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Jan 12, 2004, 06:12 PM
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Control horn length on FoamyFactory Yak 54

Dear All,

I'm building the 36" Yak 54 from FoamyFactory and was wondering about the 5/16" distance from hinge line to attach point on control horn. I'm sure it works but it sure seems short.

I'm using this length on the elevator which is hinged on the top. On the bottom side of the elevator, the attach point barely sticks out past the lower surface of the elevator, and it looks like at 20 deg up elevator deflection, the lower pull-pull cable would contact the fixed portion of the H-tail.

I suppose the cable must slacken to not cause any binding, but if we are to get 60 deg deflection, that's alot of slack. Anyways, I know so many people are out there flying so it must work just dandy. Thanks in advance.

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Jan 12, 2004, 08:30 PM
Registered User
the control horn connection point should be right over the hinge line. You can make the control horn out of zip tie material and it is about 1/2" long drill a hole 1/16" inch from the end of it round it off with sand paper and cut the other end on an angel so that you can punch it thru the depron control surface on an angle so that the hole line up right over the hinge line and about 3/8" off the surface. This should allow for about 50 degrees of control movment and not bind up. Make sure to epoxie the connection to the depron well and make a bed of epoxie around the zip tie so that is has a good amount of depron to work with like a 1/4" circle of epoxie around the entry point.