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Jan 21, 2004, 04:45 AM
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Idea for an easy scratch built Grumman Hawkeye

I'll throw this idea out there in case anyone has a screaming need to do an easy stand-off scale Grumman Hawkeye. I just can't handle the additional project.

What you need is the fuselage from a Multiplex Twin Star and the wing from a Lanier U2.

Twin Star fuselage :
Vertical cut behind cockpit. Add a 5'' plug from blue foam. Sand to shape. Trough in the centre for the batteries. Let in/epoxy 3 pine stringers 3mm x 3mm (LH, RH and bottom) to tie it all in structurally.

Lanier U2 wing :
Re-cut root angle to skew TE slightly forwards. Reduce span to suit. The U2 wing nearly fits the fuselage anyway, but a tiny bit of sanding on the fuselage will be needed. Add foam on fuselage where there are any gaps and sand to shape.

Rework wing for ailerons. Add pine spar for strength, 10mm x 5mm.

Odds & ends :
Make engine nacelles as 4-sided balsa boxes. Aileron servos (1 per wing) in the rear end of the nacelles.
Make tail from flat foam and radome disc from blue foam. Turn disc with a highly geared miniature motor if you're adventurous. Otherwise attach disc with rubber bands to pylon 'just in case'....

Power : 2 geared 400's with Ramoser 4-bladed props.

There's a useful 3-view here :

Chris P

(That's what comes from watching 'The Final Countdown' last week on TV !)
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Jan 21, 2004, 10:18 AM
Visitor from Reality
Sounds like you really need to do this.

And if you need any inspiration on the rotating radar scanner, this guy could help:

Recall reading a recent US rag with details of how he modified a standard servo to turn the 'dome. Maybe at your size, just hold on with bands - but make sure it stays down, if it gets loose and starts flapping around, you ain't going to be happy

Great project - looking forwards to the photos!