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Apr 19, 2013, 10:39 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 26 - Battery

WOW!!! - and back to the short, sweet (actually "perfect") descriptions ... (then again, this was indeed an easy one ...)

This is going to be a rather often edited post, as there are already soo many options as to which battery to use ...

Dont really know what to do right now ... so I'll start by linking the batteries offered for the V912 on AE and BG ..
(stock battery)
(UPGRADE!!! ??? - Not really sure what I am supposed to think about this [... or expect ... ...])
(stock battery)
(UPGRADE!!! ??? - Not really sure what I am supposed to think about this [... or expect ... ...])

... interesting that in both cases (despite BG - AGAIN!!! - being clearly more affordable than AE) the UPGRADE(!!!) is so significantly less expensive than the stock battery ???

and then THIS: (.) - it always makes me considerably mad if I see how someone tries to use eBay to rip people off who are not ridiculously careful ...

THIS is the only other battery I tried up to date (seemed pretty decent to me - and did not get quite as warm as the STOCK battery, if I remember correctly):

According to a posting in the "official" V912 thread, THIS battery is supposed to fit (if I understood right, even without modding the battery cage):
(unfortunately, I personally had two rather bad experiences with storm batteries in a row ... a long time ago ... and have to admit I am pretty "gunshy" about trying them again - which was not helped by several reports here on RCG about bad storm experiences EITHER ... )
THIS is ONE of the examples for the Storm battery being recommended on the official thread (there are MANY more) - so maybe Storm DID change the QC on their batteries over time ... or I was just "unlucky" - TWICE in a row

IF this Storm battery works fine, there are about 3 or 4 other (maybe rebrands) variations of this 1200(supposedly!)mAh battery:
The dimensions for the STOCK battery are 56mm x 30mm x 14mm

Here is another battery option that I just saw brought up by someone in the "official" V912 thread (post#2340):
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Apr 19, 2013, 10:49 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 27 - Fixed Battery Accessory

Again, short and sweet - however, it COULD have been shorter and sweeter (and again ... have saved lots of ink during printing ...) if they had simply called it battery holder (as that is what it is - even though battery bracket would also be appropriate here ...)
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Apr 19, 2013, 10:52 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 28 - Canopy

There is actually NOTHING to add this time ...
(this is the "most affordable" vendor on AliExpress - there are others, however more expensive ...)

Just as an FYI for everyone who likes the searchlight on the V912:
I pulled the plug on it even before the maiden hover on mine, so it seems a little less relevant, but if you "utilize" the searchlight, there is one thing to keep in mind:

The replacement canopies DO NOT come with another searchlight - every time you replace the canopy, you will need your old searchlight and swap it out!
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:06 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 29 - Baseplate

Hate to admit it (.), but this is actually a pretty good parts description here (describes function and location)
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:12 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 30-32 - Landing gear

Another time, where the exploded view drawing lists 3 individual components - and it is again
a) unnecessary AND
b) a moot point, as you cant buy the components individually anywhere anyway!!

Go, give it one number and call it landing gear - and EVERYBODY could be happy!
... and I am not going to harass anyone with 3 individual posts ...

(and, WLToys, you would have AGAIN saved a ton of ink in the printing process .)
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:20 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 33 - Obilaue Tail Tube

Obilaue Tail Tube ???

This is REALLY and exactly what is printed in my manual ... and only heaven knows what "obilaue" is

THIS should have been called (tail) boom support struts and everybody, even without the proverbial exploded view cheat sheet would be able to visualize whats going on

BG gives a considerable hint on what they (WLToys) were trying to say in my manual/exploded drawing & parts list, but it still confuses more than it clears up (IMHO - just WHAT is an oblique tail boom ??? .)

and here AliExpress:
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:29 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: Tail Ornament Parts (34, 35, 40)

Here I have to actually side with BG and so I "adapt" the description BG uses for what is obviously a KIT that BG sells - and which includes the Tail Fin mount (34), which also functions as Tail boom support strut mount, the VERTICAL tail fin (35) and the HORIZONTAL tail fin (40).

Actually, this makes a lot of sense, so praise, where praise is due and kudos to WLToys and BG for this "decision".

(this also includes the tail rotor (39), which for once seems to make AliExpress a compelling option to BG scratch that, there is STILL nothing that comes close to the BG prices)
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:35 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 36 - Tail Motor Protection Cover

WOW!!! - but this time with a negative undertone

This SHOULD be titled "TAIL MOTOR WITH motor protection cover" !!!
, however:
MY manual lists here the tail motor protection cover as part#36. Interestingly, the tail motor itself, which is WAAAAAAAY more important for flying the heli doesnt even get mentioned in MY manual/exploded view drawing/parts list

And here is the TAIL MOTOR, which (as mentioned) does NOT EVEN get mentioned at all
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:42 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: Tail Gear Box (37, 38)

Here, I have to actually make up my OWN parts description right away, as this is not labeled right anywhere in the "official documentation"
The (MY [really crappy???]) manual calls this Down Tail Gear Box Cover (37) and Up Tail Gear Box Cover (38), while the official parts listings at BG as well as at AliExpress (AE) wrongly use the description "tail motor cover" here (which clearly is ONLY fitting to describe part#36 - which is ALSO called tail motor cover
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:46 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: 41 - tail gear

Short and sweet (and exact) again to finish off the exploded view/parts list on a (at least somewhat) positive note.

The tail gear is sold in a kit with the main gear (03) and has already been mentioned there
( )

Again, just to be as complete as possible in the descriptions/annotations: the TAIL gear ratio on the V912 is 7:1!
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Apr 19, 2013, 11:52 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: Unmentioned parts #1: Tail Boom

Well, strangely, unfortunately and actually somewhat annoyingly MY manual/exploded view drawing/parts list DOES NOT even LIST certain parts.
The most crucial one of these is the TAIL BOOM ... and this is a mistake that should just NOT have happened (even if the focus is on most extreme cost efficiency , ie NOT spending money whenever possible (and here it was saved on the wrong place - for a person that actually double checks the manual for possible "hickups" before rolling out the product.

Well anyway, be it as it may - here are the links to the aluminum tail boom:

Just some specs as a side note:
The stock tailboom is aluminum, 187mm in length with an outer diameter (OD) of 8mm and an inner diameter (ID) of 7mm. This obviously means the STOCK tail boom has a 0.5mm wall thickness!
MY stock tail boom also had a "insert", a CF tube at the frame end with 7mm OD that seemed to function as a boom stabilizing help.(This one was 99mm in length)

This CLEARLY screams for a CF tail with 1mm wall thickness - this should be a LOT less susceptible to bents and dents than the stocker!!!
(it also opens up certain "other possibilities" ... more about this to follow ... ...)

Edit: (07-12-13)
"Note to self":
As the AliExpress seller quadrupled the prices since my last order, eBay just might be my friend ...
2 links to remember:
tail booms:
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Apr 19, 2013, 12:04 PM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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V912 Parts: OTHER unmentioned parts

OK, these are not that big a deal, as they do not SPECIFICALLY refer to the heli itself like the tail boom does.
Also, I think they are at least listed SOMEWHERE in my manual (but I am honestly not sure and would NOT at all be surprised IF I would be wrong)

These parts are:
STOCK charger and adapter

To me, it is not that big a deal that I did not consciously see this in the manual (and SURE not on the exploded view), as I wont be using it anyway.
There are - and I have - various other options to charge the V912 battery than this one ... faster, more secure AND in higher numbers.
Plus, the way it looks, this charger is ALWAYS delivered with a European plug, even if the person ordering actually lives in a NON-European country
(OK, for the US easily solved with a 90cent outlet adapter, but UNNECESSARY!!! Even if this is an extremely affordable clone - those little things cross the line from "affordable" to "cheap"

STOCK transmitter:
This one would probably merit (YET) another post, however I will simply leave it here under "unmentioned parts"
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Apr 19, 2013, 12:13 PM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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where to from here?

so much about the parts as they appear in the exploded view and the parts listing (which hopefully includes the charger and TX)
I will "extend" these posts over time with additional "DATA" if possible/applicable

I will also admit that some of my comments on these parts may seem a tad bit rude, however, I truly am convinced that even if a company focuses on making an extremely affordable product, there is sometimes a case where you save the money at the wrong place - and making a manual is one of these places.

Unfortunately this is also a negative in most of the manuals of chinese products that I have seen throughout my life, not just THIS particular manual.

I am translating descriptions of parts/products for friends of mine (who want to broaden the possible reach of their products) every once in a while myself. I KNOW, it is based on effort and quite a few extra "man-hours" to get this done at least decently, but I cannot agree with the fact that this seems to be completely ignored in chinese factories (heli manufacturers in this case). With all the hundreds of thousands of young chinese studying outside of china it should truly be possible to find one who spends the 10 or maybe even 20 hours to "tear down this language barrier" a little and make the chinglish manual more understandable for non chinese speaking masses

Just my opinion, but I strongly feel it had to be voiced!

Hopefully those previous posts will over time turn into a "well of information" on the little things related to data about the V912

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Apr 19, 2013, 05:45 PM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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Looks like I'll be grounded a little ...

As mentioned in the post about the main gear, I tried to bind my V912 to MY T9X and for some reason that eludes my comprehension the bird decided to do a MAJOR chicken dance on me ... all across the office floor !!

When I finally managed to get it under control again the servos looked pretty much toasted! (the arms pointed anywhere EXCEPT horizontal and the swash was badly wedged against the main shaft ...)

So, after some inspection I figured if I want to even try to fix my "servo problem" I will have to take them out! (MAJOR PITA!!! - this gets a whole bunch of minus points on my scale, that quite a few "regular surgeries" will require basically a TOTAL disassembly

Anyway, so I took the bird completely apart and thought I could do some community research while I am at it.
The results of the "research" will "trickle into the parts posts over the next few days ... at least some of it anyway, as I am sure I wont be flying again before my departure to Germany ...
(but this does by NO means suggest I am going to run out of stuff that needs to be taken care of ... ...)

Here is a little picture of the current "status" of my V912 (isnt it amazing how "cleaned up" a disassembled heli can look?)
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Apr 21, 2013, 06:51 AM
It flies!!! ... so who cares ?
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Modding/Upgrading the V912

The V912 seems to be a rather decent heli out-of-the-box, particularly if the pilot is not yet THAT "seasoned" (ie experienced), but well skilled enough to fly a FP heli with no apparent problems. This even more so if looked at from a "bang for your buck" perspective.

However, most people will sooner or later (larger part of pilots usually sooner ...) feel the desire to change things about the heli, be it for functionality or simply for looks.

The Modding/Upgrading posts will be about the things that can be ... could be ... and are/have already been done with the V912 ... (I guess the prime (or probably better ONE of the prime ... as I am sure there will be A LOT more over time, but right now this heli - and subsequently modding it - is only about to "take off [pun intended, ...]) example(s) is looking at HardBoiled Egg's flight videos after changing the motor to the MJX F45 main motor)

Anyway, there have been already some examples in the "official" V912 thread, and I will add my own (once I do them) here from time to time as well ... PLUS, collect references to the mods in the "official thread

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