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Jul 22, 2013, 01:29 PM
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F-Sweep XL KFm4 64mm EDF /w 3D printed EDF housing (64mm EDF housing installed)

Hello guys,
it is about time I showed my 35mm EDF F-Sweep's big brother - the F-Sweep XL 64mm EDF with a 3D printed EDF housing. As always, all information, details and a parts list can be found on my blog at

To avoid any confusion I have to clarify something - currently, right at this moment, the plane has a 50mm EDF mounted on it. Originally, I designed the model to fly with a 50mm EDF but when I had the plans CNC cut, it turned out that actually the plane will be HUGE. It quickly became apparent that the 50mm EDF would not be enough, but I had already prepared it for this plane, so I mounted it. It doesn't provide 1:1 thrust, but it does push the plane through the air with enough speed to stay airborn. I have printed a 64mm EDF housing and will mount it on the model by the end of the week, so by the end of the weekend I should have a new video with the larger EDF.

Now lets get back to the plane. I've been thinking of making a larger version of my F-Sweep model, just to see if it will fly and handle the same way. I finally got around to doing it, although I over-scaled it a little. Ignoring the apparent lack of speed and thrust fron the 50mm EDF, the model flies and handles exactly like the small version even though it is 4 times as heavy. I have already tested the larger 64mm EDF with the 3D printed housing and it does have more thrust, so hopefully the model will feel more lively with it.

Some quick specs:
Wing span: 800mm
Length: 914mm
Flying weight: 460 grams
CG: 5cm ahead of LE

As you will see in the video, the plane can fly so slow that it looks like slow motion. I am hoping the larger EDF will increase its speed a little, but even if it only provides more thrust, thats OK, since the model will be able to do some 3D flight. In short, the plane takes off, flies and lands very smooth, it is not as demanding to fly as its smaller brother.This is about the easiest plane to put together out of all of the planes that I've designed and built. In the KFm4 configuration, there are only 5 parts required, and if they are already cut, gluing them together takes less than 20 mins if an instant glue like UHU POR or hot glue is used. It takes quite a while longer if epoxy is used.

Here are some pics of the build and the maiden video:

Here is my pride and joy - a 3D printed EDF housing with optimiziations for foam mounting and air flow. The fins on the sides help A LOT for centring and gluing the EDF to the plane. You can find more information about the EDF housing here:

F-Sweep XL - a forward swept RC plane with a 3D printed 50mm EDF housing and a 5800Kv motor (3 min 44 sec)

You can expect the 64mm EDF unit update by the end of the week.
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Jul 30, 2013, 03:30 PM
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So, the weekend is over, and I can finally show off the F-Sweep XL with a new 3D printed 64mm EDF housing. Thrust is notably more than with the 50mm unit, at the same amp draw. Flight duration has increased from 4 to 5 mins and the average speed is about 1.5 times higher.

Here are some pics and the flight video:

What surprised me, was that with a little effort I was able to peel off the epoxy from the 50mm housing. This means that I can reuse it, and do not need to print a new one.

The new 64mm EDF unit epoxied in place and ready for action.

If somebody is not in the mood to watch the 64mm EDF housing presentation, skip the 1st minute to get to the flight part of the video.

F-Sweep XL - first flight with World's first, 3D printed, 64mm EDF housing!!! (1 min 54 sec)

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