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Dec 10, 2004, 09:57 PM
Master of the Wind
AIR MOVER's Avatar
Busconv, If you can PM me your address.. I can fix your order... sorry been going through a divorce and had to relocate.. been playing catch up for sometime now...but will send your motors... I have to find out the hard way on some orders that have been thought completed or lost.. so much going on... If you use the PM messager here on ezone I will get your order out I have the parts on hand... for 2mm thick N50 mag motors..I have a handfull of orders IM Working on clearing up...dont worry IM not going any where just been rough going...

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Dec 11, 2004, 03:21 PM
Registered User
Brad...I do hope you follow thru...address is Bill Creighton, 1900 Wilson St, Mission, TX, 78572, 956-583-9399
Dec 12, 2004, 09:10 AM
Registered User
BillyM's Avatar

Worried about my order

Hey Brad,

Sorry about the divorce.

Any chance I can get an update on my order I placed and payed for on October 9, 2004? It was for $120 and to be sent to Bill Mayberry, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Product or refund would be fine.

Dec 12, 2004, 01:29 PM
Registered User
kushal_22's Avatar
Hey Guy`s I am still waiting on a order too. Sounds to me like this guy says"It`s in the Mail" and Never delivers. He told me this once before and i let it go for 5 months and then "reminded" him he then said he would sell me a MOTOR for half the Price as that was what he owed me. I sent him that much PLUS another 50 for a "Hotwing"
Canada customs is slow but i cannot see it being 7 weeks slow. This guy is either one of the most unluckiest people on the planet or he is Scamming us. I had a problem like this once before. All it took was three people to complian to the same Person,and that was a detective from a police detetachment that covers his area. One face to face meeting is all it took for them fill least those three.

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Dec 12, 2004, 03:13 PM
Registered User
I'm another one who has been bitten by the AIR Mover bug.

I was one of the very original Windbuster fans along with another 4 or 5 of us. Brad initially filled orders and we were happy, but later on, we started getting excuses, and lost in mail...etc. As Kushal says, can someone be THAT unlucky.

It's my only experience with being ripped off over the internet, so I consider myself lucky. In the end, i lost about $40US, which in the grand scale of things isn't too bad.

It's a shame, as I like what Brad has to offer, but I am unwilling to order from him again.

After i stopped contributing to these threads, I still kept an eye on them, and it did look like he was filling orders, so I thought I would keep my mouth shut. I sent him an email expressing my dissatisfaction, and figured he had picked up his act. I didn't wish to adversely affect his business, even though I would have been justified in doing so...but after seeing these threads, I think it's time I warned others.

If you order from Brad, it's a crap shoot. You may get them straight away, you may "almost" get what you asked for, you may get it after after a long period of waiting and complaining...or worst case, you might not get it at all.

So pls go in with your eyes open if you want anything Brad has to offer
Dec 12, 2004, 05:19 PM
Registered User
sheepy's Avatar
I got what I ordered, but it took a few months. I would not order from him again.
Dec 12, 2004, 06:15 PM
Why not Delta?
rysium's Avatar
Originally Posted by sheepy
I got what I ordered, but it took a few months.
As you can see on the thread, I got my stuff quite fast ans accurate. And I never had a problem communicationg with Brad.

My advise for Brad would be (kind of late for that now), don't take money till you have stuff ready to ship. I built some planes and motors "to order" for some guys but I never took money till I had stuff ready for shipping. This way keeping the priority line "first goods, than money" I had only "happy customers". I was also sometimes backed up with work but then I was communicating with true status, and as I didn't take "down payment" guys could always say "I can't wait any longer" and we canceled the deal with no hard feelings, and I could save my face.

That's how I see this business, when someone is not making his living on it - Brad wrote that it was his hoby rather than making his pay check.

Just my two cents. I hope everything will turn out well for everybody. It is a hobby and supposed to be a pleasure rather than PITA.

Everybody have a great Hollyday.

Ho, ho, ho,
Dec 12, 2004, 06:36 PM
Renegade Fun Forever!!
rvincent's Avatar
I too got everthing ever promised to me and more. Brad was always up front with me and told me he was backordered. This did not stop me from ordering, just helped me to realize it would be awhile. When things showed up earlier than I expected (because I also read the threads) I was happy and the quality was good as well. I think sometimes we forget we don't live in a "microwave" world and we don't always get everthing right away. When things are custom, and experimental, you just need to try and remember that. I feel sorry for all of you that did not get your items, and I feel bad for Brad. If you follow this thread from the beginning you can see how "run over" Brad got. I at one point even had several phone conversations with him about it. He felt bad about being so behind but the "Snowball" was already rolling and we are all a little bit to blame. Air Mover is not a large corporation and if you add up how many planes he built in the time frame he built them, I'm surprised any of us got our things. It was a tall order for 1 man to fill.

Good luck Brad I wish you the best! I will order again when you are ready.

Hope all of you get your items as well. Once you have them in your hands, alot of bad feelings will go away. They really are fun, fast, little planes!
Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!!
Dec 12, 2004, 07:08 PM
Registered User
i had no problems about the quality of the product, in fact, I was impressed. Brad certainly does have some great skills. It's just the inconsistencies I don't like. I don't think Brad set out to rip people off, but did let things get over his head and instead of making it a priority and rectifying them, they got pushed aside and hope it all went away. Many of us, like me just gave up in the end. I'm down at least $40US, which i've just written off as a lesson

I'm glad it worked out for you and others, but it's really not good enough to say that "most" of his customers received what they paid for. Every customer should get what they paid for, should be kept up to date, and should NEVER be lied to/ignored or stalled.

Pls remember that this is not Brads first thread. There were a few others which I was party to, and where the problems began. This thread was created when others were already having shipping issues...that's what I take the most issue with

Rvincent, respectfully I have to disagree with one thing you send where you imply that we are all a little to blame. If Brad puts out an ad selling stuff, he needs to tell people how long it should take and stick to it. It's not fair to say 2 weeks, and have people still waiting 5 months later.
Dec 12, 2004, 07:20 PM
Renegade Fun Forever!!
rvincent's Avatar
I agree, all should get what they paid for, and I believe despite all the problems they will. Just try to remember he is only human. I'm not making excuses for being lied to, and I think Brad needs to make it right. With all the things in his personal life, I'm sure he will get to it. I know it's easy for me to say, "cut him some slack" because I got all my things. But I have had things happen to me outside of my control that caused a terrible "trickle down" effect on other parts of my life. Maybe that's why I have more sympathy than others. It's not a perfect world.
Dec 12, 2004, 07:46 PM
Registered User
Rvincent. Normally I would agree with you, and in your situation, i might be saying the same thing. I just don't think you realise how long this has been going on for. To be snowed under is one thing, but for 2 years ?

The original group of Windbuster buyers have all been ripped off and no longer contribute to the thread or deal with Brad. We were all lied to, we all had stuff we didn't get. I waited 9 months, and that was when there was only a handful of people ordering things, so it's not just a "being busy" issue.

I certainly hope that Brad will fulfill orders as you suggest, but I really doubt that he will unless he is constantly pressured to in a public forum. I had enough and gave up over a year ago. Now that people are complaining again, I can see that things hadn't changed, so I thought it time I spoke up and warned others.

If anything I have said was untrue, then Brad would chiime in and defend himself. I know he is reading the forums as he has responded recently to the other thread about him in the Vendor Talk section.

Anyway, we are both entitled to our opinion, and I hope I am proven wrong.
Dec 13, 2004, 12:43 AM
Registered User
kushal_22's Avatar
You know it was the same way with me. The first 'Windbuster" I did get. But it was not the one i asked for and PAID For. Right away i emailed Brad and told him the situation and told him i would send the Plane back. He told me to keep it and he would send out another free of charge. Since i did have Some "Product" and a good product at that. I let it slide. Finally i figured 5 months is long enough. I gave Brad the benifit of the Doubt and Emailed him saying something to the effect that he probbaly got behind and how i understood. His reply was that he felt bad and that he would send one out right away. i told him instead of another windbuster i would like a CDrom motor and would be willing to make up the difference. So a deal was struck.10 days after that he posted a Picture of the "Hotwing" This really struck my fancy and i requested one. I then paid him ANOTHER 50 dollars U.S. and this is when he said"I will send out the hotwing with your MOTOR! HECK if i knew he stillhad not sent out my motor i would have NEVER Given him another 50 bucks! He has told me that "The check is in the Mail" but after reading all these threads I have Little to no faith.
NOW DON`T GET MEW WRONG. I like Brad. I have even been in situations such as himslef. All I want is to be told the TRUTH. Heck i wrote it off until i read this.
I really think Brad will make good on all his deals. He just needs to comunicate a bit better.

Best wishes to all and to Brad.

Last edited by kushal_22; Dec 13, 2004 at 01:04 AM.
Dec 13, 2004, 02:42 PM
Registered User
I saw myself getting into this mess and stop it right then, It is easy to do when things start really rolling. I think he will do the right thing and vindicate himself
Dec 13, 2004, 05:13 PM
Master of the Wind
AIR MOVER's Avatar
Ty guys Im working on it .. Merry XMas everyone Happy new year too! hope to be in the clear soon.. not easy being a one man operation.

Dec 13, 2004, 07:12 PM
Watts your motivation
roccobro's Avatar
[Waterboy voice] " Yoo can doo eeht!" [end waterboy voice]


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