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Mar 09, 2013, 03:00 AM
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Really STOOPID stuff you've done.

I just pulled a Mountain Models Dandy Sport off the shelf that I built way back farther than I can remember. I decided to make a mod or three to this old friend. I burned off most of the funky old Solite and filled and sanded the nose and fuse area until I was satisfied it was pretty much perfect. I probably spent 2 hours filling and sanding the nose and fuse to get it ready for re-cover. A few minutes ago I mounted up an old school Astro Flight 10 turn 010 motor in a GWS gearbox just to check for proper rotation. As it was running it up in my hand I thought WOW I don't remember it having this much power before with those really crappy circa 2003 2C Li-Po packs. I loosened my grip a bit and off it shot into the ceiling shattering the entire nose/motor mount/forward former area. Dammit!!!

I've already started the reconstruction. My original intention was simply to make sure that motor rotation was right. Can't believe I turned something so simple into so much extra work.

I've done some "stoopid" stuff before but this one may "take the cake".

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Mar 09, 2013, 03:44 AM
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Joe, I heard that same kinda story a thousand times. We've all done it at one point in time. Goes up there with " Just one more fly........" followed by crunch.

I had a MM Magpie AP version, Flew wonderful. One day the rudder servo gave up the ghost, as they do. Took it home removed and replaced it, tested of, bumped the throttle when going to unplug the battery, sent it straight into the ceiling fan, which was also at full throttle. All that was left was a lounge room full of EPP pieces.

Also gone to lean an nitro engine out a little, and stuck my hand staight into the prop. That didn't tickle either, just really glad I had thick mechanics gloves on that day. That takes the cake for me... My had still hurts when it gets real cold.
Mar 09, 2013, 04:16 AM
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I took of with my new scratchbuilt model in range check mode. As you can imagine, signal loss came after about 50 yards, but hey- it went in with the wings perfectly level
Mar 09, 2013, 04:26 AM
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I just glued everything back together. Not pretty right now but I'll work on that tomorrow. Just ran up the system again with the Wattmeter and a 3S 800mah 25C pack on the Astro 010 10 turn geared 6.6:1 with an APC 10x7 Slow fly prop I got 98 watts @ only 7.7 amps draw @ WOT. Why the hell am I wasting my time and money with outrunners @ only 10:1 watts to amps draw when geared systems for me are WAY more efficient. I have a couple of the old Astro 010 inrunner motors and modified GWS gearboxes as well as EFlight inrunner motors and gearboxes. They're all definitely going back into service soon. Perfect motor/gearbox for parkflyer service. Heck, I even used one of the Astro motors direct drive in my Edge R/C mini Bird of Prey for "ludicrous" speed.

Just because something is "new" doesn't mean it's the absolute best (outrunners). I'm going to start pressing my old geared goodies back into service again.

Mar 09, 2013, 04:43 AM
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Geared inrunner setups can normally attain higher power/weight ratios than direct-drive outrunners, even when considering the added weight of the gearbox.

As for stupid things I've done, I think the biggest one for me is simply trying to use rattle-can paint. It seems that the stuff just doesn't agree with me. I spray it on and it just looks consistently terrible. After my last attempt, I've decided to just stick with iron-on until I can afford a proper airbrush setup (which I'm told will make life easier... we'll see).

There was also the time I tried to rush through spar notches on a wing... and noticed they weren't quite perfect but still put the wing together anyway. It didn't turn out incredibly nicely, to say the least. Last December I finally pulled it out, broke it up, and tossed it in the fireplace
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Mar 09, 2013, 05:40 AM
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Taken up aeromodelling as a hobby?
Mar 10, 2013, 01:56 PM
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I was commiserating with Joe and the others; then, I scrolled down to Pete's comment... and roared.

I resemble that remark!

I was flying my UM Beast 3D about two weeks ago. I pulled a battery out of the ammo can I use for a battery box and saw it was a new one; one that I had not applied any hooked fastener to. I pondered for a moment... then. having the sniffles, reached in my pocket and grabbed a tissue. It was a clean one. The used ones go in the left pocket until I can throw them away. I tore half off with my teeth and wedged the battery with the other half. Shaking the plane and being satisfied, I closed the hatch and launched the plane.

It flew very well. I was keeping it high, as my 3D skills are very nascent... even woefully lacking.

Then, I performed a high-speed vertical dive followed by a snap-pullup... and the battery shifted aft... all the way to the cockpit.

It hovered nicely at about 40 feet... but would do almost nothing else. At full power I could get it to level out and fly it in my direction but at less than 90% throttle, it fell into a vertical orientation. Fortunately, my son was with me. I eased the throttle and let it settle towards the ground and he plucked it out of the air. Unfortunately, he was nervous and it gave him super strength... crunch... a well-grasped aircraft.

A few hours of work... and she's already back in the air with properly equipped batteries.
Mar 10, 2013, 02:07 PM
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1. I had a little foam stick that I decided to paint. One blast with rustoleum and it started to dissolve right in front of me. Couldnt wipe it off fast enough.

2. Held a 70mm HET EDF in my had while throttling up. High pitch whine then welded the rotor to the shroud.

3. Built two left booms on a P-38.


If I mention any more, I'll look like a real dumb a$$. A hard reputation to shake off.
Mar 10, 2013, 03:37 PM
Visitor from Reality
How much capacity has RCG got?

Mar 10, 2013, 03:50 PM
Bellanca Kruesair
epoxyearl's Avatar
Half -A Tee Dee powered racer.Tuned to the max.I launched it with a mighty heave !
It sputtered from the hard launch,sounding funny....... It went out about 6 feet, then came back after me! -runnin' backwards !

I shoulda' KNOWN the smoke's supposed to go toward the tail....
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Mar 10, 2013, 08:06 PM
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Stuck my hand in a prop runnin' full speed

Mar 10, 2013, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by kenh3497
Stuck my hand in a prop runnin' full speed

Accidentally knocked the TX throttle cut switch on with a T-Rex 450 on the bench in front of me. Got smacked in the head a few times by the blades but luckily before they had picked up much rpm. Only a few red marks and some almost soiled shorts. Pretty much trashed the heli though. I had just plugged the battery in and was grabbing it for a test hover. I had just rebuilt it from a prior crash.

Mar 11, 2013, 12:45 AM
Blew out my flip flop
David Hogue's Avatar
I had an incident some years ago where I was working on a radio install in a lazy bee. I had the plane on the bench in front of me, pointed to the left, and the tx was on the left end of the table. Well I reached for something with my left hand, and I accidently knocked the throttle stick up a couple clicks. Plane came alive, and I quickly pulled my left hand out of the 12/6 apc's path, while grabbing the fuse just in front of the tail with my right. My recoiling left hand hit the tx again, and knocked it off the table, AND to full throttle of course. Now I have the bee by the tail, no easy way to reach the tx, and balsa scraps and shavings and papers and covering scraps are flying all around me in total kaos! I'm in my own little mini hurricane until I manage to close the throttle on the tx with my toes!! I should have taken the prop off or disconnected the motor b4 messing with it, but I didnt, and got the crap scared outta me as a result!!!

Then there was the time, 1st experience with thin CA I think, that I glued a plastic fuse half to the other half, and also to my entire palm! Damn capilary action!!
Mar 11, 2013, 06:24 AM
Bellanca Kruesair
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David -that is so ME! I actually DID laugh out loud at that one !
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Mar 11, 2013, 08:40 AM
An itch?. Scratch build.
eflightray's Avatar
Tried building too light once in balsa.

I cut as many lightning holes as possible to minimize the weight, as I was using a brushed motor and Nicad batteries.

It worked well, she climbed like a rocket, but then just as some rockets do, (especially the bottle rocket), she exploded as I pushed her over into level flight.

We live, we learn. Though some of use who should learn by our mistakes, seem to learn how to make bigger and better ones .

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