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Jul 28, 2001, 05:53 PM
Kosh's Avatar

Astro 05 geared cobalt needs home

I'm not ready to buy yet, but I have this Asto 05 cobalt, geared, and I'm looking for a plane for it.

My experience so far is a Wingo, Zagi, and PicoJet... so I haven't really "built" anything yet, but I don't want to rule out that road, I have club members that can help me if needed.

I think what I want is something bigger and somewhat scale "looking" but not necessarily meticulously detailed. Something that can taxi, land, and take-off from grass. I also would like to try a 4 channel ship (my first)

I was looking at this one as a possibility:

any other suggestions?
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Jul 28, 2001, 07:23 PM
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Ed Lyerly's Avatar
Kosh, would be nice on 10 cells and a 12x8 or so prop.
Jul 29, 2001, 11:33 AM
Kosh's Avatar
Thanks for the advice Ed, I'll keep that one in mind. I've never done a conversion though, do you think any modifications would be necessary for this plane?

How about anyone else? Any other suggestions, does anyone else have this motor?
Jul 29, 2001, 12:05 PM
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Ed Lyerly's Avatar
I don't think you will have to do anything other than work out the motor mount and a place to secure the batteries.
Jul 29, 2001, 05:20 PM
Build'em and Crash'em
Ken Lapointe's Avatar
I have 2 of the Astro 05G motors

What plane is best depends on what you want. I hand launch all of them.

For a beginner I would go with the Astro Viking

For more advanced go with the Skyvolt on 10 cells with an 11x8 prop. Tears up the sky

If your up to it and want a warbird get the Balsacraft Bearcat, 9 cells and a Sonictronic 11x7 folder. Takes a bit of mods to the front but the 05 fits fine.Very nice flyer


Jul 29, 2001, 06:00 PM
Kosh's Avatar
Ken, I couldn't find these planes, I checked,, and do you know where I can see these planes w/ specs and prices, etc....

What I want is a plane that can taxi, land, and take-off from the grass... also want 4 channel, scale-"looking" plane....
Jul 29, 2001, 10:19 PM
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Ed Lyerly's Avatar

Here's a scale looker that would fly fine on 10 cells.
Type in LXK423

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Jul 29, 2001, 10:39 PM
Registered User
How is everyone running 10 cells on a 8 cell motor with those big props and not burning them up??
My 05 in my slow poke is running on 8 cells with a 11x7 APC electric prop and it pulls 30 amps on a fresh pack, 10 cells would kill it, let alone going to a 11x8 or even 12x8 prop.
Jul 30, 2001, 12:06 PM
Build'em and Crash'em
Ken Lapointe's Avatar
New Creations has the Viking and the Skyvolt. Tower should have the Bearcat. You might want to consider the Skyvolt if you want to taxi and take off. It's not scale , but it is a nice plane.

I don't know why you want to taxi around, but if you must you must.

The astroflight motors can handel a bit of current for a short period. I don't fly at full throttle all the time, but I like it when I want a little power


Jul 31, 2001, 01:25 AM
Visitor from Reality
My first real electric performer was a "got at" Bob Kopski Skyvolt, it went great on an AF05G and nine cells. Then I got at it a lot more and fitted an 035 running 2.8:1 and ten cells. That and a 10 x 8W Zinger pulled around 30A - only used for special events, like going vertical.

I flew that combo for 3 seasons until a midair took a wing off (and the nicad pack took a brush holder off ) Repaired, that motor is as good as ever. Ken Myers put me onto it, he'd been using geared 035s on ten cells for years. Ken used "Leisure" boxes at 3:1, IIRC, I used the standard Astro box with their 11T pinion at 2.8:1

On that, the 05 will do fine on ten, may even be a 12 cell sleeper.

The Skyvolt is a great little aileron trainer, though you need saintly patience to build the kit wing. I got halfway through mine, gave it to someone who claimed to have built the fuselage, and made a slightly shorter one of the Kopski section, using 48" spruce spars on a D box structure with no dihedral.

Eventually, I made a shallower fuselage, just deep enough to take a 10-pack, with a longer moment arm and simpler structure (Bob uses lots of bits of wood, even by my standards ).

In the end, all it had left from the Skyvolt was the stabs! I always was going to fit a decent amount of rudder, but never found my "Round Tuit". The big PITA was having to take the wing off to swap packs. If there's ever a MkIV or whatever, it won't need dismantling to refuel.

There were two Skyvolts at the Loudoun County bash last Saturday, both flew just fine off grass. One had a direct AF15 on 10 or 12 cells, the other had a geared something on eight cells.

It's such a good model, shame someone doesn't buy the kit rights and put it back on the market. Reworked to a structure like, say, HH's "Scout", it would be a great addition to the game.


Jul 31, 2001, 01:44 AM
Kosh's Avatar
I don't really want a scale plane, I don't have the patience for that, I just want something that looks like a real plane (not zagi, picojet, or wingo that I have now), and I want it to look like a plane on the ground too (hence the taxiing)

And I can't find a reference to the skyvolt on new creations site either. Anybody else have it?