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May 07, 2013, 04:51 PM
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My Hobby Engine LEOPARD 2A5 Review

This tank is much nicer looking with a better fit and finish than the M1A2. I'm still waiting for the battery to charge and couldn't help but notice that the turret to hull fit is much tighter than the Abrams or most of my HL's, I bought a Tamiya turret ring assembly just in case but I might not need it after all. Hobby Engine and Heng Long are certainly filling a niche that was pretty much vacant where in the past anyone that wanted a large scale RC tank had to save their money for a Tamiya. The Tamiya or Heng Long and to a lesser extent Hobby Engine companies reminds me of the difference between the real tanks being built by Germany and Russia durring WWII with Germany being like Tamiya of today obsessing for excellence and Russia represented by Heng Long / Hobby Engine with their simplicity of design. I'm new to this hobby but it appears that Heng Long is listening to their customer base and building on the early designs to provide a decent tank for the working guy on a tight budget. It must be an absolute hoot when a Tamiya kit arrives on the door step and opening and unpacking all of those detailed parts, bags of fasteners and metal goodies and then spending countless hours getting everything painted and assembled for that first test but I hoot a little when these arrive also.
I see a lot of potential with this HE tank and can see why it is more costly than the Abrams and look forward to their next entry to the hobby.
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May 07, 2013, 08:16 PM
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glad you like it Spooky, did say in your other thread it was a better tank out the box
a good trick for upgrading it, is to order a Tamiya parts tree with the detail bits jasons store is a good place to visit
May 07, 2013, 10:50 PM
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Someone else said it was a better tank and I had read that elsewhere too. It's leaps ahead of the Abrams in looks and detail. I sat it in my lap as I went through pictures of the Tamiya A6 on the net and even though the A6 is somewhat different I was able to compare cosmetics. The hatches on the turret look so realistic I thought they would open which is a testament to it's design. I wish someone would do metal parts for it but I will settle for Tamiya parts for now. Once I get the innards updated and add metal tracks the weight will give it a little more realism. I already bought a couple things from the eBay guy but the first one I purchased on 4/22 still hasn't arrived and that's too long for a shipment from Japan, I'll wait until Friday and then inquire.
May 08, 2013, 12:47 AM
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I just watched some youtube videos of the hobby engine leapord and that tank looks great. Spooky did you try it out on the ground? Can you post a video as soon as you do thanks in advance.
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May 08, 2013, 01:00 AM
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Funny you should ask, I stuck a battery in a couple of hours ago and placed it on the floor in my room, hit the sticks forward and like the proverbial bat out of Hell it shot into the wall so I reversed the sticks and it zoomed across the floor and slammed into the box it came in. I will need to take it outside where there is some room but as far as slow rides over objects for effect if you blink it will be missed. Like the Abrams the turret turns agonizingly slow but the recoil and elevation is acceptable. I'm sure that once it has Heng Long innards it will handle very well. I have to decide what motors I want to use, the Tamiya set-up is neat but I prefer the steel ones for the Heng Long tanks. Not sure what to do with the recoil as I'm not sure if the Asiatam will fit in the tight area and I might just have to collect the Tamiya barrel assembly to use.
May 08, 2013, 07:55 AM
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Hey spooky found this thread for you its on a uk site of which I'm a member. It's for the M1A2 upgrade

and here is one for the Leopard
May 08, 2013, 06:15 PM
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Thanks for the links, it's always helpful to see how others do things.
I have other ideas that I want to follow on the Abrams like using the Tamiya Leopard turret mounting ring set to eliminate the slop and Asiatam recoil with Henglong traverse. I plan to use the RX18 receiver but also want the real M1 sounds so might have to spend more for the ElMod.
On the Leopard I am making a list of Tamiya detail parts and haven't even thought about what I will use inside the hull. Space is so limited in the turret that the Asiatam might not fit so I may just use the Tamiya recoil and traverse. I was playing with the HE Leopard turret functions today and am impressed with the turret to hull fit, very solid, and the recoil isn't too bad if a little short. The traverse works very well and while faster than the M1 it's still much slower than the real thing.
I am in the middle of my HL Panzer III project expecting a big pile of metal to arrive any day. I have cut the rear upper hull hatches out and need the metal front ones so I can correct the HL flaw. I will be using sheet styrene on the underside of the upper hull to create the hatch stops or jams or whatever they are called.

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