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May 29, 2013, 07:28 PM
what goes up, must come down..
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Here's a 4 part video series of the eventual delivery of the OzKopter.

It seems like a millenium ago when Stu (cr2o3 on RC Groups) had posted a simple question as to whether it would be possible to build a reasonable quality quad on a very tight budget.
Stu is a Vietnam Veteran and is rather restricted in mobility, so to be able to pursue his (all of our!) passion of flight, he was considering an alternative to fixed wing RC flight and multirotors offered a lot more convenience given Stu's restricted lifestyle.
From that post was bourne a generous international donation collective, which was started by Gary (Tarro on RCG)... and Gary started in spectacular style by basing the quad on the Naza-M FC... and, well, the perfect choice & quality build is testiment in this video. The Ground Station was built by Doc with more donations, which complimented the quad mounted donated GoPro.
This quad, dubbed the OzKopter, was sent to Stu's residence from Gary in USA. I drove to Stu to help him with his first flight but my knowledge is very limited with multirotors, let alone a decent FC such as the Naza... so I brought the OzKopter home with me and took it to the Doc, who is well versed in Naza FC's, and Doc kindly tweaked the beast and instructed me on the flight controls.
I then drove back to Stu armed with knowledge that I could then guide Stu to fly the OzKopter... and the end result could not have been better- OzKopter flew perfectly at Stu's control.

And the desired result of this International Collective Project could not have been more complete... Stu has rediscovered an inner joy to again be able to pursue his passion of RC flight. Wild horses could not have removed the smile from ear to ear... which was very noticable even shrouded in his wiley bushranger beard!
This was possible ONLY because of the extraordinary donations and good will of all those who contributed.
Sincere thanks to all those involved, even I am very touched by the generousity of everyone.
Special thanks without doubt goes to:
~ Gary (Tarro) for co-ordinating the collective in USA and for the resultant excellent quad build, the OzKopter
~ Doc for co-ordinating the collective in Australia, assembling the Ground Station, and the flight instructions

Stu is still, to this day, receiving gifts contributing toward the OzKopter from anonymous donors, all of you are wonderful folk.

Finally, I thank Stu and his sincere wife Di, for your most warming hospitality during my two stays.

Cheers folks!
And thanks be to the kindness in our world

Naza-M FC with GPS/Compass
DJI quad frame
DJI motors
Graupner carbon props
GoPro camera

This is the 1st vid on the return trip from my first visit to Stu's, just random country flying

(8 min 9 sec)

2nd vid on the same return trip... wind had calmed, finally a flight worth publishing!

(6 min 59 sec)

Following the initial road trip to Stu & Di's place in Narrabri NSW, I realized I needed the assistance from someone far more knowledged in Naza than myself... I wanted to be absolutely sure everything would go perfectly for Stu, and do justice to the effort everyone put into the International Collective... the OzKopter.
Here's the first Aussie flight of the OzKopter, after Doc tweaked it.

(2 min 46 sec)

And the Grande Finale, the second trip to Stu & Di's, and having Stu fly it for the first time himself

(10 min 33 sec)

OzKopter thread link

Good onya mate!
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May 30, 2013, 02:41 AM
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Great stuff!
May 30, 2013, 05:25 AM
what goes up, must come down..
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Originally Posted by tobermei
Great stuff!

Thanks mate

Turned out to be a great project from great people for a great guy.
It's been a great experience for me personally.

Dec 24, 2014, 03:28 AM
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Bloody hell, I've only just spotted this after so long. Well over a year ago all this happened and today the Oz kopter is still flying. It's hard to believe that after so much air time it hasn't missed a beat. I look after it like a baby. After every flight I check just about everything which can be checked, loose connections, loose nuts and bolts etc. I haven't had to change anything on board and as far as I can tell it's still flying the same way as that first day Hoppy came to town.

Someone he hasn't mentioned who came to the well attended party was himself. Few people would consider driving over 1000km one day and another 1000km the next just to see an old fart fly a copter. Hoppy did, and twice. That's well over 4000 km just to see a big smile and the OzKopter flying.

Exactly where Hoppy has gone I have no idea. The last time I heard from him he was considering moving to Vietnam. Whether he did or not he hasn't said, in fact I haven't heard a peep for a very long time. Maybe one day he'll call back, I sure hope so. I'm wondering if he's completely left the hobby he was so into, I hope not. He flew the flag well, very well and is sorely missed by both my wife and myself. He was definitely a great house guest. I recall he sat on my bedroom floor getting his own quad ready to fly the following day.

We all hit that footy field and had a great time. OK we lost a Bixler 2 and the engine mount on a bargain basement quad I'd hobbled together. It's still flying as well, strangely. Everything on it was the cheapest I could find at the time and after Hoppy figured out it was a clockwise prop on an anticlockwise motor it all worked out well with a new engine mount. The OzKopter flew like a dream that day. I'd never flown one before and was as nervous as hell. But it hovered for about 30 seconds, just long enough to get a feel how it steered and I was away. I spent the whole time trying to hide from Hoppy's quad. I completely forgot about the camera mounted on his quad and just flew trying to evade him. The video shows clearly how things went. I still have dreams about that day, I can't help but remember them every time I fly. A great copter from a very generous bunch of people from 2 continents and some very caring and clever people from OZ.

How many men have a wife who would drill a hole in a bedroom wall to hang a quadcopter on? My wife did, I came home from yet another two week stay in hospital to be greeted with the sight of the OzKopter hanging there for all to see. It looks great by the way.That may give you some idea of how much we both appreciate what was done. I wanted to fit a set of legs to it a few months back, but my wife wouldn't hear of it. It has to stay the same way as it arrived I was told and as I've never had to replace anything, it is 100% originalt, thanks to the Doc for "tweaking" those settings.

So if anyone spots Hoppy elsewhere, ask him to give me a shout either here or on my blog. I really would like to thank him again for the sacrifices he made just to see an old guy smile. If you ever run into him, buy him a scotch and send me the bill.

Good On'yer Hoppy, we luvs ya mate. Stu and Di.
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