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Traxxas Chargers – EZ-Peak 5amp & EZ-Peak 4amp

New from Traxxas are these two very affordable and faster charging battery chargers for NiMH and NiCd battery packs.


The EZ-Peak 5amp is an AC/DC unit that also includes a convenient USB charging port to juice mobile electronics. The EZ-Peak 4amp is an AC charger that is powerful enough to charge a 7-cell battery pack in 45 minutes.

EX-Peak 5amp

The new Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5amp NiMH Charger delivers 25% more power and 20% faster charging than standard 40Watt chargers, resulting in less downtime and more runtime. Some chargers advertise fast, 5-amp charge rates, but are only rated for 40Watts of power. Other chargers require connection to a DC power supply or a 12V battery to deliver full charging current. The EZ-Peak 5amp (available as Part #2937X) delivers 50Watts of power from a standard AC wall outlet to charge 7-cell NiMH battery packs in record time—approximately 35 minutes! Simple push-button operation with selectable charge rates makes it easy to charge Traxxas Power Cell™ NiMH batteries, 5-cell receiver packs, and 4- to 8-cell NiCad and NiMH packs. Just plug in your battery pack, select the charge rate, and push the "Start" button to begin charging with the EZ-Peak 5amp. Advanced peak-detection circuitry makes sure the battery receives a perfect charge every time. The color-coded charge status LEDs indicate charging progress for foolproof charging, peak performance, and maximum runtime.

A convenient USB port is perfect for charging mobile electronics and is compatible with the USB-powered chargers for the DR-1 and QR-1 helicopters. The integrated receiver (RX) battery charge port allows charging of 4- or 5-cell receiver packs.

The EZ-Peak 5amp Charger is equipped with a Traxxas High-Current Connector for use with all Traxxas NiMH Power Cell packs and all NiCad and NiMH battery packs equipped with Traxxas connectors. Also, the EZ-Peak 5amp is backed by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty for years of reliable service.

AC Input:100–240 Volts
DC Input:12–18 Volts
Charge Current Range: 1.0A–5.0A (50W Max.)
NiCad/NiMH Battery Cell Count:4-8 Cells
Receiver Battery Cell Count:4-5 Cells (1A Max.)
Net Weight: 340g
Dimensions:147 x 104 x 40mm


EX-Peak 4amp

The new Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 4amp NiMH Charger combines simple plug-and-charge operation with selectable charge rate for convenient charging of all Traxxas Power Cell NiMH batteries. The EZ-Peak 4amp delivers full 4-amp charging power directly from a standard A/C wall outlet! Just plug in a 5- to 8-cell NiMH or NiCad battery pack and the EZ-Peak begins charging at the rate you select. Charge at 1 amp for receiver packs, 2 amps for the Power Cell 1200mAh batteries included with Traxxas 1/16 models, or 4 amps for 3000–5000mAh Power Cell NiMH packs. Advanced peak-detection circuitry makes sure the battery receives a full charge. The status LED flashes red to indicate charging is in progress, then turns green when charging is complete for foolproof charging, peak performance, and maximum runtime.

The EZ-Peak 4amp Charger is equipped with a Traxxas High-Current Connector for use with all Traxxas Power Cell™ packs and other NiCad and NiMH packs with Traxxas connectors. Adapters are sold separately for charging receiver packs (#3065) and batteries with Molex connectors (#3062).

For more info on these chargers and other Traxxas products, CLICK HERE!


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Jul 17, 2013, 03:13 PM
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It looks nice, but it better be cheap, as an Imax B6 based charger, even the more expensive rebrands that even have a different outer casing, can do all this, and also charge NiCad, Lead-acid and LiPo, at the same charge rate as this one...

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