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Flyzone Eraze Brushless Tx-R

Flyzone has a unique small model out the Eraze. This model is ready to fly, right out of the box and is a total blast! If you are looking for something that will turn heads at the field the Eraze fits the bill.



Wingspan:18.1" 460mm
Wing Area:181 sq in 11.7 sq dm
Wing type:AeroCell foam symmetrical
AUW weight:Advertised 176g Actual 201g
Length:19.3" 489mm
Wing loading:~5.65oz/sq ft
Cube loading:5.04
Transmitter:Futaba 7c 2.4GHz with AnyLink
Servos:Micro included
Receiver:Tactic TR624 SLT 6ch Receiver
Battery:GP ElectriFly 600 2s
Motor:Brushless Outrunner included
ESC:12a ESC included
US distributor:Flyzone
Available: Tower Hobbies
ARF Price:$99.98

Flyzone has added a very unique ready to fly (RTF) model to their lineup, the all new Eraze. This model is Tx-R or transmitter ready out of the box. You simply set this model up and that takes all of a minute or two and you are ready to go! It will take you longer to charge the battery than have this flight ready.

With the popularity of ready to fly models there is no doubt the Eraze has the busiest hobbyist ready to fly in a hurry. This is a unique model molded from Aerocell (expanded polyolefin) foam that has a impressive, tight bead.

The Eraze has a factory applied thin decal type finish that is very futuristic and attractive. The finish is impressive but thin. Mine has started to peel with normal use. The factory applied markings appear to melt right into the smooth foam surface.

If you are looking for a RTF model that will really turn heads at the field the small Eraze is just the ticket. It is a flying wing and has light wing loadings. It is perfectly suited for small field flying.

Initially, I was not sure of what I should expect from the Eraze but I can tell you this little gem has quickly earned a favorite spot in my hangar. The flying characteristics are best described as different. With that said, it behaves very well and is also able to manage the wind despite the light weight of the finished model. Be prepared for fun!

Kit Contents

The review package shipped from Hobbico and it arrived in perfect condition. It was exceptionally well packaged, double-boxed and the contents in the box were isolated and protected from shifting during shipment.

As expected with Flyzone the there is an excellent pictorial manual with complete step by step instructions Manual.

Great step by step pictures and assembly was complete in less than a minute. Radio setup will take some additional time - and of need to charge the battery too. But it is very quick from box to in the air making this a ready-to-fly model.

Kit includes:

  • Pre-built and assembled model
  • Receiver installed Transmitter ready (Tx-R)
  • Servos are installed and ready to go
  • AeroCell foam with a great futuristic finish
  • Vertical stabilizer ready for magnet attachment - no glue needed!
  • Factory hinged surfaces
  • All hardware installed and ready for flight (Pushrods, EZ type connectors and horns)
  • Decal type markings
  • Clear well-written picture assembly guide

Kit requires:

  • 2s-3s Battery - 2s 600 mAh recommended
  • Transmitter with delta mixing

Included for this review:


The Flyzone Eraze is a transmitter ready (Tx-R) airplane ready to fly out of the box. True to form it was was factory assembled ready to fly out of the box. You simply add the vertical stabilizer, stick down the hook and loop for the battery and you are ready to go! Most will find the Tx-R Eraze will be ready for flight in less than 10 minutes.

Done by the factory:

  • Entire model covered with attractive, futuristic markings
  • Surfaces hinged by the factory
  • Servos and linkages and hardware are all installed
  • 12 Amp ESC installed
  • Brushless outrunner motor installed and connected to ESC and receiver
  • Magnet attached cowl for easy access and no exposed screws
  • Magnet attached vertical stab that is easily removed for box transportation

The builder needs to:

  • Install the battery hook and loop tape
  • Install the vertical stabilizer
  • Install the collet and propeller

Tx-R Completion level

The model comes ready to run with a 5" propeller and prop saver collet with "O" ring. Even the battery hook and loop tape is included.


The wing comes as one piece with dual servos for the elevons. They are installed with no work for the builder other than verifying they are centered and ready to go. Flyzone even has the servos connected to the Tactic SLT 6 channel receiver.

The Eraze also comes with a large magnet secured hatch. The hatch gives access to the entire system area including the motor, battery, ESC and receiver.

The small servos are factory installed. They have a direct linkage setup and EZ-type connectors making setup a snap. Both of my servos were factory centered but it is wise to check that before setup.

Tail feathers

The vertical stabilizer must be installed by the user. That task is made very simple as both the fuselage and the stab have small powerful magnets installed to ease the installation. The fin snaps into position with a solid connection. This makes it easy for removal and transportation.


The motor kV was unspecified. It is installed on the mount and connected to the ESC. No work for you to do here.

Power system

The Flyzone Eraze includes all components for the power system but the battery. The 12 amp ESC and motor are ready to run out of the box.

Amp draws

The included brushless motor can be used with either 2s or 3s small ~500-600 mAh LiPo packs. The stock motor is tiny and powerful. It produced the following results:

Motor statistics on 2s
Included Propeller Amps Watts Voltage
5x4.3 3.5 40 11.4v

Remember the Eraze is small and light. 40 watts is not a great deal of power but it propels this light model very well! I found it to be great power and the flight times were certainly welcome as well.

For the power hungry 3s power is supported. You can even use the stock propeller on 3s power and that setup is within the capability of the ESC, motor and battery. In either power setup be ready for frequent turns however the Eraze gets tiny very quickly.


The Great Planes ElectriFly 600 mAh 2s pack was included for use in the review.

The ESC come with a micro Dean's connector. The recommended 2s ElectriFly included this connector from the factory. No soldering needed!


The Eraze is made from the tight bead AeroCell foam. It is very strong stuff, but the Eraze is small and light and the foam is quite thin in places. If you need a quick field repair normal CA will have you fixed in a hurry, very convenient.

Builder Note!!!

I will save each of you some grief with your new Eraze. It is not mentioned in the manual but the Eraze greatly benefits from some reflex on the elevons. This is a common setup for flying wings and the Eraze is no exception.

This setup is not mentioned in the manual but is needed during normal flight. I also found additional reflex during the launch is very helpful for a quick climb out during the launch.


Some ground shots of the Flyzone Eraze. This is a unique shaped model and it looks fast just sitting on the ground!


The CG was easy to obtain with the recommended 2s pack in the rear of the tray area. I found the 67mm CG recommendation to be a bit forward for my tastes but it is a good starting point. I am now out about 72mm.

Rates and transmitter setup

The Futaba 7c FAAST transmitter was used to control this plane with the AnyLink adapter. Rates were set as recommended in the manual per the chart below:

Control Throws
Low RatesHigh Rates
9.5mm 11mm
9.5mm 12mm

In fact there were no high rates recommended but the rates I list above worked well for me. It is very responsive so add in small, controlled measures.

Exponential rates were not recommended so I set those at 30% for the primary flight controls. I found that both the recommend rates (reflected in the low rates in my chart) is about right for 2s flying. I increased elevator expo to about 35% to soften them just a bit more to my preference. Rates are very much a pilot preference - set yours accordingly.

The flight timer was set to count down from 6 minutes giving an audible warning to land before the battery was depleted. The ElectriFly 2s 600 mAh pack was loafing at under 4 amps and stock motor were easily able to supply the Eraze with surprisingly good power. I recommend first flights with the 2s pack. After that a 3s perks things up quite a bit.

Another option for the 2s bunch is a change in propeller. I have switched from the stock propeller to the APC 5.25 x 6.25 speed propeller. This has dramatically increased the speed of the Eraze on 2s power.


I had no idea what to expect from the Eraze. I have many elevon wing type models and each of them has a different personality. The Eraze is no different it has a special flair and it is a complete blast to fly! It feels very light and is fantastically agile. It does get very small quickly so keep in mind that orientation can be an issue unless you keep this model close.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this model was to fly. It is not, in any way a beginner ship however. It manages the wind very well, as most flying wings do.

In flight pics and video come from me while my flying buddy Doug did an excellent job of flying the model.

Takeoff and Landing

Please take note of the launch reflex needed for the Eraze. Reflex is "up" trim on the elevons and the Eraze needs it for all aspects of normal flight. Some wings only need that for launch but you will want to keep that dialed in on the Eraze.

I use a touch more reflex on the Eraze for launch - but not much. About the equivalent of about 5-10 normal trim step clicks of up.

With the right amount of reflex dialed in the Eraze will do a quick take-off instead of becoming a "lawn dart" upon launch. A light toss is all that was needed to have the Eraze flying quickly.

Landings were a piece of cake with the Eraze. It is tiny and you will be able to fly it in the local park with ease. It does move quickly so you will need open area. As is the case with most delta wing type models it will slow to insanely slow speeds on landings. It is totally predictable and does not exhibit any bad behavior right until the stall.

Special Flight Characteristics

The Eraze is capable of any delta wing aerobatics with full power loops, rolls and combinations of those maneuvers. The model does not have any bad habits that I can find. Rolls are not perfectly axial and the turns are unique especially with wind. Unique is not bad in fact it is really a hoot to yank and bank. A fun waggle is apparent but that just adds to the fun of the Eraze.

Loops required full throttle on 2s but with the high rates they are very tight! It is just like turning a pancake on the griddle.

I am having a blast flying the Flyzone Eraze. You will be hard pressed to find a small wing that puts a bigger grin on your face. Once you have the desired reflex it is very well behaved. You will also have a hard time finding more unique looking wing. The square, diamond shape looks fantastic in the air.

I was very happy with the budget price of this model as well. Just add your choice of battery and you are in the air in a few minutes.

Recommended power system

Power on 2s voltages was good with the included 5x 4.3 SF type propeller. I was really impressed in fact with the vast power of the stock system. It is guaranteed to put a grin on your face and if you want more speed get the 3s pack! A propeller change on 2s really bumps the speed as well.

Is this plane for a beginner?

The Flyzone Eraze is intended for pilots with at least intermediate flight skills. You do need some comfort with flying. It is fast and responsive and should be left to those who have basic skills mastered. With the light wing loading it is easy to land at a very slow speeds.

Flight Video

Flyzone Eraze - Review for RCGroups (2 min 9 sec)


The diamond shape lines of the Flyzone Eraze are very unique. I like unconventional and this model certainly fits the bill. This is molded from AeroCell foam making it strong and durable. It is also very light and will be easy to repair with normal CA glue. I am a big fan of the AeroCell foam with the tight beads that allow for the smooth finish. Eraze is looker on the ground and in the air.

The Eraze is assembled and ready to fly out of the box. Snap on the magnet attached vertical stabilizer apply the hook and loop for the battery and the build is complete. A few short setup tasks on your preferred transmitter and you are ready to fly. The Eraze comes with a full range Tactic SLT receiver factory installed. A ready to fly version is also available.

Reflex is needed for the model to fly properly. The manual makes no mention of this but it is highly recommended. Once the reflex is added this is a stunning performer.

Hand launching is very easy just a gentle toss and full throttle it is off and going. The model is a pure blast in the air. It will do any sport aerobatics and yet was easy to handle. Turns are frequent as it burns through the air quickly.

It was great that the designers kept this model very light and with the pack all the way in the rear of the tray I found the CG just right. I recommend moving the CG back slowly however. The Erase is lightly loaded and floats like a feather for nose high landings. Wind handling was excellent considering the light weight. Wait for a light day for test flights however as the wind does tend to push the turns around quite quickly.

I could not have been more impressed. This plane has quickly earned a spot in the car every time I go to the field. It is truly remarkable!

The Flyzone Eraze Tx-R is a real treat with no assembly and out of the box to in the air in a few minutes. Need something different? The Eraze fits the bill, get yours today!


  • Magnet secured battery hatch
  • Magnet secured vertical stabilizer
  • Complete hardware package
  • Servos installed
  • Ready to fly out of the box
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Flight performance


  • No mention of the required Reflex in the manual
  • Decals are very thin and tend to peel
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Jun 25, 2013, 12:06 PM
We shall serve the Lord
kingsflyer's Avatar
Very Nice review. It looks like it flies really well. How does it fly inverted?

Only issue I can see is that top to bottom orientation may be an issue. I think it may benifit from an additional black stripe on the bottom of each wing inside the orange stripe.

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Jun 25, 2013, 01:29 PM
Registered User
pda4you's Avatar
It flies great inverted - but a bit of elevator to keep the nose up. I still think my CG is pretty far forward but afraid to go back any further!!!

Orientation is a bit of an issue - so keep it close.

I fly this thing ALL the time and it just cracks me up. Really quite enjoyable and super portable. It is maneuverable and you can really jam it around the sky. It will go on camping VC with the fam to Utah. I'm pretty sure the wife will be thrilled. O yea...

Jun 28, 2013, 11:11 AM
Registered User
Thanks for the review!!!

I like the model, just wish they had a scaled up version (at least 200%) for us old folks.
Jun 28, 2013, 11:25 AM
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pda4you's Avatar
Yep it does get tiny quickly! I about lost it last night flight a too wide pattern. LOL
Jun 30, 2013, 03:33 AM
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kissfan's Avatar
Did not look too fast, is it?
Jun 30, 2013, 04:27 AM
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pda4you's Avatar
Originally Posted by kissfan
Did not look too fast, is it?
The video was shot with 2s packs - running at a speed to attempt to try to capture the tiny plane. It moves along nicely with 2s but if you want speed I recommend 3s.


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