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Jan 11, 2004, 03:01 AM

[RCSE] "Looking for a new Molded plane? Spare parts availability is important!"

Talk about lucky! ME of course. Warm and light winds all day and plenty of
good guys to fly with.

Those of you who got into bagging wings will remember the first vacuum
bagging instruction tape by Julien Tamez....well I got a chance to meet him today!

I also got to look into the sailplane caves of Barry Kennedy, Kennedy

In one bathroom the bathtub is full of those awesome Wing in
stacked right to the ceiling!!! Must have been a hundred.

Barry is serious about selling Graphites and Organics and AVA's and Mini
Graphites and a new all molded wing DHLG! How serious? How about that he has
multiples of spare parts for everything he sells. Wing Tips, fuses, tails, well
everything. That means heaven forbid, you crunch something you can have it
replaced in a few days! NOT months.

He has some of the full span organic winged (Ultracoat, balsa, carbon,
carbon/kevlar D-tube wings) stiff as a board, unbreakable on a winch and glows in
the sun light like a red jewel.
Very awesome.

By the way did you all know that the Graphite with organic tips, was the
first Euro moldie to win a major USA contest? Yep, Ben Clerx won Visalia with it.

With our choices of bagged TD ships slimmed down, having access to spare
parts is even more important.

Can't wait for my Mini Graphite 2m to arrive (special paint job)...he's got
plenty of them in stock. Two piece wing, Big flaps, generous ailerons, two
piece screw on V tail, nose cone, carbon wipers....this is gonna be a fun 2m.

He'll be at the contest tomorrow in Dallas. With some goodies to show!....You?

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