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Feb 04, 2004, 08:07 PM
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North West Hobby Gee Bee R2 Pictures

here is my Geebee R2. Its a North West Hobby Tech model(now Jack Devine). Its is a great flier. G45 for power, 19lbs, and 85" span. Its all covered in monokote. Two things that i didnt like about the kit are, no instructions (video of PT-19 Kit), and no balance point. I am at 22% of wing cord. It really didnt fly too bad, alittle nose heavy. This year i am going to try 25% and move if not what i like. I dont know if things got better with Jack Devine, but the wait with NWHT were pathetic. I waited about 10 months and many phone calls to the company. I hope it is going better, but dont let those little things bother you. The wait is worth it, and you will love the attention!!
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Feb 04, 2004, 08:09 PM
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more pics

here are some more
Feb 04, 2004, 08:11 PM
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another picture
Feb 04, 2004, 08:13 PM
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another picture

one more
Feb 07, 2004, 07:56 AM
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sweet ....I just got a AMD brand Gee Bee R2 pretty close to the size of the great planes arf...i think by a inch or two in wingspan...

I hope mine lives through the first flight.....8o) Im going OS 1.20 4 stroke...

Take carful with that CG....Its a Picky Plane...

Feb 08, 2004, 07:21 PM
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North West Hobby Tech (Jack Devine)

I see that has made some mistakes with their customers. Check out the site! Watch what you buy!

Feb 08, 2004, 08:01 PM
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WOW someones getting shafted.....
Feb 08, 2004, 11:14 PM
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Dont believe all you read. The J/D webmaster, (NOT GeeBeeMan) has been crying all over the net for the last year about getting screwed by somebody, and has been shut off at several sites it would appear.
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Feb 09, 2004, 06:31 AM
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Dont believe all you read. GeeBeeMan has been crying all over the net for the last year about getting screwed by somebody, and has been shut off at several sites it would appear

I, Geebeeman, has not been crying about anything. Dont get me confused with someone else as well.

Feb 11, 2004, 11:00 AM
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Re: Jack Devine Models

Originally posted by GeeBeeJim
Don't confuse it with the one that his ex-webmaster is using to slander him. That kind of crap shouldn't be allowed anywhere
Nice looking "Z" I think of all the GeeBee's I think that I like it the most. (GeeBeeman21 the R2 looks good too. good luck with finding the CG that suits you)
I was getting real close to ordering a Corsair from Jack Devine models. before the blowout between Jack and the Webmaster that looks after the web site.
If anyone knows what's really going on could we
discuss it here
he did have a couple of kits that Iwould like to do.

Anyway Gee Bee Jim & Man21 you've got a couple of nice looking Gee Bee's there.
Feb 23, 2004, 08:43 AM
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GeeBeeMan, sorry about that mistake. I corrected the post. Too many guy's with GeeBee in thier handles .
Feb 23, 2004, 11:16 AM
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I figured it was a simple mistake. No problem. I never figured too many Geebee's would ever be a bad thing!
Mar 09, 2008, 10:08 AM
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There was no slander. The webmaster owned the website, Carl failed to pay him for it, and Carl told Jack Devine that Carl owned the website to give the appearance of "More" business to be able to sell to him. Jack believed him and bought the business. Carl in fact owed the webmaster a HUGE amount of back-compensation. When Jack bought the business the webmaster owner-operator also bought the domain name as a business move, but not a cold one. Just prudent. When Jack was told again that he did not in fact own any aspect of the website, he made a deal with the webmaster for one kit every couple of months until he reached the point where Carl's debt would have been paid. But 10 months elapsed and Jack never sent a single model or paid a cent, and after many, many warnings the webmaster shut down the website. Jack had never believed that it was not his site so he had humored the webmaster by promising the kits, and allowed the webmaster to pay the 40.00 per month for the site hosting. After paying out $400.00 over those 10 months and getting absolutely NOTHING the webmaster called it a bad deal and shut him down in the middle of the Yakima show. Jack tried everything...bullying,threatening, get the website away from the webmaster, but he finally found out...the webmaster really DID own the website and everything to do with it. Jack DID get some friends to kick the webmaster out of many of the groups and his "friends" got him pumped up and told him that he should just make his own website and told him they would help him make it, so Jack told the webmaster to pound sand and refused to square up in any way. In the end, his "friends" provided NO help and Jack had NO website. He had been just as foolish trusting his "friends" as the webmaster had been trusting Carl and then Jack.
Jack is not a bad guy, and the product he offers is awesome, those kits are very advanced. Just a long, drawn-out set of bad circumstances. He trusted the wrong people (Carl). The webmaster had also trusted Carl, and had NOT gone into the Jack Devine situation blind, he had VERY clearly stated the facts for Jack, who chose #1: NOT to believe him and #2:To take advantage of him anyway, whichever the case.

The webmaster was on solid ground, Jack had friends who hyped it up and did what they could to ostracize the webmaster. GeeBeeJim was one of them.

A year later, The webmaster, who is a decent human being, realized that fighting would not change anything. He knew that Jack had taken a large portion of his savings to invest in this business.

Here it should be pointed out that the webmaster owns a Medical and Dental supply company. He built the website for Carl and then ran it for Jack out of love for the Radio Control Hobby and Golden-Age Planes. The webmaster never needed a penny from either man.

But principle was certainly involved when thousands of hours had gone into the website. Still, Jack was struggling severely after all of his "friends" had left him high and dry.

So, the webmaster PAID for new Hosting for a YEAR for Jack, and published the website up again and updated it for Jack's phone numbers, etc. Then the webmaster turned it over to Jack free of charge so Jack would not lose his life's savings, and specified that Jack must find somebody to maintain it as he (the webmaster) would not do anything further. Jack agreed and the webmaster signed it over and walked away, knowing that he had done the right thing.

I am that webmaster. I built that site out of love and I NEVER needed the money. I own several companies and homes in several states, and I love R/C. My nick here used to be GeeBee_Jimbo until they booted me over that fiasco, none of which was my doing, all I did was build something for a friend (Carl) and faithfully keep my end of the deal even when Carl and his successor (Jack) failed to respond in like kind. I was honest, and criticized Carl and later Jack (sometimes publicly) for less-than-honest dealings with the public, Carl for taking money and not delivering, Jack for saying that there were no kits left and then selling those kits (because they in fact WERE there) to fill initial orders. It's true, like he told me, he was NOT legally obligated to fill those orders for NWHT's bankruptcy, even though he verbally promised Carl he WOULD.

Just exactly as I was not obligated to run that website for him for even a minute.

I call that "Cold business dealings" because you know you can do it legally and choose to do it, but morally it's very, very wrong. Many times over the years I've had choices like that to make, and until the day I shut down Jack's website I had never once opted for the "Cold business dealings". I was angry, to be sure.

But in the end, I knew it had profoundly affected Jack's business, and in spite of the horrible treatment I had received in here and other groups, I chose my own path, I changed my position and I republished the only existing copy of that website so Jack would not continue to flounder in his business.

I will ALWAYS be able to look in the mirror and like who I see.

By the way, I, along with all those customers, had ALSO received a bankruptcy protection notice from Carl regarding his debt to me, and even after that he told Jack that he owned the website. I told Jack before he bought the business that I owned the website lock, stock, and barrel, he chose to believe Carl anyway and went ahead with the deal. When it all went south on him his "friends" in here rallied around him and I ended up painted as the bad guy.

Well, I'm not the bad guy or any sort of bad guy, and since then this has all come to light. I'm just a guy who loves RC, and who loves Golden Age planes, and who still builds websites for people who want their sites at the top of the search engines.

And Jack has a website. And like I said, he's not really a bad guy. He was just in a bad spot and made some poor choices.

Someday I really would LOVE to see him make good on those kits he held back at first. No because he has to, he doesn't have to. For the same reason I had for handing him that $25,000.00 website for free....not because I had to, I didn't have to. would be the right thing to do.

In the end, I was a better FRIEND to Jack than all of his "friends" in here.

I not only did what I said I would every single time without fail, I also did good things that I never promised I would do because I follow my heart.

It's no different than giving up some flying time at the field to help a new guy. It's just....on a slightly larger scale.

If good deeds are not carried forward, then where will the good come from?

Oct 16, 2010, 09:28 AM
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I've been considering a purchase of a Jack Devine kit for years and just stumbled upon your post. It's the first clear explanation of the controversy that I've found.

I plan to post links to it in future discussions.

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