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May 27, 2013, 08:26 AM
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my experience with telemetry

although my experience has been only using the basic readings of volts, and this with quanum, i think that it could be of some use for some.
1st of all, what is the good thing of quanum? well, it is independent from your radio, so you can use with any radio. no electronic link, no programmimg the radio. the only connection it has is with the pack that goes into the plane, as it takes power from it, from the other end that is used for charging.
so, what is it? the 16 grams basic unit (that goes into the plane) is a transmitter with a built-in voltmeter. that's it. (you may add an amps/temperature probe too). what it does it senses the volts on your pack and sends readings of all and every cell it to the receiver (screen), that can be mounted on your radio (transmitter) or on your wrist, like a watch. there you see what's going on in your plane. it helps to avoid draining your pack below limits so you don't reduce the pack's life or, more important, to run out of power while in flight.
this is the product:
1.-once you get it, unwrap it from its nice package that has instructions for binding-but no more, and charge the screen (receiver) by plugging the usb cable to your computer, or with the adapter to your cigarette lighter in your car. it will show full charge at the icon on the lower left corner, that is like the 1 on your cellular.
2.- now remove that sticker from the screen. at least, mine came with it. it should be just a clear tape to protect it from scratches at the factory, but some1 had the idea of printing an example of figures and it confused me. not only that, it blocked the screen so i couldn't see what it was telling me.
3.-now you are ready for the next step, that is binding: for this, you need to plug a pack to the transmitter (the thing that goes into the airplane), ideally the same you are going to use, and that should come with the same connector that fits the transmitter (tx). nowadays the makers of these packs are standardizing the connectors so hopefully you got the kind that plugs directly. otherwise you have to get the connectors and solder them. at this time i don't know where to get them, but if some1 knows, please bring the link.
4.-to connect the pack to the tx, see the picture on this link: on the 1st 2 pics you can see where the connector goes, with the black wire to the bottom. the instructions tell to press and hold the bind button (that tiny square button on the left side) and then plug the pack, so when the green led starts to blink, release the button.
5.-then on the rx (screen), press and hold the bind button (at the left hand side) and turn the rx on by pressing the right side (power) button. wait for the load screen to show up, then release the bind button. now binding is done and you can see the pack level.

6.-to program your needs on the rx, you have to start by pressing and holding both buttons for 3 seconds and it goes to setting mode.
to change the default settings use bind (lh) button. soon i will give an example by telling how i did mine for my 3 cells system.

no signal
may 25, 2013: today at the field using the quanum i got the 'no signal' message for a few seconds, then it came back to normal. then no signal for a few seconds. i noticed that this happened only when the plane was showing its left side, so i concluded that it was the position of the antenna. the flight was otherwise uneventful. this is the 1st time the sign is shown when in flight.
then i used same quanum tx/rx in another plane, and it did the same, when it was showing its left side. the tx in the plane was placed very much like in the other plane (and the plane's rx was of another brand).
but this time, when i was making the approach, suddenly the plane became very unstable, stalling and diving and the 'no signal' came back. but this time the plane was showing the other side. it crashed in tall grass, with minor damage, but i would like to understand what is going on, in order not to face this again.
the readings of the battery (the 1 that is part of the airplane system, not the telemetry) showed a good reserve of power so it was not the cause.

low cell in receiver?
may 26, 2013: today i flew my planes again, and got some 'no signal' warnings.
then i replaced the quanum (tx and rx) with another 1 that i have, and with this i got no more warnings.
later i did comparisons and noticed that, on the display that was giving me the warnings, the small rectangle at the lower corner that shows the condition of the cell (some call it battery, even if it is a single cell) was blinking and showing only 2 bars, so i am charging it now to full (4 bars) and will try again.
by the way, the other 1 shows 4 bars.
i think that all the trouble was due to a low cell in the receiver (display).
will tell tomorrow.
the scary thing is that sometimes when the warnings appear, the plane misbehaves (stalls and dives) and is hard to control.

so i would advice not to use it if the count of bars is lower than 4 (fully charged).

details on charging
as i could not find detailed instructions about how to charge the receiver (display), am bringing this that is what i have learned:
1.-the set comes with a charging jack that plugs in the side of the receiver (screen) and your computer;
2.-the computer has to be ON (at least mine);
3.-the small square at the left lower corner starts to show bars. depending how it is charged is the number of bars.
4.-when it get fully charged, the bars stop blinking and show 4 of them.
5.-then you can disconnect the charging cable.

more tests
may 27, 2013: more data on tests: today i tried the telemetry again, fully charged, and it kept sending the 'no signal' messages, when flying to the right or left, so it does not depend if the charge is full or not, neither the direction of the plane.
then, as i own 2, i tried the other 1 and it worked flawlessly, so am beginning to think that the other 1 is just malfunctioning.
has anybody faced this situation?
considering that there are some fellows around that have purchased this-and hopefully using it-i expect some feedback.
i think that, with the advantage of knowing what charge is left, everybody should have it installed in their planes, no matter if they are not sailplanes-although the benefit with sailplanes is even greater.
jun 13-more tests:
i have to say that in the 2 systems i have, i replaced the stock antenna with the shorter 1 that is lighter and easier to install. well, i tried them and 1 ran without problems, but the 2nd began to show 'no signal' signs that ran from 2 to 10 seconds. tried reorienting the tx antenna but didn't help. then the tx didn't start. that is, when you turn it on, the led goes on for a few seconds, then begins to blink, but now the light went on and then instead of start blinking just went off, and the rx didn't get any signal. this was solved by binding it, and the 'no signal' by replacing the short antenna with the stock, so it could be that somehow it was getting out of range or the antenna is defective and began to malfunction.
now all is ok-so far.
in case some1 gets into this kind of failure, i also learned that, with the 1 that gave me trouble, it is necessary to press the bind button on the tx before plugging it on, to make the bind-every time you start it, otherwise the rx will not bind.
so i guess that there is some issue with it, and i will keep an eye on it, just in case.
and pressing the bind button on the rx does not help.
still, seems to do its job well, so it's a matter of getting used to it.
likewise with the antenna: the problems i had with no signal readings were when i was using the short antenna, and when replaced it with longer stock all seems to be fixed.
so could be some issues with the short 1.
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