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Jun 11, 2013, 07:52 AM
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Help with first tricopter setup

Hi all

I'm wondering if you can help with my tricopter setup ???

My Setup

Turnigy 6xs transmitter + receiver

kk multicopter v5.5 with v 2.9 firmware (right now) -->

motors are hawkings 2830 850kv -->

cheap 25A ESC -->

props are 8x4.5 slow flyer 2xccw 1xcw

metal gear hk servo

My issues are :

1- server & motors jitter at slow idle seems to be gone at higher speed

2- it is not stable and drifts in what ever direction it wants

3- harms the wrong way (Solved)

4- pots adjustments don't seem to change the flight characteristic much

Here are a couple of videos I made I'll try to make more tomorrow

this is what I would like -->

1- would bigger props help ?

2- Would flashing the ESC with simonK's firmware help ?

3- should I play with expo on my transmitter ?

4- should I give up on that controller and get a kk2.0 or better board ? do you sale those as they are back ordered on HK

please help
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Jun 19, 2013, 01:06 PM
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I use the HK kk2 board on my tricopter and I think the setting I have to change to stop the servo jitter is called Servo Filter. Mine is set way high, not sure if you have that as an option on the board your are dealing with. If the board you have continues to gives you probs you may want to try a kk2 board. but make sure to get the flash module cause it will need to be updated to get the autolevel working in top shape. hope this helps
Jun 25, 2013, 07:20 AM
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Still frustrated

Hi All

Well so far my tricopter experience has been a mix of excitement and frustration.

I really need some help please.

I solved a lot of problems but still can't get it to hover hands off...! So here is what I did.

1- server jitter is gone since I replaced and balanced the props I have 9x4.5 now.
2- replace the booms with 1/2" or 12mm hardwood. I believe I had slight twist in my booms.

3- read and tried almost everything under the sun.

so what I'm getting now:

1- Tricopter wants to drift away all the time. I constantly have to correct that, and I'm spending more time bouncing around and breaking tie wraps
2- I see very little changes when I adjust the gains I can never get it to oscillate like David from rcexplorer explains it should.

what I would like is a hands of model so I can learn to fly without having to fight with it's tendencies to drift away all the time.

what should I try next ? please don't ask me to change boards as I see lots of people having success with this one, thanks again
Sep 30, 2013, 09:57 PM
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I replaced the board to kk2 gone are all my troubles

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