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Apr 20, 2013, 10:28 AM
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The WLToys V222 review (accelerometer-equipped V959)

The WLToys V222 review


Hey guys,

  Well here's a definite first, I'm writing the review while sitting in my cramped seat aboard an Airbus A320 at 35000ft! With the V222 in the cargo hold beneath me, I'm heading back to Beijing to finish the final few months of medical school (it's finally going to be over!)
  Ok enough blabber from me, let's get to the matter at hand. A week or so ago I received the V222 sample from Banggood along with my beloved FBL70 and the V212 from MassiveRC's supplier. Since I opened the V222 last, the promised review has been delayed somewhat (my apologies).

So my V222 was delivered to me in a V959 box, and from appearances alone, it's almost impossible to tell the two apart. Indeed, the majority of parts used on the V222 come directly from the V959, except for the Transmitter and receiver. I like the parts compatibility, but it was all sort of Deja vu! 
So can WLToys really make the V222 feel like a brand new quad with just the introduction of a new board?

Before we start, I would like to thank Jacky and the Banggood team for providing the review sample and supporting my unbiased reviews on these products.

From the box

The V222 came well equipped! Here is what you get in the box.

1x V222 accelerometer equipped quadcopter & 1x onboard camera
1x 2.4GHz transmitter
1x 3.7V 500mAh battery with a JST plug
1x 2GB micro SD card and USB card-reader
1x set of spare blades
1x instruction manual

What I didn't like was that BG stuck a big CE sticker on the canopy that was VERY hard to remove... I told them about it and they said that they'll make sure that this practice is stopped.

The cockpit

My V222 came with a prototype transmitter that was rather, for the lack of a better term, unfinished. Exterior wise, it looked similar to the transmitter bundled with the V922 and V912. I like the fact that it has a mode 1 to mode 2 conversion switch, and how the shoulder buttons were easy to reach... But once I started to fly the quad with it, I noticed that there was about a 10 percent dead zone in each axis (so you would get no response at first, then a violent maneuver in  said direction). This made the quad extremely hard to fly and it would rock about like an old Cadillac.
I switched to the V212 transmitter and all was better, but more on that later. The good news is that the prototype transmitter that I've got was too expensive to produce anyways, so they will use the shell and sticks of the stock V959 tx, which is leaps and bounds better in my opinion.

The walk-around

Pretty much the same as the V959. The receiver is new though and thankfully it hasn't lost any functions (8! LED plugs). There is an added accelerometer chip that allows for self centering capabilities. The camera is NOT upgraded, as rumors suggest. All modules that were used on the V959 are 222 compatible.

The camera is the same as the one found on the V959

Size comparison: V212 vs. V222

The flight

As I said before, the prototype transmitter was very, very bad... So I flew the V222 with the V212 transmitter throughout the review.

Like the V212, the V222 could be launched in just about any orientation and it'll quickly flip into level flight (though you still have to initialize it on a flat and level surface). The v222 will hover with minimal stick inputs, and the tendency to self correct is rather obvious. 

I've noticed that fast descents do no cause the V212 and the 222 to wobble as much as their similarly sized counterparts, which is quite nice.

Tumbles could be done by bringing the quad high up, flipping the quad and cutting the throttle. With a bit of altitude to spare, quickly raise the throttle and the quad will recover nicely.

Flips, when unloaded, are tight just like the original V959.

A problem is that when I was flying with the camera attached, the V222 seemed to have a harder time recovering and would sometimes wobble as it recovered. This I did not experience on the V959 so I wasn't too happy about that.

Other than that, if you take the camera off and put the 949 canopy on the V222, I honestly would not be able to tell the difference as to if I was flying the V212 or the 222. The flight characteristics are equally good and they have excellent wind resistance. So much so that I actually left much of my fleet in Taiwan and only brought back the 222 and the FBL70. I believe that these 2 aircraft would keep me well entertained.

***Video is being edited at the moment, stay tuned!***


  The V222 is a wonderful flying machine. I've been a big fan of the V959 but I think I like the V222's flight characteristics just that tiny bit more. I appreciate that it is very wind resistant and the ability to recover from tumbles really adds to the fun these quads already provide.

  When loaded with a camera, the wobble is a little bit disappointing for me as I do like to film and do flips at the same time..but hopefully WLToys would solve this issue before the V222 officially hits the market. 

  If you are a beginner, I think the V222 is a great quad to start with. I'd recommend flying without the camera until you are really familiar with the aircraft though as the camera is a bit sensitive to shock (I destroyed my first 959 camera that way).

Again, much thanks goes to Jacky and the Banggood team for providing the sample...and thank you for reading the review! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me via pm or this thread. 

This review was written on April 19th, 2013 at 35000 ft and is accurate per my findings. 

Pros & cons

+ Great value
+ Excellent stability
+ Very durable
+ Refined flight characteristics

- Camera was not upgraded 
- Flips were difficult to recover from if quad is loaded with a module

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