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Nov 28, 2001, 05:19 AM
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What's life in New Mexico like?

I saw a documentery a while back that happened to be filmed in New Mexico. Although I didn't really take much of an interest in the intended subject, being a paramedic, I did take great interest in what looked like a whole lot of wide open land that always appeared in the backgrond, and what at least to me looked like a pretty unique landscape. Housing's dirt cheap there too! Homes that go for $350K here in the S.F. Bay Area fetch less than half that there. Wow...I know the job market isn't exactly the best, but it looks like a blue-collar person like myself might stand a better chance of being able to buy a home there than here. As it is, the S.F. Bay Area is a great place to live if you are VERY RICH, and like to sit in traffic a lot! Any opinions?
Nov 28, 2001, 07:41 AM
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Well I haven't been to New Mexico... But if your interested in a good ratio to standard of living to house price you may want to relocate to the midwest. But be weary of where you move to, look at the number of jobs in the area.. If you think, "oh Chicago is nice place..." See what people are paying for run of the mill jobs and what the local apartments/houses are going for.. You can also do a standard of living equator found on places like monster.com. If you make $X amount in SF what would that be in someplace like Michigan? That $100k house may be really cheap to you, since its equivalent in SF is $350k.. But in X town compared to San Francisco, you get paid alot LESS.... (So it may all work out that you make the equivalent, more, or less.)

Do the homework....

An honest opinion from me about this area... The suburbs of the largest cities are the place to be in the Midwest. I've lived near Indianapolis, and I can tell you that it was THE place to be for finding a job in my area. Lansing Michigan is a black hole for jobs if you don't work for the State, State, or GM. (Well its not THAT bad.. But if you want to make money you work for them.)

- Sean
Nov 28, 2001, 02:32 PM
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I moved here 1 1/2 years ago from Oklahoma, so I think I can give you an objective view. Oklahoma housing is probably among the cheapest in the nation, so when I came out here, housing was slightly higher. I think you are getting a false impression of your financial situation. Moving almost anywhere inland from the coast you will be able to get more house for your dollar. Unfortunately you have to balance that against your earning potential in the new location. Earning potential is based on cost of living and wages. Cost of living is probably 25% higher here than it was in Oklahoma as far as utilities, food, and services because it's in the desert. That's not what kills you though, it's the mean income. I think it's the lowest or one of the lowest in the nation. Unless you are military or can get a job working for the military as a civilian, well the wages they offer out here will insult you. The average mean income is 20K which you can't survive on with the cost of living. There is just no industry to speak of out here in the desert and thus no jobs.

The things you saw in New Mexico is it's redeeming factor. Wide open oicturesque spaces, beautiful weather, and laid back attitude. It's a great retirement location if you already have a lot of money and are looking to retire in a nice place. There are many $300,000 homes that look like mansions around. However, if you're looking to start or continue a career......forget it!! Unless of course, like I said earlier, you are already a civil servant who can get a transfer or you are a PHD who can get a tenure at one of the universities. Otherwise you're gonna be really poor while you enjoy the weather and the scenery......
Nov 28, 2001, 05:16 PM
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Thank you for your honest opinion. Although I haven't any degree to speak of, I am training to be a vacuum tech, and I have a connection at Lawrenve Livermore that has offered me employment there. My game plan is to get some experience at LL, then try and transfer to Los Alomos in N.M., otherwise, I will investigate other fields to be sure. I know I wouldn't get far with my present job as the employee at an auto parts store. As far as the ratio of wages to cost of living, I KNOW it is better there than here. There are a great many people here that are in my position, grown adults living at home, or living in run-down apartments with too many roommates for too much money ($1200+/month). Heck, I know one guy that ended up working for Home Depot in N.M. for $11.85/hr and said he did quite nicely. He was just a hourly grunt, not a manager of any kind.
Nov 29, 2001, 01:47 PM
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NM is a fantastic place to live. I moved here from Kansas to attend grad. school nearly 6 years ago and have no intention of leaving here anytime soon. I landed a great job, have a great fiance, and will be moving into our newly built house (still being built) in Feb. But, as was stated earlier, NM has (or recently had) the highest cost of living and the lowest average income. BTW, all that open land is not that great for flying e-planes. Belly skidding a ship in on dirt, rocks, and rough desert foliage does great damage all around