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Jan 05, 2004, 12:31 AM
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Piccolo Deal, should I ... or shouldn't I

SHould I or should I .... get this deal or buy a new HB v2 and use my stuff?

Found a guy who owned a toy store and "wanted" to sell Rc helis. Thus, ordered complete Piccolo setup from Ikarus direct and decided it was too complicated for his customers. He wants to dump it all and admits he knocked the landing gear off several times but "no damage" other than fixing gear. He reports it is "about a year old".

He says he asked for top of the line setup and got the Piccolo, Piccoboard with HH, I don't know if RX is in board or not but it does have an RX, transmitter (he says its blue ????) and servos (???). Battieries, stock and 310 tuning motor, stock and upgrade tail motor (?), batteries, and charger ("couple of hours to charge pack" ??). He also has "several spare parts" but couldn't remember exactly what as well as the original wood box and an extra wood box. They don't sell the wood box anymore right? Thus, how old is it? He says "about a year". Any idea what radio gear Ikarus would sell?

Reports his cost price was almost $400 and would take $200 for everything. Is it worth it given a HB v2 bare is only $90 and I have the rest already (berg, HS55s, GY240, escs). For you Piccolo experts what should I look for when I see her?

Please, I need your opinions
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Jan 05, 2004, 12:58 AM
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John, I don't have a pic but have had everything else. In regaurd to the question in the other thread. I wouldn't let a 96t spur turn you away. You can get a 8t pinion and still have a 12:1 ratio. That said, I have seen a few pics fly so have some basis for comparison between the HB and Pic. The pic has the advantages of many more upgrades available and a much wider user base. However from my limited experience it seems to be a bit more fragile than the HB. My HB clone (feda) has survived crashes that would have sent my Robins/Hornets/Houseflys to their grave. In fact I've only broken one blade ever and have had some MAJOR crashes from 30 feet high. In addition the HBv2 doesn't really need many upgrades to fly really well. The upgraded tail motor is all that I suggest. The only major disadvantage I see to the HBv2 is the main shaft and spur gear. It's been frustrating for me to find that I can't get anything but the factory press fit spur/shaft combo. So If I break the spur I have to get a knew shaft as well. Same applies to bending the shaft. That said, it has survived MANY crashes and the main shaft is still true, and all the teeth are still on the spur gear. You have good heli experience, all the electronics to make a heli go, so buy the pic, sell it on ebay and use the profits to buy a HBv2.

Jan 05, 2004, 03:09 AM
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$200 is a pretty good price for a Piccolo RTF, especially one with the HH version of the Piccoboard. Unlike some of the other all-in-one boards, the Piccoboard is of decent quality and the HH module makes it a good value.

The Piccoboard never used a built-in receiver. Even though they advertise them that way it actually uses a separate receiver shrink wrapped to the back side of the mixer board. And the receiver is a Berg so it's a good quality receiver.

All in all, even if you don't like the Piccolo (some do, some don't) you will be getting some nice electronics with it.
Jan 05, 2004, 10:33 AM
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More checking, piccoboards are selling for about $100 or so on ebay. One with HH went for 117. This puts the piccolo right at the price of a HB with the bonus of still having servos/batteries/TX/Charger. Jim, did you ever sell your flight pack? You think the Piccolo set would be easier to sell?

I'm going to check it out but I'm not sold on it yet but I'll take a look. Anything I should look at specifically? Wasn't there a newer version of the Pic released awhile back?