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Apr 25, 2013, 07:25 AM
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Just To Say Hello.......

Just to introduce myself.

Hi, I had not opened ‘my page/ blog/ whatever’ before and when I did I was surprised to see that several of you guys had indeed looked here! In light of this I decided to jot a few things down so that you will know a little more about who I am.

One of the best presents which I ever received was in 1974 when I was given a Coxs Control Line Spitfire for my 14th birthday which I had been drooling over for months. The Spit never really flew due to poor advice from the LHS where the model was purchased (having a birthday in October just before the poor weather set in didn’t help) and my attempts at building other C/L models and getting them flying pretty much failed due to lack of help, my inabilities and cash. However, I was bitten and in 1981 whilst bored on a Saturday afternoon walking around the town in Germany where I was then stationed (British Army) I spotted the Graupner Uhu free flight glider in a toy shop window. Got the model and it all sort of grew from there. As my German was pretty poor at that time (still is, some would say) I ended up teaching my self to fly, learning by crashing, and believe me, I was good at crashing!! Learnt on powered gliders (Amigo 2 with Cox 0.49) and progressed onto slope soaring and thermal gliders. Built a trainer from a free plan and learned to fly I/C. Built lots of planes including a few of my own design and spent my time flying over a farmers field next to where I lived alone or up on the slope where there was a club of sorts.
I joined the local power club and had some very mixed experiences regarding the attitude of some of the members towards me but at the end of the day a small ‘hard core clique’ us who were dedicated to having fun, helping others and trying to advance the hobby won creating a very happy environment to fly in. Over those 10-15 years I flew powered gliders, thermal gliders, powered aerobatic models, ducted fans, an auto gyro, fun flyers and ‘exotics’ (discs, dog kennels, wings e.c.t.) but towards the end my Avicraft Panic was probably my favourite model over a period of some 5 years. During this time I also started flying helicopters, the first one being the MFA Sport 500 in around 1986 (I think) and I ‘finished’ on a Vario Sky Fox and a Robbe Futura SE Youngblood. I got a bit involved with some of the early 3D’ers (Bob Johnston and Curtis Youngblood) and was fortunate enough to meet them and to admire their flying skills, mainly at the Potting 3D cup which I used to participate in.

Quite early on in my modelling career I realised that model aircraft could develop into an expensive pastime and to be honest it was probably beyond my means at that time and so I took on a part time job in retail (model shop) to finance my hobby. I made the rule that I would only spend as much on the hobby as I could earn via the hobby and that worked quite well keeping harmony between my wife and I. I spent nearly 10 years in retail, did some development work for various companies (nothing very spectacular), gave (paid) flying lessons and then moved on to translating instructions and manuals into English from both German and Ingrish (Chinese-English) for a large German importer.

Around 1997 my personal circumstances changed and I drifted away from modelling but in 2000 I was out driving when I came across one of the local clubs which were having their summer Fly In. I stopped to say Hi and to watch for a while and for the first time I saw what brushless motors and LiPo Batteries were capable of, bitten again, seconds out, round 2, ding ding!

So, I have now been solely flying electric models since 2000 both fixed wing and rotary. One thing that I did do this time was to teach my self to fly helicopters with a different stick mode! Previously (due to bad advice) I had flow fixed with the throttle right using my thumbs and helicopters with throttle/ collective left, holding the stick between my fingertips. A long road but I am now more comfortable flying all models throttle right using thumbs (however, I can fly both types of model in both modes if necessary).

I have always tried to learn as much as I can about any aspect of modelling and that to me is a big slice of the fun (that is why the advent of the Internet and Forums such as RC Groups interest me). I am not a great builder, I enjoy building but I do prefer to fly and so recently I have been turning more and more to RTF models (getting lazy and now that I can afford it) and so my models have always been more practical than pretty.

I have always favoured Futaba as I found their menus better laid out and easier to use in the ‘early’ days of computer radios and as they have always served me well I kept with them. I have been using a 9 CAP for some time but have recently added a Spektrum DX6i for flying the Horizon Hobby Bind and Fly stuff.

My hanger contents changes all the time but to give you an indication my current ready to fly (receivers missing in some cases) fleet is as follows:-
Algebra 1000 (oldest model, 2.5 metre thermal glider), classic glass/ foam 2 meter Slope Soarer, Wingbat Slope soarer, P51 Mustang Slope Soarer, Multiplex Easy Star (belongs to the wife actually, taught her to fly on it and kept for teaching anyone who ‘want’s to have a go’), Multiplex Acromaster, unknown origin 1 meter Funtana, FSK Spitfire, Cox Micro Spitfire, EPP full wing fun flier (ZIP), ‘standard’ Shock Flier’ RC Groups mini F22, RC Groups JAG 39 Grippen, RC Groups Crane Fly, RC Groups Monotwirl, RC Groups Piza Box Flier and Nutball, Micro Indoor 15” Extra, T REX 500 Clone, T REX 450TT FBL PRO clone, HH MCPX, Nano CPX and last but not least an MQX quad.

If you have taken the trouble to read this far, thank you for your interest.

So now you know who I am all that I can say is, pleased to meet you.
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Dec 25, 2017, 05:05 AM
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Nice sir , pleased to read all that.
I m
Aug 29, 2018, 12:23 AM
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Feb 11, 2019, 04:12 PM
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Great story!

My first plane was a plastic WenMac P63 Kingcobra that I actually learned to fly when I was also 14.

My father taught me all about modelling as he was an avid and rabid builder and flyer. Built everything from static plastic, stick and paper rubber powered to freeflight to controlline to single channel escapement RC finally proportional RC. He even built assembled his own Heathkit 4 channel Kraft clone.

I hope you keep flying for many many more years.
May 13, 2019, 10:13 AM
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Thanks for sharing your interesting history.
Jul 15, 2020, 09:11 AM
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Hi Paul, I'm here because of the AXN (Clouds Fly) thread and your Lego comment which I loved. (they fly like plastic bricks)

Your story has really resonated with me, perhaps you have had a little more contact with the sport than myself over time but our paths are not too dissimilar.

I am of similar vintage and in about 1971 for my 14th birthday (also October) I was gifted enough money to buy a balsa kit and a little Enya 2.5cc engine - the kit was called a Taipan. I delivered papers to buy the paint, dope and wire lines and handle.

I had been introduced by a fellow student I met at school who had emigrated from the UK. He and his father had shown me how to fly their planes and I was hooked.

After about 5 years, time, money, women and life-in-general saw me drift away from the joy I had in flying my little planes. I had often longed for one of those digi-proportional radios to be able to fly without wires! But that was way beyond my pay scale back then. And life happened.

In the early 2000's I discovered that there was a whole new era of RC and I began flying co-axial indoor hellis with infrared. One thing led to another and I soon had an AXN - the latest one from HK is my 8th. I learned to fly RC with the model and it still holds a special place in my heart - getting out to fly always brings back that boyhood joy of my Taipan on a Saturday afternoon at the local oval.

I liked your response to the fellow antipodean - hope he enjoys his plane.

Best wishes to you - stay safe in the pandemic world.

Apr 26, 2021, 07:33 AM
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Thanks for sharing, you are now known around the world!

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