDDERING started and while the Engine was running and in PARK the dip stick showed very little fluid so, I added one quart and this SHUDDERING disappeared.

A few weeks past and it again appeared its UGLY head (SHUDDERING) once again when temperatures in Central Florida came close to 100 degrees F. Therefore, I decided to search for some documentation on this condition and found this...

The main statement that got my attention was......

Once the transmission fluid has been overheated enough times, it becomes permanently de-polymerized and need to be replaced. You can do this yourself by draining the transmission and flushing it, or taking it to any competent mechanic for maintenance.

Well, I took it in to a Professional TIRE and REPAIR Shop and for $144 plus tax and shop aids, the entire Transmission Fluid was Flushed Out and let me make this very clear....I asked them NOT TO USE ANY ADDITIVES SUCH AS CLEANERS as this will make holes in your bands within the Transmission, at least mine with 433,890 miles on it!

Took it on the open Highway and allowed the car to cruise at 65 MPH and allowed it to get into OVER DRIVE and I waited for a slight elevated slope (hill) and applied a gentle Throttle and NO SHUDDER!!!!

I did this repeatedly and my Transmission, most importantly the Torque Converter has returned to normal operation!

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Aug 02, 2013, 09:52 PM
"Hey yall watch this"...
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Some cars and trucks need friction modifiers added to the fluid in order to prevent shudder, also its sometimes bad to flush the trans because as the bands and clutches wear the particles that result from wear act like a friction modifier. When these are flushed out sometimes very shortly after the trans has been flushed u will run into major problems. Iv seen this happen many times in my career as a mechanic. Just my .02. Congrats on the almost half a million miles. Iv always liked the Camry, solid cars.
Aug 02, 2013, 10:24 PM
Right Rudder
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I understand where you are coming from....however, most Shops that deal with the Flush Machines also inject cleaners while the machine is performing the Flush...such as:

However, I made sure (visually observed) that NO SUCH cleaner was used and this my friend is where I agree with your post and experiences.

The Flush itself will not injure the Transmission more than already has due to running with low fluid levels and heat.

Thanks for your post, however.
Aug 02, 2013, 10:26 PM
Right Rudder
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Shudder FIXX

Oh, I almost forgot.....

Seems like lots are looking at my Blog for this specific experience I had with my Camry's Transmission and someone sent me a PM citing that they do Transmissions for a living and highly recommended this product....

What say you?
Aug 03, 2013, 02:03 PM
Right Rudder
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Okay guys,

I have taken my 1992 Camry to work today and all systems are running perfect!

As you can see on the trip odometer, I have so far driven the Camry for over 60 miles so far and NO SHUDDER!!!!

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