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May 08, 2013, 11:57 AM
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Update 03222014
In my line of work I get the chance to hear and respond to incidents where inexperienced, irresponsible, and untrained SmallUAS pilots cause incidents making my job of promoting public acceptance of these systems very very difficult. I read over and over in these forums of new pilots taking short cuts and not learning to fly these new systems like the DJI phantom. These systems are an amazing and wonderful technology that have and will continue to allow us to do and see great things but on the other hand are slowing killing a once safe and professional hobby. They have allowed lazy wannabe pilots to pick up a remote and fly without really knowing what the hell they are doing. No one is teaching them safe operations, pre/post flights checks, and maintenance. Just a few years ago you went to an AMA RC field and received training by instructors on safe RC piloting. These days are long gone...the airfield a sometime visit very seldom have multi-rotors. All the multi-rotors I see flying are downtown Austin during SXSW, crashing on people cars, houses, in the highways, nearly crashing into police helicopters (yes less then 10m), and falling into crowds. Most of these incidents don't make it to the media thank god, but several do. I have never wanted regulations from the government controlling-telling me where, when, how I fly my systems but in the last couple years I'm feeling we need some cause the people I have talked about flying these days need to be controlled. I would much rather see guidelines, requirements for training , and licensing rather then banning. Please please please...if your new to these systems go to someone....go somewhere....read....research....train yourself to be safe, responsible, and a professional pilot.

Update 02172014
It's been awhile since my last post, been really busy promoting Public Safety uses of SUAS. I stay pretty busy demoing my Phantoms and a loaner S800 to whomever requests it. From boy scouts to mapping software companies, if someone wants to see what these SUAS are all about, I try to inform them.

I just purchased a Phantom 2/Zenmuse just this weekend from UAVDirect located in Liberty Hill just north of Austin. Now that the DJI Austin office is closed UAVDirect has stepped up to support my projects. Colin donated four new Phantom to a local Austin high schools robotics team just before they closed the doors in December. UAVDirect has taken over supporting this project with parts and support.

I did a paint job cause I sooooo dislike the white! Now looking to add 5.8 video/iOSD mini and 2.4 Data Link within the week.
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Update 07242013
This is my DJI Phantom Video Contest entry....it's promoting Public Safety Unmanned Aerial Systems. This video was made with the Phantom-Zenmuse H3-2D, GoPro Hero3, and edited with my iPad2.
DJI Phantom Video Contest DJI Phantom TACTICAL Public Safety UAS (7 min 24 sec)

Update 05132013
Multi-Rotor Aerial Video & Photography Platform (6 min 33 sec)

Update 05082013
Updated all my Nazas to the new V3 and all are flying great. I can definitely tell they are better settings and more stable. The auto take off is ok but I would like the option to turn that off. I take off faster then the auto launch. V3 sure seem to like super fast forward flight with the Phantoms, these things are so fast! So the fleet wanted a group photo once I had them all together.

I about finished my mini ground station with just one video Rx and FoxTech 5" monitor with built in sunshade. I love this thing! I custom did the powering to run off one 3c 2200 mah lipo all powered up with on switch. I added white LEDs on the bottom of the sunshade to illuminate the controller and show the power is on. I do fly a lot at a night and like to see mid throttle markings. The range is ok using the stock wipe antenna but I'm going to make or order (make if I have the time, buy if I get busy) a set of cloverleaf antennas.

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