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Jan 03, 2004, 10:50 AM
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Timeline & history of available micro heli's

Can any oldtimers give a online evolution of the presently available helis ?

- Something like Brand x was first made in europe by ???,
- then copied be taiwanese company X under the name XX, they changed this feature for the better.
- Them x & xx models are now build in china, x features were changed to be built cheaper

For new members it would be good to know some history & what models that parts can be swapped on etc.

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Jan 03, 2004, 10:42 PM
Master of Nothing!!!
ginsu1797's Avatar
Looky here heli time line

Although the Piccolo and Hornet revolutionized microelectric helis there were a few well before their time. If only they had LiPolys and piezo gyros back then....sigh....

The Master Mini Eh and the Kyosho Convert are of worthy note. I passed up the opportunity to buy a Convert in Singapore while I was deployed overseas, still kicking myself in the### for not getting it. Some folks automatically assume the Europeans started everything and the Asians copied. If we were talking strictly Piccolo then yes, there are all the Skylark, Feda , whachamacalit clones out there. As for compatability someone will have to chime in as I only have Piccolos and a Hornet.

I wish some of them companies that made that stuff way back then would try again as the competition would bring prices down me thinks.
Jan 04, 2004, 10:11 AM
Registered User
wow this thing is smaller then pic and hornet and almost twenthy years old !!!!!
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Jan 04, 2004, 10:12 AM
Thread OP
Thanks Ginsu
Some good info.
Jan 04, 2004, 03:54 PM
Master of Nothing!!!
ginsu1797's Avatar
I begged my father to get me one (Master Mini EH) when he went to Japan on a business trip. I first saw it in Model Airplane News ('86?)and had to have it. Unfortunately, he couldn't find it. But it planted a bug in my head which was finally cured by the Piccolo.

If only those folks would get a clue and start producing those or improved versions again. Especially the Kyosho Convert..sigh...

I swear Kyosho couldn't market a box of pardons in a Jail. Sorry about my soapbox all.

Glad you guys liked the link.

Jan 04, 2004, 04:54 PM
แอนครู กรีน (เขียว)
C Andrew Green's Avatar
That list sure brings back some memories. Re. Kyosho's marketing I'm not so sure if it's Kyosho or their distributors. I've flown some Convert EX's back in '90~92 I wish I'd got myself one and just kept it, with 5.4 gm servos and LiPoly's it would fly a treat now! What I have got though is a fully serviceable example of the first one on the list, an Ishimasa Skylark from around '78, still got old Futaba M series 27Mhz radio in it and 3 X 20 gm servos with a mechanical resistor type speed control on a full size servo. If anyone is interested I'll try and dig out some photographs of me flying a Convert EX outside the hobby shop I worked at. I'll need to scan them and post them however.

Regards, Andrew
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Jan 04, 2004, 09:59 PM
Master of Nothing!!!
ginsu1797's Avatar
Andrew I'm jealous!! please post pics when you get the chance.

Say, I couldn't talk you into parting with that Ishimasa skylark could I?

RE: Kyosho marketing or distributors, yes, it is hard to say who's to blame. I know its easy to say "I would of done this" etc. But pity them for totally missing out on the micro boom.

Maybe they'll fire the responsible boffins when they are being bought out by GWS or Ikarus.
Jan 05, 2004, 10:05 AM

They are not for sale, but it is interesting!
Jan 10, 2004, 06:41 AM
แอนครู กรีน (เขียว)
C Andrew Green's Avatar
Have you guys seen this thread...... ? Sounds like someone unearthed some old stock !

Jan 11, 2004, 05:51 AM
Master of Nothing!!!
ginsu1797's Avatar
Thanks Andrew, I saw it. Agonizing, really. The price of that old stock didn't seem so bad till I started thinking what else I can get for the $$$. I would still like to have one though. Must resist.....
Jan 11, 2004, 05:15 PM
แอนครู กรีน (เขียว)
C Andrew Green's Avatar
Here you go... two off the list one flew fine the other I never did get airborne, both had a similar setup 3 X Futaba servos, FP..forgotten the number about 15 Gms each I think, smallest Futaba ESC and a small Rx no gyro however as the smallest (still mechanical in 1982) was just about OK for the Concept EP

Kyosho Convert EX

Honey Bee (I can't remember the manufacturer)
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Jan 11, 2004, 09:32 PM
Master of Nothing!!!
ginsu1797's Avatar
AAAAAAAHHHHHH! I want I want!!

You rule Andrew, love the pics! Now I really wish I picked that up in Singapore. Think what it'd do with "Today's" stuff. I wonder about the Honey Bee's origin. Heli Time line Doesn't give much info on it. I'll post any findings on it.
I'm going to keep an eye out for a Convert. I'm still contemplating the EH 550, but 230 bucks? is too much. Hopefully, the price will come down to fair and reasonable.

Thanks again for sharing, it's a real treat to see a pic of one flying. I tried to find the article of M.A.N. that had a pic of the Master Mini Eh flying on a tether. That article planted the Micro Heli bug in my head. BTW it's also a treat to see pics of the Grasshopper and Monster Beetle.



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