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Jan 08, 2004, 10:43 AM
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new plane on the way! What engine?

Ok, I have flown most of the GWS electrics, including the warbirds. I wanted to get into glow, but I like scale. I looked at the sticks and other trainers....and then ordered the hanger 9 cub. Yes - I have read all the reports....ground looping, hard to take off, etc...SO - I am going on a box with the LHS owner ( a great guy who flys cubs)...

so - which engine? I am looking at a Saito 56 4 stroke, but I have also been pointed to the Magnum 61 4 stroke...there are about $30 difference in price.

also - I feel that once the plane is in the air I will be fine. I think flying and landing will be ok, but I am going to have to work on the ground handling (hence the instructor). I will be flying it with my futaba 6EXA...

Any other pitfalls?


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Jan 08, 2004, 01:54 PM
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sorry....I forgot to mention it is the 80". It got here today, so I know what I will be doing for the next few nights

It really seems to be put together well!

Jan 08, 2004, 06:15 PM
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80" wingspan? it sounds that either of the engines you mentioned will underpower that plane, look at the engines size recomended at your plane box, i think that .70 - .91 4 stroke will be ok.

if it is going to be your first glow powered plane i would recomend you to start using a 2 stroke engine, are less expensive and easier(more reliable) to use for a begginer. if you chose the 4 stroke, get a magnum, it's a good one for a start.
Jan 08, 2004, 06:59 PM
most exalted one
I have the 80" Hangar 9 Cub and ran it on wheels for some flying, now on floats. The 56 0r 61 are more than enough power. I am flying it with an ASP .61 four stroke and it flies around at half throttle very well.
It was tricky on the first 2 flights I had, regarding takeoff, but you soon should settle down and know how to do it well. The landings were wheels on tail up and fantastically scale in appearance. With the 61fs, if you don't want to mess around, you give it full throttle and it'll use about 10 feet of runway before liftoff!
Cubs fly with surprisingly small engines.
Although I did see one flying off skis with a TT.91 and it looked good, but I think the pilot made it look that way. I'm not sure I could have handled it at the small field it was at.
He flies Cubs so he knows 35% rudder mixed with aileron.

I had a problem with the blind nuts in the firewall to deep at the centre so they wouldn't snug up the engine mount to the wood. It took awhile to realize that the blind nuts were the problem and I added a bit of ply to the rear of the firewall. This is an ARF from many years ago, I bought online, so you may not have that problem. Added a Sullivan tailwheel, which the seller had included. The "painted" cowl isn't really fuel proof so don't run fuel over it, unless it's changed also, of course.
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Jan 09, 2004, 08:21 AM
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personally ide rather spend the extra bux for an OS. the saito is also good but the sleeve is connected to the header on the motor which means u have to replace the lot if u smash it or wear it out some how. where OS its all seperate. i just find magnum to be no where near the quality as an OS engine. i know they are a little pricey but once u get an OS u will never go back trust me.

Cheers mate
Jan 09, 2004, 09:56 AM
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I got the wing done last night. Everything seems to be going together very well. No big surprises or much confusion. The one thing I can say is "dang that thing is big!" I have been practicing on a 30 1/2" E starter which I loaded down to increase the wing loading. I have been holding the tail down on the takeoff roll with up elevator, then letting the tail come up. I have a feeling it's not going to be the same

Aztek - the recommended 2 stroke is a .40 - .48
the recommened 4 stroke is a .45 - .60

4*60 - thanks for the encouragement. Everyone makes the cub sounds like a real bear on the ground. (no pun intended)
I will watch my instructor a few times. I have the sequence down in my mind...if I can just get it to my thumbs.

alibaba - I will look at the OS engines also. I think a OS FS-70 surpass is around $200.

thanks for the help everyone!

Jan 09, 2004, 02:00 PM
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I helped a club member with his Cub.(The same one you are building) It was the first Cub I had flown. The ground handling was different than I was used to but got over it pretty quick.

The guy had a Magnum 67? Fs on it and it was way plenty engine. If it was me though I would put the Saito on it. THe saitos are lighter and just a powerful if not more powerful than any I have seen. But engines are pretty well built nowadays so go for what you like in your price range. Good Luck And Happy Flying!!!
Jan 19, 2004, 02:17 AM
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I have the Great Planes Cub ARF. It's the same size at 80". I bought it used and the original owner had it setup for the OS .91.

So I put an OS .91 FS in it and while it's a bit overpowered, it comes in handy at times. I also have the floats but have not flown with them yet. Once the OS was broken in, the idle is great and should be good for the water.

As for the ground handling, this thing is a total handful. I've already had several near/minor crashes on takeoffs. The plane wants to break to the right on rollout and will start to ground loop just before getting enough airspeed to be controllable.

Now that I'm more used to it, I can see when it starts going bad and throttle down before it gets out of hand. I found that holding a little left (yes, left) rudder before takeoff rollout helps avoid the sudden break to the right.

Once in the air, it's a great slow flyer. Nice slow rolls, hammerheads and loops are very cool. Landings are not that bad, but on rollout it is also a handfull. Since it's not totally predictable on the ground, I make sure to land it near the end of the runway so it won't turn into the pilot station fences. I also learned to stop fighting it on the landing rollout. If it wants to go left, I give it a bit more left and it does a little spinout. Since I land it as slow as possible, it doesn't have enough speed to drop a wingtip.

Sorry to sound scarry, but this plane has humbled me. I've flown several other planes without incident in maybe 200 flights and this is by far the most difficult to get off and back on the ground.
Jan 19, 2004, 10:27 AM
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Before reading your post I was thinking that instead of waiting for my instrutor I could handle it myself...I mean, I am THE MAN with my little electrics, right?

Between the weather, his schedule, my schedule, I have NO idea when we will have the chance to fly.

I may try to get out to the farm and practice some ground handling...everything short of taking fast taxies, etc. Once I am in the air, I think I will be ok...I am just worried about the ground. Thanks for the heads up...


PS, here is the plane and my copilot
Jan 19, 2004, 11:28 AM
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glowpwer flyer's Avatar
yes i notice the magum engine, I buy Magum there the best, i have a magum on my planes they fly awsome and great sound.

Jan 19, 2004, 06:22 PM
most exalted one

DO NOT GET ANXIOUS/IMPATIENT! Let the guy with expeience check it out. When they ground loop you can incur damage and you don't want that to happen if at all possible. They also can surprise you. You might be "practising" on the ground, but it doesn't take much for a cub to be airborne, so please wait. It is not a small electric flyer.

It looks terrific. I fly without the struts, but that's just a personal choice.
Jan 20, 2004, 09:05 AM
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yeah, I know. It's so hard though! It is sitting right there on the dining room table (this makes my wife very happy)...As soon as I walk in from the office it starts in...."you can fly me, I'll be good too you....I promise not to ground loop"

Do planes lie ???

I am going to try to resist the urge.....

Jan 20, 2004, 12:10 PM
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Originally posted by glowpwer flyer
yes i notice the magum engine, I buy Magum there the best, i have a magum on my planes they fly awsome and great sound.


I thought you where just starting and where just putting your first plane together. How can you make such a statement ? Am I missing something here ?

Jan 20, 2004, 12:36 PM
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I just went down to the LHS to get some fuel line.... the owner is the one helping me. He told me DO NOT FLY until he checks it out I told him that it is very hard to walk by that plane and NOT go out to my field....oh well, he said Sunday....that is FOREVER.

I guess I will go fly some of my electrics this afternoon....I need to fly something.
Jan 21, 2004, 08:23 AM
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Re cubs and ground looping, didnt find it to much of a problem really but then did all my learning on tail draggers so catching the tail is second nature to me, some guys install a helucopter type gyro on the rudder channel to hold it straight on the ground GWS make a cheap suitable unit and a switch to cancel out the effects of the gyro when airborne. Aileron rudder mix is nice I use about 25% to keep the turns scale looking. Mine is Goldberg 78" flies ok on Thunder Tiger 54FS but would like a little more power so think ASP 61 FS may be ideal.

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