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Jul 07, 2013, 10:09 PM
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Sky Surfer and Paramotor Clones

"It's like a kite with a motor"

Here's a new video a friend posted it was taken with a GoPRO hanging below a Gold Rosita Sky Surfer Clone. Modified with brushless, motor Lipo batt etc...

What's amazing is this guy only started flying the paraglider a couple weeks ago.
With the intention of getting these aerial shots from his vacation.

Neat Scenery! If you are interested in the Mod Parts I can add those details.

Jack Z.
San Diego, CA

Sky Surfer Lake Powell First Flight (8 min 15 sec)
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Jul 28, 2013, 03:52 PM
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Had one of those myself modified to bl with extra servo's on the rear to flare the canopy for rapid descent.threw it away after it got tangled for the nth time just got a windbag a big old vintage type affair
Jul 28, 2013, 05:59 PM
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What's not to like?

What's not to like besides the tangled lines...

Originally Posted by ballores
Had one of those myself modified to bl with extra servo's on the rear to flare the canopy for rapid descent.threw it away after it got tangled for the nth time just got a windbag a big old vintage type affair
HHAA I only had to crash and tangle one time before I learned to never crash a paraglider while powered, I have always since managed to cut the throttle before any trouble.

So, what exactly are you flying now? Where do you fly?

I enjoy flying at the beach or along the bay. These are public places so my requirements are for a HARMLESS AMA Park Flyer Class setup able to tote a light camera, <2lbs and Slow, my Sky Surfer MOD is Harmless, Quiet, Slow and STABLE with camera it weighs about .

I've been flying a Sky Surfer MOD since 2007, I'm only on my 2nd Original Sky Surfer Paraglider wing. Over those years I've also owned and flown a Paralight Aviation Electric, Opale Paramodels, Spiral 1.2R, Oxy 0.5, Flypg FLEX 1.7 V3 and a PremierRC Delta Box Kite.

I keep coming back to the Sky Surfer, for it's stability and overall harmlessness. I'm not doing stunts except for cruising slowly along the slopes and surf near the public. People often stop and chat and I've never yet had anything but people who enjoy watching it cruise along and are interested in the Setup.

Here's a link to my collection of photos. and a clip of routine landing.

Sky Surfer Landing HQ (1 min 4 sec)

I'm looking for like minded RC Paramotor Pilots and I'm always looking for something that will work for me and is quality. The Chinese made knockoffs now are poor quality, usually can't fly until you completely replace the electronics etc. I like the Opale Paramodels Spiral and the Flypg Flex but won't fly those near the public.

I like the Opale Oxy 0.5 a lot but it is just a bit too small to tote my GoPRO.
I've considered making my own but I don't have sewing machine, and would be starting from zero.

I've flown over 1500 flights with my Sky Surfer. I know that the Sky Surfer Paraglider is basically a toy, but it has brought me several years of enjoyment.

Jack Z.
San Diego, CA
Aug 11, 2013, 07:45 PM
The tattoo guy
Greasetattoo's Avatar
Thanks for the info Jack!

I am also a paraplane flyer!
I've been flying the Seabreeze.

I trying to fly FPV..
Will post pictures when I have my setup!

I did put smoke on one!

I do have a few Sky surfers too. One is still in the box!
Aug 12, 2013, 07:41 AM
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After more thrashings it never lasted more than a few flights after this old vid but the sky surfer started a never ending need to build Opale, countless HK foils, 2.7m and 4m home made foils (thanks to guys like Ludovic and his vids/plans) The sky surfer was ok while it lasted but would never bother with one again but the square flat type foils are more stable than the others as they are more acrobatic so something like the seabreeze would be better for FPV

sky surfer loop (3 min 7 sec)
Radio Controlled 4mt Paraglider takeoff and landing compilation (7 min 53 sec)
Aug 12, 2013, 08:09 AM
The tattoo guy
Greasetattoo's Avatar
Great videos.

Do you ever hand launch?
What chutes are them?
Aug 12, 2013, 09:58 PM
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Paradude Neat videos, I like seeing the entire squadron, and Sky Surfer LOOP! I've never tried that, but that explains why YOUR Sky Surfer didn't hold up so well. I can't believe how many hours of flying I have on mine, but my fly style in nothing but cruise. I hand launch and catch to recover... no abuse.

I too have been on a quest to find better but my requirements still require a park flyer, small light slow quiet stable and able to carry a goPRO cam.

I'd like to see a whole squadron cruising along the beach here. That would be neat.

Jack Z.
San Diego, CA
Aug 13, 2013, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Greasetattoo
Great videos.

Do you ever hand launch?
What chutes are them?
The smaller ones yes but the big 4mt ones are 3-4kg so little big and heavy. Apart from the Hobby King foils and an opale they are all hand made.....I had to learn to sew
Aug 13, 2013, 06:57 AM
The tattoo guy
Greasetattoo's Avatar

I have to learn to sew..
I actually have a few rolls of ripstop for a RC hot air balloon I am making.

I have to make the balloon! (about 7 feet tall)

I will post a picture of my fleet of Paraplanes!
Aug 14, 2013, 07:52 AM
The tattoo guy
Greasetattoo's Avatar
Do you guys have a harder time launching with no wind?

Went out this morning, with no wind, and just could not get er up! (sounds funny, but you know what I mean!)

Thinking I may use a bigger prop.

On a windy day, I can launch with no problem.
On a non windy day, she seems just not enough power to get er in the sky.

I have a Seabreeze.
Aug 15, 2013, 04:17 AM
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Yeah they do get hard with no wind, not familiar with seabreeze but try moving cog a little further back
Aug 17, 2013, 02:26 PM
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Slightly used Demo Unit for Sale.

I routinely fly a modified HobbyZone Sky Surfer RC paramotor. I tote a GoPRO below cruising along the beach and over the surf capturing aerial pictures or videos for fun. I now have well over 1600 flights, thousands of photos and hundreds of videos.

Whenever I fly there are always people looking for the same thing, unfortunately the original Hobby ZOne Sky Surfer is no longer available. Graupner Sky Surfer is no longer available and the Gold Rosita is also hard to find.

I've been working on finding a reasonable alternative to the original Hobby Zone Sky Surfer RC Paramotor. Affordable, small quiet, stable, harmless.

I have finally found the right mix of components to make a reasonably priced Sky Surfer PRO. RTF you provide the GoPRO. Upgrading the Sky Surfer to tote a camera is delicate balance of max wing loading, power and cargo capacity. With just the right amount of power you can tote a GoPRO camera (without its water proof case) below the chassis in a protective foamcore cradle. The cradle hangs directly below the CG, offers some crash protection and is light weight.

The package includes: Turnigy 9X 2.4ghz radio, paired Turnigy 8ch RX, Turnigy brushless inrunner, brushless ESC, and 2S Lipo Battery. These components are optimized for toting a GoPRO camera suspended below. This thing flies along smooth and stable and is pretty great for cruising aerial photography or video. Even with the camera it weights under a pound and cruises level at about 6-7knots, making a great park flyer.

Here's a demo video... Be sure to watch the whole thing.

Please feel free to post your comments here on RC Groups.

If anyone is interested I will give you a GREAT deal on this first demo model.

Jack "I can make these fit" Zabawa
San Diego, CA
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Aug 17, 2013, 02:55 PM
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How did that Happen?

Here's were the story gets good... I needed to replace the brass bushings with miniature precision bearings they didn't quite fit. I don't have the right sized drill bit to make the recessed hole larger... They almost fit...

"Maybe a bit of pressure...close..." really tough... "Maybe a small hammer" to just tap those little bearing in there. "BINGO, they fit!"

Ready to go again, I went out to the beach but knowing I had tapped those in with a "touch" of extra pressure I stayed close to shore and if there were any problem I could land on the beach. a Good Safe Plan, I'm all about safety etc...

So... I flew four flights along the beach without any problems it was great to have this Knock Off cruising along stable, slow and quiet.

Well Monday... I had a chance to go flying with a friend at the beach, just in time for a grey overcast sunset. I was still thinking a little bit about the bearings hoping they would not be a problem. First flight no problems but not a great photo day, "grey and overcast". On my second flight there was something interesting just beyond the pier, a large boat was cruising stight along the coast, I thought hey I'm gonna get some interesting pics of that boat...

The video clip tells the story the sound helps fill in the details of what happened.
As I headed out over the surf the plastic holding the precision bearing had broken causing the gears to shift, grind and then finally not mesh at all... just before splash down you can hear me rev the motor a couple times. The GoPRO captured a couple seconds of usnderwater view before it quit.

A surfer brought my water logged rig to shore. Water was dripping out from around the lens on the $400.00 GoPRO... I removed the battery tried to shake out some additional water. Packed up my disaster and headed home.

To be continued...

PS... GoPRO FINE! Battteries, RX, ESC DEAD. Could have been worse.
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Aug 18, 2013, 02:03 AM
RC Pilot
popad's Avatar
Sorry to see and read that. Yours pictures and video from Sky Surfer are wonderful. Your mods was a source of inspiration for me. Thanks.
Aug 18, 2013, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by popad
Sorry to see and read that. Yours pictures and video from Sky Surfer are wonderful. Your mods was a source of inspiration for me. Thanks.
Popa D Thank you , actually this was a spare upgraded with relatively inexpensive Hobby King parts. Had the GoPRO camera been damaged I would have been a little sad. This evening the same GoPRO captured video and pics it's working fine. Also knowing the camera is still working I am happy to recover the video clip showing the crash. .

I have spare parts, I just need to replace the servo before I can fly that one again. I'll post another video!

I have as many as 2000 flights, last major dunking was in Feb 2008. Still very affordable to fly. Even if it had destroyed my camera averaging it out, number of flights to dollars spent It cost less than a Pepsi each time I fly. I'm still really happy with that.

Jack " I've got a small box full of spares" Zabawa
San Diego. CA

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