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RCGroups RC Car Quick Tips - Improve results with spray paint cans

A simple trick to ensure a great-looking paint job when using rattle cans.


This one extra step will produce better results when painting with spray paint cans.

Besides only shaking a spray paint can before you paint a body, you should also warm-up the can. Simply run the rattle can under warm water, not hot water, for a few minutes. You can also place the spray paint can in a bowl of warm water while you get the body ready for paint. Dry off the can and do a test spray on a piece of paper to ensure the paint is spraying properly. You should notice that the paint coming out of the can is much finer than if you were using a can that was not warmed-up.

Shown here is Tamiya Color spray paint. Click here to go to the Tamiya website to see everything they have to offer for your painting needs. Whether you are painting plastic or polycarbonate, they have you covered. They also offer acrylic bottled paint for airbrushing or using a paint brush along with airbrushes and any accessories you need to get the job done. [/B]

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