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Mar 10, 2013, 09:53 PM
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I saw this boat on Ebay, And on a whim & a fancy I decided that I would buy it & set it up for some EA (4s) offshore cat racing at our club.

Unfortunately they sent an Aqua-Passion instead of the Aqua-Mania. No biggie, it's the same boat. Just sounds a bit girly.
I was fully aware that the motor & ESC were way too small & that the drive shaft would need upgrading. But I had enough gear lying around not being used.

Well it arrived Friday afternoon & I gutted it. There was a radio box moulded in as part of the top deck. Quite good really, but I attacked that with a Dremel tool & out she came.
Next I epoxied a couple of lengths of carbon fibre rod to the hull & motor mounts.
I added a SSS 3674 2075 4pole motor, Hi Model GX200A ESC., a couple of battery trays & an ESC tray.
The servo was fitted to a wooden mount & Epoxied into place.
A big surprise was the drive shaft. It was 3/16 but crimped into the stub which was running in a very sloppy bit of brass tube in the strut.
The angle of the stuffing tube & strut was way off about 15 degrees from the waterline.
So the stuffing tube was bent to level it out, the strut was fitted with some lead teflon glacier bushes & reinstalled level & slightly above the bottom of the sponsons. This meant cutting some of the strut off as it was hitting the bottom of the boat.
A good point about the strut is that it is bolted on to the hull level with the heels of the sponsons & not out on the overhang. This makes for much better handling, combined with the fact that the rudder is offset also.
So it hit the water on Saturday & was fount to handle extremely well. Full noise in the turns. Didn't even look like flipping or spinning out. The strut needed to come up a bit more so had to take it out & slot the hole a bit more. Put it back in & hopping dissapeared & the speed was up a bit.
Sunday was a test day at out race club, but overnight I swapped the motor for a TP Power 4082 2180kv motor.
Speeds were up spinning an M445. Still takes the corners at full noise.
But I didn't check the tightness of the motormount screws & one came loose, the motor twisted out of the mount & the shaft snapped at the end of the stuffing tube.. No other damage & it's an easy fix. The mount is the type where the holes are slotted up to the top of the mount.
That's 7 classes I'll be running in this year.
What fun.
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Mar 11, 2013, 02:17 AM
Registered User
Great write up Paul, been looking for some details on that boat for a while and you listed everything I wanted to know.
Now just got to go down the lake at Coomera on Sunday check out joining the club and make sure there is a class for running these there.
Mar 11, 2013, 02:28 PM
RELAX. You'll live longer
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Glad it helped you a bit.
If the club doesn't run the class you want, You can always join our club at Petrie in the Lakeside Raceway complex. There's a few people that travel from the south & north coasts to race there.
Give us a shout if you are interested.
Mar 16, 2013, 03:21 PM
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Cool looking hull.
Maybe the Aqua Passion / Aqua Mania switch up is a copyright issue?
Mar 16, 2013, 04:14 PM
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No. Not really. I went back to the E bay site & it is advertised as the 'Aqua Mania / Passion' in one section of the page.
All the photos have Aqua Mania on them. I just assumed that's what I would get.
I didn't even notice the Passion reference when I ordered it.
No worries though. She runs well with the changes I made, & looks good out on the water. Hopefully the new shaft will arrive before next Sundays' race day.
Jan 09, 2014, 02:48 AM
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Aren't holidays great.
This thing didn't perform as well as I'd hoped during the year, but I found out that it was the rotor in the motor causing the problem. It's either out of balance or 'whipping' when the revs get high. The bearings are fine. It never got hot but would drain the batteries too fast & too low. So they got hot by the end of the race.
Joe from R/C Boat Bitz is going to see if he can get a replacement rotor for me.

Anyway, I had two cat stingers lying around. Also two turnigy 2200kv outrunners, two 120A ESC's, & a couple of motor mounts & flex collets.
All I needed was a couple of counter rotating shafts & props & a dual pickup rudder.
So they were ordered before Christmas & arrived a few of days ago.'Mad Racer' bought me the Rudder in return for some work I did on his twin Apparition. Thanks pal.
I had installed the mounts & motors before Christmas so after a few hours work, here's the new plaything.

Test day will be Saturday.
Man those two heli outrunners sound sweet together. Like twin gas turbines.

I'll let the pics tell the story.

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Jan 09, 2014, 04:25 PM
Registered User
madracer's Avatar
Now this looks interesting.

Can't wait to see this tomorrow . Pity I'm still waiting on my shafts for my Apparition

Love twin motor cats . Too me they are built for twin motors.. .
Jan 12, 2014, 09:21 AM
RELAX. You'll live longer
785boats's Avatar
Well guys.Here's a test run from yesterday At Sippy Downs.
Sounded like one ESC went into LVC, so I switched off the LVC in both ESC's but the same thing happened in the next two runs. Must be a faulty ESC. Out of the water they both sound fine. But after two or three laps one motor goes off song.
Thought it might be a slipping coupling but they are fine.
Does the T120A ESC reduce power on over temp, or shut down completely? Although they weren't getting hot.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Aqua Passion Offshore Cat. (1 min 5 sec)
Jan 12, 2014, 12:04 PM
Registered User
CornelP's Avatar
Hi Paul,
You have ducks trained as buoys down there?

I do not think the T120 would stop or slow down at temperature (had a few burning), I would suspect something with the motors. One of the tests I did with outrunners was quite similar because at a certain temperature the shaft would move in the motor. Check the screws on the motor shaft, mine was not installed correctly on the notch and it was slipping when hot.
Jan 12, 2014, 01:35 PM
RELAX. You'll live longer
785boats's Avatar
Thanks for the idea. I'll take a closer look tonight after work.
The ducks certainly make it interesting.
Jan 15, 2014, 01:56 PM
Registered User
Did you flatten the sponsons?
Jan 15, 2014, 02:05 PM
RELAX. You'll live longer
785boats's Avatar
I sanded & filled the bottom of the last two plates. They all had bumps & hollows.
Jan 15, 2014, 02:40 PM
Registered User
But, weren't they peaked like a Genesis or a HPR? Yours look flat now but, the picture angle could be deceiving me.
Jan 16, 2014, 02:36 AM
RELAX. You'll live longer
785boats's Avatar
It must be the picture angle, I think.
The plates are flat but with a strake down the middle. They had lumps, bumps, & hooks in them . So I filled them & sanded them & even had to build up the strakes a bit.

Here's a view of the bottom before I attacked it. When it was a single drive.
Jan 21, 2014, 02:43 PM
RELAX. You'll live longer
785boats's Avatar
For those interested, here's the results of the investigation into the problem.

There was a blockage in the cooling line of the Starboard motor. I didn't notice while she was running because the outlet was on the other side of the boat as she ran past us.The ESC must have been slowing down due to heat.
Last weekend I replaced the two motors with a couple of Warheads to eliminate a motor problem. The poor ESC that must have been suffering, on the weekend before, shut down after about 50 meters. BEC still worked but the caps were bulged.
I'll put the two original motors back in with a spare ESC & try again.
So I cut the shrink off the ESC to have a look.
I hope the ESC is OK as there are no burn marks or burnt smells to it. I'll replace the caps & test it out.

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