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Nov 29, 2001, 05:01 PM
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kyosho F16 - Few Questions

Hi Guys, I'm new to electric flight and have just aquired the above model. I wondered if any of you guys could tell me how you have set this model up regards elevator/aileron throw and CofG.
Also ive been told it flys well on 8 cell 2000mAh, can any of you guys back this up.
So far the things I've noticed about this model are the near useless elevator rods that are supplied with the kit, and the practically impossible to apply decals, apart from this I am quite happy with it and looking forward to giving it its maiden flight.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Nov 29, 2001, 05:50 PM
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The couple flights I've had on mine so far have been with an 8 cell 2000 pack. Flies Ok and is also my first EDF.

I used the included elvetor rods with one change, instead of using a Y harnes on both servos and bending one rod, I used a seperate rcv channel on the 8103 and mixed the channel which allowed both elevator linkages straight runs.

I have the throws and CG set as speced in the manual

Didn't have any probs with the decals, just took my time, and it WAS very time consuming.

Do a search on the forum for F16 and you will find lots of usefull info for this EDF. Sounds like the hot battery setup is 8 cell CP1700's (if I remember right). Some have also droped the 2 ail servos and did a taileron setup.
Nov 29, 2001, 06:05 PM
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I've configured my completely differently - Taileron only.

I've two sets of rate dialled in -

For highspeed / general handling it is 130% of the specified throws.

For takeoff / lowspeed, I have full 90° deflection on both up and down movements.

Not much use for you.... but a few people have made this mod and have been asking about control throws.
Nov 29, 2001, 06:46 PM
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Re: kyosho F16 - Few Questions

Originally posted by steveUK
[...] how you have set this model up regards elevator/aileron throw and CofG. Also ive been told it flys well on 8 cell 2000mAh [...]
The Kyosho recommended throws on ailerons & elevators seemed just right to me - if you reduce the roll rate it will be <i>boring</i> , the CG location tends to be a bit forward, it should be moved at the back end of the Ky recommended range - and ready to give some up elevator when you launch it! I have seen almost every Ky F-16 at my field have this problem...

The elevator linkages are a bit flimsy but actually work ok, you can replace them with thicker piano wire.

A friend noticed a big diference when he switched (following my suggestion) from an 8x2000 to and 8x2400 pack, the latter provides more power. Running in the motor (dry) is recommended as it will draw ca. 33 Amps.

(<A href=> Here's </A> how mine flies with an Aveox 1010/2y.)
Dec 01, 2001, 01:25 AM
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I'd have loved to see your video clip, but when nothing had happened for a bit I had a look at the link- is it really 17.7mB? Estimated download time for that was over an hour so I'll have to pass for now.

Have flown my F-16 several times now. This one was picked up already built at the LHS for a very cheap price. The only mod I've made was to replace the very flimsy pushrods with thicker ones. Four 9g servos with both ailerons and elevators operating independently and no mixing. Using the recommended throws and C of G position. With the stock motor and 8x2400 I find it very slow indeed but very easy to fly. She won't loop from level flight, my first attempt ended in a passable impression of a tailslide though. Other F-16 pilots with much faster models have said that mine flies great, but perhaps they are just being polite . She does get away from a handlaunch easy enough and climbs well but is nowhere near as fast as I had expected from seeing toehr ones fly.

I had high hopes that the reduced weight of the 8xCP1300s might make a difference. That didn't happen so I don't think it's a weight issue. I'd put it down to either the rough ducting, the stock motor really just not being powerful enough, or on it's last legs. I'll make some modifications over the winter and maybe a replacement more thrusting motor is in order before next spring.


Dec 04, 2001, 01:02 PM
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My setup is a MF480 with a PLETT 200-25-4 on 9 zapped RC2000's from my spare car racing cells. Draws about 31 A on startup down to 27-28 A later on. I am getting a good 5 mins, now it goes like stink compared to standard stooging around speed. I will try 10 Pana2000 or CP1700's when i get round to it.I did try tailerons but didnt work so well for me.
Dec 04, 2001, 03:03 PM
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Thanks alot guys for your replys, much appreiated, I've set the aircraft up with the standard throws with an optional 80% less aileron deflection for the first few flights. Battery wise I've gone for 8 1250 scr and 8 2000 MaH sets to trial. I'm hopefully gonna fly this weekend, depending upon the weather.

Dec 05, 2001, 05:39 PM
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Originally posted by Stuey
...I will try 10 Pana2000 or CP1700's when i get round to it.
There is a BIG difference in price & performance between the Panasonic 2000 NiMHd & the Sanyo CP 1700's! Go for the CP1700's at higher performance for 1/2 the price (I paid $3 each).

By the way you can link up elevators & ailerons to one servo on each side and save the weight of two elevator servos...
Dec 06, 2001, 07:52 PM
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Wow, this is wild I just signed on to do a search on this jet. I was trying to sell mine a few weeks ago but decided to build it when I didnt get any real bites.
So anyway its done and now I need to power it up with the right batteries. Before I do the search I thought I saw where you 1010 2Y guys were using ten 1250mah zapped NiCads. Is this correct. I am using the 1010 2 Y.
Any help would be great. See my completed F-16 in the PIC below.
Dec 07, 2001, 03:23 AM
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Hi all,
Well I've finally finished my model. Took my time to hopefully ensure a trouble free 1st launch. I've set the CofG to 115mm and changed the elevator pushrods for a little studier versions as I was having trouble acheiving uniform throw distance with the supplied rods. Ive also added a little RF sheilding to the electronics. I purchased some Sanyo 1250's which melted the bat. packaging on the first run so that was a waste of money, not sure what happened there.
It turns out that one of my work colleges was the british national aerobatics champion 2 years on the trot so I've enlisted his help for the first days flying, as I want to bring the model home in one piece, I'll let you all know how it goes.



Dec 07, 2001, 11:12 AM
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I RUINED a pack of 2400s a while back by doing a static run in my living room and not having any air blowing over them. The plastic tubing peeled back in a lot of places and after that the battery pack never would give the voltage it used to, I had killed about half the cells.

Now if I do a static run I get a room fan to blow across the battery as I run it down. When you're flying you have the cooling air coming through your cooling holes in the fuselage and then the hot air exits out the back, but with a static run you don't have this. I learned the expensive way.
Dec 07, 2001, 05:55 PM
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... I'm not sure what happened there with the shrink-wrap but don't throw the batts away yet!!!!

I regurly melted the shrink-wrap on my 1250/2000/2400's and it's ok, they all get quite hot above 40A. BUT as long as they cells are insulated (no shorts) that's fine.

I would suggest a) checking pack/cells b) checking all insulations c) re-wrap some/all cells in some heat resistant insulator like Kapton or similar. d) ensure good cooling of batts even after flight AND never recharge when they are hot. Hope this helps

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