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Sep 25, 2018, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by DucknDive
My mobius was showing exactly the symptoms described by Flying Pitcher Solid green LED, which never goes out. Camera won't respond to button presses or record anything & wasn't recognised by msetup.

Given it was a brick I had nothing to lose, so decided to try solder reflow, despite being nervous of killing it for good. With reference to this helpful post I first wrapped the side of the PCB with the lens and battery connectors in foil as shown in the photo. I left the side with the image processor chips uncovered (although to be fair there was no way of knowing where the open circuit connection was, or indeed whether there was one at all). I didn't have any flux so omitted that step.

Next I heated by domestic electric fan assisted oven to 200C for ten mins and baked my mobius, foil side down for four mins. I left it to cool outside the oven for ten mins then tested. Same solid green led, no change.

Second time around I again preheated to 200C but for 15 mins and then baked the mobius for 5 mins. Same result, still dead.

Maybe I was being too cautious? I again heated the oven to 200C and this time gave it seven mins. After ten mins cooling I plugged my lens module, battery and Sdhc card in and tried powering the camera. I was amazed to find it booted with a normal startup sequence of blue led, three flashes of the red led by the memory card, then a pause and an orange led came on. Pressing the shutter button I successfully recorded a test video and when connecting to the PC I could connect to the camera in msetup and updated the firmware! Case closed? No, not quite. Because what I found when I transferred the PCB into a mobius case was that after screwing everything together I was back with my dead mobius which only shows a green led. Much disconnecting and reconnecting of lens module and battery did nothing to change this. I was pretty cheesed off to be honest.

Ok, time to throw caution to the wind. Either my PCB was cracked and it was just chance that it had worked, or the bad solder joint had started reflowing far enough to make a temporary joint, but it hadn't been formed enough to stay connected once I screwed the PCB into the case. Whatever the reason, I still had a brick of a camera and nothing to lose. I also had little patience or need for subtlety, so the oven was cranked up to 210C and preheated fifteen mins. The camera was baked for 7 mins and I'm delighted to say that it has resulted in a complete fix which is still working ŵith the camera all screwed together in the case.

I hope this helps someone, although I would probably still advise starting towards the lower end of the temp scale as it's possible my bad solder joint was simply on the underside of the board, shielded by the foil and this might be why I had to get a bit heavy handed with temp and duration. I may have got close to what the board will take as the battery connector has definately darkened in colour.

I think the above does prove however that the board will tolerate temps of 200-210C for five to seven mins (as long as the plastic connectors are shrouded in foil) and that in itself may be a useful reference point for someone in the future. It's also worth pointing out I suppose that a domestic oven after ten or fifteen mins preheating may not be hitting quite the advertised temperature, so proceed with caution. Don't preheat your oven to 200C for an hour then wonder why your results vary from mine! Having said that, my fan assisted oven does come up to temperature quicker than any I've previously owned, so if yours is slower to warm up then maybe you need 20 mins of preheating? As they say on the back of TV dinners - ovens do vary!

Please note the photo, the foil was crimped as tightly as I could manage around the PCB edge while leaving the top side exposed. I trust this somewhat verbose description will help someone else achieve success in the future. For now I'm just happy I have a working mobius again
I think I have to give this a try, I have 2 completely same way Mobius and one freezing all the time... an electric oven with fan assisted and flux..

edit: what did I cook? too much smoke coming from it:
what did I cook? (0 min 29 sec)
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Sep 25, 2018, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom Frank
Some of this info is in the initial InfoPost here (#3 or 4), along with some side-by-side video comparison. But I did not try to exactly measure the FOV in all cases.
Thanks for the reply.
I wasn't sure if later firmware changed the FOV at all and if so by how much. It is relatively easy to measure so I may repeat the tests and carefully check calculations.

Best regards,

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