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Nov 25, 2001, 06:16 PM
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Difference between 300 motor types??

I have searched and I can find no info regarding this question. I have 2 speed 300 motors. First is simprop speed 300 6v. It is marked on the can "mabuchi 2r" . Second is wattage 370 motor. It is marked on the can " mabuchi 3L " . The wattage is marketed for use in a gearbox that has the motor spinning left to turn a standard prop. The simprop is marketed for use in a gearbox that spins the motor right to turn a standard prop. I have both gearboxes. Can anybody tell me if these two motors are timed to spin n opposite directions? Is there any difference between the 2r and 3L motors? Hey,, I just realized something! could the r and L mean right hand rotation, and left hand rotation?? If so,, what do the 2 and 3 mean? Are there any mabuchi experts out there who can clue me in?
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Nov 26, 2001, 12:22 AM
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-I didn't see your posting when I posted at 8:40PM.
-Are you talking about the Hobby Lobby motors? -It looks like you have the same basic questions that I have but I didn't know or think about the direction of rotation. It makes sense that it would affect the timing of the motors. Maybe one or both of us will get lucky and have some wisdom dropped on us benevolent guru.
---------As ever,
---------Bill in Brawley
Nov 26, 2001, 08:43 PM
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hobby lobby 300's

Wild Bill, the simprop is a hl motor, wich 1 Im not sure. I cant remember what I paid for it. I can tell you it absolutly screams in an mpjet gearbox on 8 cells. I havent tested the wattage motor yet. The wattage cost about 4.50 USD less though. Im hoping it will be suitable for use in the mpjet gearbox, as it is the 1 I prefer.