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Mar 17, 2013, 08:27 AM
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Witespy Pro2 & Pro3 Flight Controllers for MegaPirate Next Generation (MPNG)


The consensus was that I start a new thread dedicated to the Witespy Pro 2.0 Flight Controller for MegaPirate Next Generation. In this manner, the original thread by kinderkram can stay cleaner for MultiWii. We do love our MultiWii!

It will take a few days to get this thread organized but I can start out by saying that I do have the MPNG v2.9 R7 (dev r298) running on the Witespy Pro2 board.

Welcome! Feel free to post your questions and findings.

Here is the Witespy Pro 3 board thread for MultiWii
Witespy Pro Ez3.0 Flight Controller - The Evolution of MEGA

Here is the Witespy Pro 2 board thread for MultiWii
Whitespy MWC Pro 2.0 FC +uBlox GPS for MultiWii

Here is the HobbyKing Pro 1 board thread for MPNG
MegaPirate NG on HK MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module

Here is the HobbyKing Pro 1 board thread for MultiWii
MultiWii on HK MultiWii Mega Board WITH MTK 3329 GPS

Here is the original thread for MultiWii by Alexinparis
MultiWiiCopter (previously TriWiiCopter)

The MegaPirate Next Generation (or MPNG) project focuses on porting ArduCopter2 project to AllInOne IMU boards and adds some new features like using cheap sonar and LED Sequencer. This is a port of ArduCopter2 to less expensive Arduino MEGA boards and some sort of IMU boards like AllInOne, AllInOne2, FreeIMU and BlackVortex. The MPNG code provides more autonomous features than MWC. (i.e. you can load and fly missions, auto take off, loiter, circle, and land, etc.) while MWC is currently limited to Altitude Hold (AH), Position Hold (PH) and Return To Home (RTH, which is actually the first waypoint feature). Arducopter’s Mission Planner software is more advanced compared to the MultiWiiGUI software. That being said, our recommendation is to always start with MultiWii first and then migrate to MPNG for a successful R/C experience. The PC and table app support for MultiWii is impressive!

ArduCopter is an open source multicopter unmanned aerial vehicle platform created by the DIY Drones community. It is based on the Arduino platform and was the first open source multicopter capable of fully autonomous flight. ArduCopter runs on the ArduPilotMega (APM 1 and APM 2) autopilot system created by DIY Drones and sold by 3D Robotics. Less expensive boards have since emerged like the ArduFlyer v2.5 found at The Witespy Pro 2.0 Flight Controller is about the same price but includes a uBlox GPS board and can run either MPNG or MultiWii. The ArduFlyer v2.5 board is meant to run ArduCopter (APM2) directly without a port and includes logging. There are many choices to suit your needs.

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. The Arduino platform is used to compile and load the code into the Witespy Pro 2.0 Flight Controller via USB. For the MWC Mega Pro 2.0 board you need to select “Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK” in the Tools>Board menu.
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Mar 17, 2013, 08:27 AM
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Setup and Configuration

The initial Witespy Pro 2 board setup is well documented in the first posts by kinderkram the thread below.

Whitespy MWC Pro 2.0 FC +uBlox GPS for MultiWii

------------------------------------------- Useful Links --------------------------------------------------
Andropilot which is essentially the Mission Planner for an Android phone or tablet.
Android GCS in DIYDrones (works great for R2.9 and Bluetooth connection)
ArduCopter Wiki
Arducopter Tuning Guide
Current Downloads for Arduino Platform
Current Downloads for Mission Planner
Current Change List for MPNG
Current Downloads for MPNG
Latest Dev Source Code for MPNG
Loiter PID rate controllers Interactive Example
MegaPirates Code Setup
MPNG Motor Mapping
Silabs CPD USB to UART Bridge Drivers for Witespy Pro 2.0 board
Tortoise SVN Client

----------------------------------- MultiWii to MPNG Changes -----------------------------------
When changing from MultiWii to MPNG, the following steps were required.
  • Unlike compiling the MultiWii code from any directory, a copy of the MPNG ArduCopter directory code needs to be placed in the Arduino subdirectories. Further, you also need to copy the subdirectory files in the MPNG Libraries folder to the Libraries folder of Arduino. Replace any existing subdirectories or files with the new MPNG version. (see detail 1 below)
  • The default Flight Mode channel selection for ArduCopter is Ch. 5. My channel 5 (Gear) and channel 6 (Flap) receiver lines were swapped to more easily create a mix on my JR x9503 transmitter for the 6 flight modes shown below. Although there are more flight modes on ArduCopter, the configuration is less flexible than on MultiWii since ArduCopter assigns them mostly to a single channel. Note the similarity in some of the flight modes and switch positions between my MPNG, MultiWii, and NAZA setups. This helps reduce confusion when I change quads.
  • The elevator (pitch) direction was changed from Reverse to Norm.
  • My Quad-X motor mapping between MultiWii and MPNG was the same.
  • To arm your board, hold the left stick in the lower/right corner for a few seconds. Same as MultiWii.

Detail 1: from wsalopek in post #57

After downloading the two zip files in post 22, copy the ARDUCOPTER folder into the ARDUINO folder, then renamed the existing LIBRARIES folder to LIBRARIES OLD (or just deleted it), and copy the LIBRARIES folder into the ARDUINO folder.

Then, open the ARDUCOPTER folder, double-click on ARDUCOPTER.INO, which opens the Arduino program, and then click UPLOAD.

(In Arduino, I had previously selected TOOLS...BOARD...ARDUINO MEGA 2560 OR MEGA ADK, and selected TOOLS...SERIAL PORT...COM3 (in my case the flight control board is connected to com3)). A screenshot of the folder structure is below:

------------------------------------ APM_Config.h Changes -----------------------------------------

// Select your sensor board

// Select your baro sensor

// For BlackVortex, just set PIRATES_SENSOR_BOARD as PIRATES_BLACKVORTEX, GPS will be selected automatically

#define SERIAL0_BAUD 115200 // Console port
#define SERIAL2_BAUD 115200 // GPS port
#define SERIAL3_BAUD 57600 // Telemetry (MAVLINK) port

----------------------------------- ACC and Level Calibration ------------------------------------
I updated my Mission Planner to the latest ZIP download of 1.2.36 and still could not get the ACC Calibration to work properly so I used the text example below and it worked great to eliminate the roll offset.

Enter interactive setup mode by pressing the Terminal icon.

Type 'help' to list commands, 'exit' to leave a submenu. Visit the 'setup' menu for first-time configuration.

ACM] setup <-- type "setup"
Setup Mode
setup] level <-- type "level"
setup] exit <-- type "exit"
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Mar 17, 2013, 08:29 AM
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Thread OP

Questions, Answers, and Videos

Q1) Is there a tablet app for configuring ArduPilot PIDs and Flight Modes?

A1) Try copter gcs - but it hasn't been updated in a while and is not on par with multiwii ez-gui - give it a try
A2) Android GCS in DIYDrones. The Android-GCS app works great with just the Bluetooth connection so by adding the XBee/3DR radio bridge to it , you can increase the wireless link connection, if desired. Perhaps this will work with the MultiWii tablet app as well.

Q2) How do I get good Loiter Mode performance?

A2) Start with a good design to minimize vibration. Use ESCs that are MRC-ready (SimonK) and calibrated. Set up Stabilize Mode first for good performance in some wind. Finally start using Loiter Mode and adjust the loiter PID (using the CH.7 trim feature) for best results.

Q3) How does the circle flight mode work on MPNG?

A3) It will fly a 10m (normal default but mine was 30) circle around the initial location when triggered. It is adjustable via WP_LOITER_RAD. The circle can be moved around by wind. It points to the center of the circle, being the point when switched to that mode. It can be upgraded to a new center point if manually flown to a different location with the sticks.

A significant change in the mode behavior is that CIRCLE mode now holds altitude. This is important because CIRCLE is used in the first stage of failsafe conditions.

Is it possible to make the copter fly less aggressive in auto mode?

In the standard PID tuning screen down on the lower right is a setting WP Speed. The normal default is 5 meters/sec so I am not sure why mine was set to 30 meters. I also found the WP_LOITER_RAD setting in the Adv Parameter List.

I changed my settings as follows for my next (adventure) test of Circle Mode.

WP_LOITER_RAD = 5 (was 30)
WP Speed = 2 m/s (was 5 m/s)

Q4) How well does Sonar work on MPNG?

A4) On MPNG (Arducopter), the SR04 and SR08 ultrasonic sensors have fallen from favor due to excessive noise. Their effective range is limited to a few feet over grass. The Arducopter WIKI has been updated for new Sonar recommendations here.
----------------------------------------------------------- IMAGES -----------------------------------------------------------------------
The images below show the newer Witespy Pro 2 blue board with various color header pins installed. You can design your own scheme for a particular look or for ease of organization.

----------------------------------------------------------- VIDEOS -----------------------------------------------------------------------
I made a short video showing Stabilize and Loiter Modes with MPNG pre-2.9 (dev r298).
(2 min 51 sec)
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Mar 18, 2013, 07:46 AM
Registered User
Thank Greg - Will try loading it up
I'm about half way through reading the MPNG forum for hk board.
good to see a thread dedicated to the witespy board
Mar 20, 2013, 07:44 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Greg Covey
Q1) Is there a tablet app for configuring ArduPilot PIDs and Flight Modes?
try copter gcs - but it hasn't been updated in a while and is not on par with multiwii ez-gui - give it a try
Mar 20, 2013, 09:12 AM
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Thread OP
Thanks, doc. I had not seen that app before so I'll try it.
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Mar 21, 2013, 06:28 PM
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Thread OP
It looks like there is another Android app for AP since the copter gcs development has stalled.

Android GCS in DIYDrones.

It includes:
  • A full Heads Up Display
  • Mission planning, with all commands and parameters available
  • Follow-Me with offset mode, Guided Mode flight
  • a Command Line terminal
  • built for Android 2.2 and up-full parameter editing
  • works for Arduplane and Arducopter
  • text to speech announces mode changes and waypoints reached
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Mar 21, 2013, 09:46 PM
we dont NEED roads!
AcroFPV's Avatar
Thanks Greg for heading up this post! I had to stumble across it, but now im subscribed.
Mar 21, 2013, 10:03 PM
Registered User
Just on the android software, they talk about a xbee or 3dr to bluetooth bridge
Anyone really know whats involved in building one?
Mar 22, 2013, 07:34 AM
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Thread OP

You're stumbling I see...are you a new Dad yet?


The app connects to your telemetry with a bluetooth to XBee/3DR radio bridge like this:

APM<-->XBee/3DR<------------------------->XBee/3DR<-->Bluetooth<------>Android Phone/Tablet

Basically, for those that want to control/change/monitor their APM/MPNG MRC on a Laptop with a wireless Bluetooth connection between the Laptop and XBee/3DR radio. The advantage of the wireless link, as opposed to the normal usb link (from Laptop to the radio) is that it is possible to have a stationary antenna, and even add in antenna tracking. It is also easily switched to link with a bluetooth enabled laptop.

The assumption here, as I have not tried it yet, is that the app works with just a simple Bluetooth connection (like our MultiWii app). Further, when Seth mentions "laptop" can we substitute "tablet" so that we can have a longer radio link distance using our tablets.

Update: The Android-GCS works great with just the Bluetooth connection so by adding the XBee/3DR radio bridge to it , you can increase the wireless link connection, if desired. Perhaps this will work with the MultiWii tablet app as well.
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Mar 22, 2013, 08:33 AM
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Ok guy's
thought I had mpng all installed and configured, took it out the front and tried to hover but it started oselating to the point where I had to drop it down.
I do remember reading somewhere that we need to on the whitespy board adjust the orientation - forward is not where the arrow points but I can't remember where i read it, I was wondering if that was my issue - I matched up my motors according to the plan but it may be trying to correct the orientation but is getting messed up because of the orientation of the board.
any ideas ?
Mar 22, 2013, 11:20 AM
AMA 697691 / FAA 13675
Thread OP

I think you are remembering subaru4wd's setup where he had the offset. If you use the CRIUS_AIO_PRO_V1 sensor board #define, then it should be fine. There should be no changes to the motor/ESC connections from the MultiWii setup on a Quad-X.

/ Select your sensor board

Try reducing P for both Pitch and Roll.
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Mar 22, 2013, 08:57 PM
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Thanks Greg, reducing the pids did the trick. Got it in the air
The position hold for me worked much better than multiwii, I was very impressed. It held position within a meter of the hold position time after time.
I have also pluged in a sonar board but I don't think its working. Still a bit of pid tuning to do but very impressed.
Im running 2.8 atm not too sure how to use tourtise to grab 2.9
Mar 23, 2013, 04:34 AM
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Good move, Greg!
Will edit my thread title and link yours from the first post.


Mar 23, 2013, 07:22 AM
AMA 697691 / FAA 13675
Thread OP

Thanks for the report! I hope to try some testing myself today. We have had a real winter this year and everyone is ready for Springtime!

I read a post where Sir Alex stated that the sonar does not work with R2.9. I'll see if I can find it again but he basically said that it is very inaccurate so with the GPS improvements in R2.9 they did not utilize it.

Hi Norbert,

I'm glad you found us here. We tried to get your opinion in the MultiWii Pro 2 thread but the post quickly got buried so I am glad that you agree with starting a new thread. It looks like doc187 has leapfrogged me so we'll have fun comparing MPNG to MultiWii on the same board.
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