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Mar 14, 2013, 08:15 AM
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New Product

RVJET RangeVideo Flying Wing


Rangevideo web shop:

Latest manual:

General info
For those that doesn't know what RVJET is, here's some information. The RVJET is a modular airframe designed specifically for use as an UAV or FPV platform. The model is designed to be easy to fly and easy to put together. It is very easy to transport and the interior of the box it comes in can be used as a transport case.

The model can either be equipped with a nose gimbal for either gopro 1/2 (GP3 holder available separately) or CCTV mini camera or an EPO-nose. The model comes equipped with some spare nose domes which are very easy to remove using a bayonet mount.

Much effort has been placed to reduce/remove reflections and distortion of the dome, both using design and product quality. All parts are available as spare parts. The model can have either a short wing (155cm) or a long wing (195cm). Based on how the user choose to attach the wings it can be very easy to change between short or long wings.

NOTE: In the old manual there was a type regarding CG. The CG should be as on the picture where the fin meets the wing, not 20-25mm in front of this as stated in the example setup in the old manual.

NOTE: It is recommended to glue the magnets horizontally (the manual states that you can also chose vertically but I do not recommend this).

NOTE: New readers in this thread can skip the first twenty pages which mostly is a wait for the RVJET to be released:

NOTE: In order to be able to replace the motor I recommend to use screws with flat (not tapered) allen heads. Used with a sperical/ball allen key it's very easy to remove the screws.

NOTE: To more easily remove the ESC after the fuse is glued I recommend enlarging the ESC pocket with a semi-circle towards the rear. This makes it very easy to remove and replace even quite large ESC. Do not cut deeper then the original ESC pocket. Also some foam can be removed in the front compartment to enable batteries being mounted sideways. This can make it considerable easier to achieve correct CG when using large batteries. See picture for reference:

NOTE: The manual only shows to glue the extensions to the wings. This both makes it difficult to place the long wings in the case and also makes it impossible to change between long and short wing configuration. My recommendation is to keep the wings and extensions separate. Make a wing joiner solution (see below) for both wings and extensions. That way you can choose depending on mood and mission which wing configuration that works best.

NOTE: The long wing has a never exceed speed (VNE) of 100kph, if this is exceeded you risk some loss of control (often a roll and dive). If you want to fly fast the recommendation is the short wing which can fly comfortably over 170kph with full control authority. The recovery process is easy though, just follow these steps:
  1. Turn off any stabilisation or autopilot
  2. Turn off throttle
  3. Place controls in neutral
  4. Apply full up elevator

NOTE (Rev14): The 2014 revision of the RVJET has some changes compared to the original 2012 version. One major change is segmented CF tubes. The tubes are no longer loose. See this post for reference on how the tubes should and could be installed:

NOTE (Rev14): The RVJET rev 14 also has a lot of foam changes such as pre-molded pockets and cable channels. This post goes through and shows some pictures of the most prominent revisions. One of these is a shape on the bottom of the front compartment that is there to accommodate a battery mount plate. Information about that plate and dimensions etc is available in this post as well:

Boopidoo build pictures
I've posted some build pictures of my pre-production prototype. This model is nearly 100% identical to the production model. I built it with some tweaks such as cable channels embedded in the fuselage before I glued it together. I've also made embedded pockets and cable channels for RCRx and VTx.
VTx and RCRx:

Wingjoiner solutions
The absolute majority of the forces to hold the wings in place is done by the CF-tubes. However the user must decide how to hold the wings in place laterally, there's no major forces affecting in this direction but nontheless they need to be kept in place. Either they can be glued permanently or some kind of wing joiner can be used. This is some examples of how you can join the wing parts:
  • TAPE
    Many use tape which is (contrary to what many might think) a very durable solution. Tape is also used on high performance competition models so it is indeed durable as long as the tape used is of the correct type.
    Picture of a taped wing (wing+extension):

  • O-RING (Nylon screws)
    I've used this method on many models and the idea is very simple and durable. Just glue a nylon screw on each part and place an O-ring between them. The O-ring holds the parts together and is crash resistant since the bond is flexible.
    These pictures shows one way of doing it:

  • O-RING (3d-printed wingjoiners)
    I've designed a somewhat nicer solution that uses a 3d-printed hook to be used instead of the nylon screw and doesn't need to be reinforced with plywood. I've also designed a cut template to help positioning the joiners and cutting the foam. Either download the STL-files and print for yourself or buy them from Shapeways. O-ring size approx 3/4" x 15/16". I've made some different designs, both the Dhook available from Shapeways as well as the 3DP-versions that are designed to be printed using hobby grade FDM-printers.
    Information and pictures:
    3DP wing joiner (FDM-printing):
    D-hook wing joiner (single part):
    Cut template (single part):
    D-hook wing joiner (pack of eight):
    Pictures of wingjoiners from shapeways:
    Drawing of the cut template:

    The wing parts can possible also be attached using strong magnets. I have not seen this being done but many ppl have talked about this method. I will update once it has been proven to be a functional solution.

    On other models I've seen people using friction to the CF-tubes to hold the wings in place. Sander Sassen used this on his Skywalker build and done right it does work very well. The CF-holes needs to be tapered to that it gets narrower toward the end. This method does require some force to join and break apart and after some use the hole can get too large. If this happens just pour some hot water win the hole which will make it narrower again.
    Pictures of ssassen's SW:

    One interesting method is to replace the servo connector with a locking connector that is glued in the wing. The connector is used both to connect the servo as well as to secore the wing. TinyXLR such as TA3F & TA3M work very well for this purpose. These are 3 poles but other variants exists, such as 5 poles (TA5F & TA5M).
    Pictures of my test install:

Prop stopper
A prop stopper was not included in the power package but it's super easy to DIY. Just follow these instructions:

Replacing broken motor mount
This is how I replaced the motor mount in 10 minutes:

Rudder modification
The fins of the RVJET is designed to be possible to modify with rudders, the fins protrude well enough behind the TE to accomodate this. The rudder servos can either be embedded in the wing or in the fin. Why rudders? Well with rudders it's possible to make coordinated turns that reduces the effects of so called "wagging" which can happen on flying wings. Rudders can also be mixed to be used as quite efficient airbrakes if both are rotated outwards. I've not yet tried this so I can give any recommended throws for rudder but my initial guess would be that rudders only need about 10mm throw in each direction. For airbrakes my guess is 45-60 degrees would be efficient. if the rudder throws is very large and a 12in prop is used there's a risk that the prop will hit the rudder.
Video of an install with high throws and 12in prop:

Modifyable airframe
The way the RVJET is designed opens up for several variants, not only the two wing configurations it is shipped with. Here's some examples, none of which can be supported and as of yet they're untested. For example extra long wing with extra extensions or why not a twin airframe?
CAD renders:
Test mount:

The RVJET can be launched in several ways. One of the is to use the integrated bungee hook in the skid. I've made a simple yet very effective bungee launcher using 8mm bungee chord and tent stakes.
Material list:
Post with video of bungee take-off in FPV:

3D-printed accessories:
With 3d-printing it's easy to design and produce accessories for the RVJET. I have designed some parts and put them up for order and download on shapeways. I encourage others to post what you've designed as well. If it's good I'll put it up here as well.
Pitot tube holder:
VTx and RCRx covers:
VTx and RCRx covers (ant interface):
Spinner cover (8 holes):
Spinner cover (16 holes):

OpenTX settings and files:
Taranis model images:

Other threads featuring the RVJET:
picard10th's thread about the RVJET:
The FPVLAB thread:
rclab1's RVJET thread:
rclab1's Tractor conversion thread:
Dennis's RVJET build log:

Example installations:
bobthenuke: P1
deTonaTor_NZ: P1 P2

Me and Kajakmannen talking about the RVJET-kit and explains some design concepts:
RVJET Wing the designers share the secrets behind - 20130629 (25 min 45 sec)

Simon "boopidoo" talks in detail of RVJET Standard (short wing):
RVJET Wing Standard edition in detail by Simon - 20130629 (8 min 9 sec)

Anders "kajakmannen" talks in detail of RVJET Extended (long wing):
RVJET Wing Extended edition in detail by Anders - 20130629 (7 min 45 sec)

Simon's RVOSD settings, after this video I've since increased "Heading Proportional Gain = 60" and "Heading Limit = 60". Note that these are values that work for me and they're not perfect, in fact it feels a little jittery when flying FBW. However it reacts super fast and the turn rate is much faster.
RVOSD RVJET settings (0 min 28 sec)

Flitetests review:
Flite Test - RV JET (FPV Flying Wing) (23 min 5 sec)

Hand launching technique (just throttle up, guide and let go):
RVJet Hand Launch (0 min 23 sec)
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Mar 14, 2013, 08:40 AM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York
...."Is it in STOCK yet?"
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Mar 14, 2013, 08:42 AM
On a holiday?
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Thread OP
The answer to all questions about stock status is available on the link to RV webshop. I have nothing to do with any commercial aspects.
Mar 14, 2013, 08:43 AM
Registered User
"The models will very soon start shipping from Rangevideo in the US and probably as well from a number of official re-sellers around the world"

Heard that before? Ha, ha, ha,ha......... ;-)
Mar 14, 2013, 08:48 AM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York

I suggest closing this Thread until it does come out, because your going to get hundreds of questions of 'STOCK' Status over and over again, like in my last thread....

Close it before it gets too annoying.....This way, the this thread is going to be useful and full of information
about this 'acutal' plane...

Thank You....
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Mar 14, 2013, 09:24 AM
Registered User
I'd like the thread to stay open, I like seeing all the interest in this new aircraft.
makes me want to buy it more since tons of others want it too.
Last edited by jasper7821; Mar 14, 2013 at 10:14 AM.
Mar 14, 2013, 09:28 AM
On a holiday?
boopidoo's Avatar
Thread OP
Well I don't agree since there are other questions not relating to stock status. Those questions can very well be answered in this thread.

But I understand that you have that POV since you closed your thread. Anyway for us I guess it might be good to use this thread instead so we can control if and when (for example) it should be closed or not.

Btw, in this thread the only one that has actually asked about stock status (that you find so annoying) is you...
Last edited by boopidoo; Mar 14, 2013 at 09:45 AM. Reason: Yes, I got it...
Mar 14, 2013, 09:36 AM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York
Btw, in this thread the only one that has actually asked about stock status (that you find so annoying) is you..

I trying to make a point....(I guess its not funny across the ocean, loses some comedic translation)

....anyways, your probably correct!
Latest blog entry: My FAVORITE FPV CockPits'!!!!
Mar 14, 2013, 10:09 AM
Registered User
And so it begins again! Another thread subscription added to make my little heart race every time my email notification goes off on my phone! I'm gonna need heart medication soon!

I do have a legit question- do we know what spare parts will be available at the time of release? I'm guessing other than the main airframe and power kit probably not much else.
Mar 14, 2013, 10:18 AM
Registered User
I thought that for $249 the motor, prop, and ESC were included.
Am I incorrect and that will be extra, and if so how much will the power package be.
Mar 14, 2013, 10:36 AM
Registered User
$249 for airframe only which includes servos for wings and pan/tilt assembly.
$99 for power kit- motor, folding prop, and esc
Originally Posted by jasper7821
I thought that for $249 the motor, prop, and ESC were included.
Am I incorrect and that will be extra, and if so how much will the power package be.
Mar 14, 2013, 11:05 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by PeterGriffin
$249 for airframe only which includes servos for wings and pan/tilt assembly.
$99 for power kit- motor, folding prop, and esc
Cool, thanks.
Still a good deal. Can't wait for it.
Mar 14, 2013, 11:44 AM
On a holiday?
boopidoo's Avatar
Thread OP
AFAIK the 99USD also includes an aluminum spinner and a carbon folding prop. IMO it's a very good deal. However I haven't been able to test that exact power+prop+spinner combo myself. And although I have a pre-series molded production prototype I'm also awaiting the improved production series. So in a way I'm waiting as much as everyone else to try it out.
Mar 14, 2013, 12:20 PM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York

You should GET the 'exact' kit before 'we' get ours?....
Thats strange the Vova hasn't given you the 'Exact' kit?.....

We are actually going to get the REAL version before you, and
we keep asking you questions that we already know......LOL

You've tested the beta versions',....

Latest blog entry: My FAVORITE FPV CockPits'!!!!
Mar 14, 2013, 01:31 PM
On a holiday?
boopidoo's Avatar
Thread OP
We have tested and know what works. After that the production kits is ordered from manufacturers and those are now either on the way to RV or being QC. There's really no point in letting ppl wait even longer just so that I get to test the already decided upon end product before everyone else.
Last edited by boopidoo; Mar 14, 2013 at 02:39 PM.

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