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Apr 28, 2013, 11:41 PM
glider pilot in training
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Who needs a shrink when you have a perfect flying day?

Got a few hours in flying this afternoon after my sons final concert at school and i couldn't ask for better weather. The skies were overcast an gloomy all morning but by 4 pm It's clear blue all the way to the horizon so up goes the Omega 2. The new 30C lipo's makes the climbs have authority now. the grounds all wet so the thermals are very very weak but that is not what i am after today, today is for trimming the plane out in no wind and landing practice. Since i purchased this plane last September i had not caught a Sunday without wind, rain or cold weather.

A quick toss at half throttle has it off an climbing at a gentle 45 or so degrees that takes it up to safe height in a few seconds so i cut the throttle an get to trimming.

3 clicks down in the v-tail and 4 left on the ailerons an shes rock solid level so i fly a few lazy circuits around the field getting a feel for her in calm winds, At about 30 to 40 feet i throw the spurs to her an go full throttle an she accelerates. Within 20 feet it's nose is well past 45 degrees and still rising. i give it a little down elevator to keep it from looping and shes a speck in less than 30 seconds

After playing around at height for a while i bring her back down an get to business. The wind is a light 3 to 5 mph by guess but 90 degrees to the runway
time for a little practice at crosswind landings.

If you have been keeping up with me you know this is my first glider with ailerons and flaps and i am a little nervous hence the practice.

First approach.

since the wind is out of the east directly i set up my final leg East of the field going south an make my turn wide. for all that is holy YIKES! i tip stall the moment an i am back on power climbing to safety again. minor little mistake there i really should have set my turn up to go into the wind not put her tail into it.

Second approach

I set up west of the field this time making my final turn into the wind this time. no surprises this time so i setup up about 200 foot out from the end of the runway an deploy flaps, thank you realflight i am so ready for the sudden rise of the nose an add in down elevator an down she comes slow, smooth an 50 foot short of the runway. no damage not even a scratch but wow are those flaps effective.

the next six or so landing improve
3rd makes it onto the field but barely
4th makes it in 20 foot closer to me
5th i overshoot an land 20 or so feet past me.
6th an 7th i have her within 5 or 10 foot of directly in front of me.
8th an final landing. i'm starting to get hungry and as i setup for my landing i hear this loud loud birds call it's my friend from last year the red tailed hawk. I'm so thrilled to see him return this year i completely forget to deploy my flaps. wow this plane wants to float so a hundred foot down the runway she finally settles in an touches down.
I walk out to the Omega while the air is filled in the hawks chirp an calls and i can't help but laugh out loud an yell up at him,

"Yes Mister instructor i know i overshot my landing, but the planes down safe isn't it?"
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