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Mar 05, 2013, 07:28 AM
last of the sixties kids..
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Banggood? Banggodawful

First order - fine. Arrived in 12 days. It was a bnf V911 so not the most difficult thing in the world to sort out. SO I ordered another bunch of stuff from them and that's when it started to go tits up. I have had tooing and froing between their customer service person Kathy who verified, in writing, my orders were already 'shipped'. This was last month, then today i get an email conformation that 'a bit' of my order(???) has NOW been shipped. Today. Order was placed and paid for on 23rd of last month. NOTHING was listed as out of stock - I won't order If it's out of stock. What's the point? I'd rather earn the interest on my money for myself rather than someone else making money from my money.

I have PM'd Aaron Q to see if he can shed some light on this. Currently I think I'd rather have a refund in full and start over again with someone else, especially as I've just dropped another $250 into their account a couple of days ago.

This is not the best introduction for a newbie to be honest and I doubt very much I will ever use them again. How can they make me happy? STOP lying and get your act together would be a start I guess. Failing that they could get my entire order, bung it in a box and have it to me in a couple of days. If they actually wanted to.

I'm quite interested to hear what A Qin has to say about this. As the 'face' of Banggood on here he had better be honest.

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Mar 05, 2013, 07:42 AM
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You would probably get a better response from him in the appropriate vendor thread, rather than trader talk.
Mar 05, 2013, 09:18 AM
Earthbound Skyhound
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You raise a point I've often wondered about. As even the cave-dwellers know, certain of the 'Biga Box' RC vendors has no qualms whatsoever about taking your $1,234 order and full payment for same, and holding your entire order indefinitely if a single $.10 item is on backorder. Said 'indefinitely' being time that they have to invest, make interest on, pay down their own debt or play around with any way they choose. Sure, you know how much is involved on your order. But on the global level, how many orders & how much money does that add up to in a day -- a year?

Wanta bet yer bippy it ain't something they consider an asset?
Mar 05, 2013, 01:25 PM
LHS Life Support System
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Not thread jacking here but I'm having the same issue with Hobby King. Nothing noted as out of stock yet I have 2 separate orders being held for a back ordered item. One order since the 16th of February. I love their statement on their site that because they pressure their suppliers, back orders rarely take longer than a couple of weeks. Horse $-it.
In the future, I'm going to purchase from one of the various forum members that resell if they have what I want. If not, I'll confine my shopping to domestic locations in the hope of better service. I don't get the feeling that companies managed by Asian owners are as concerned about being truthful with US buyers as I would prefer.
Oops. Had to edit a word as the polite grammar police caught me. My bad.
Mar 07, 2013, 06:49 AM
last of the sixties kids..
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Thread OP
I have had a reply from cservice at Banggood, also a very professional reply from my PM to Aaron Qin. Although he did state my order was sent today??? Which one? The one I'm moaning about or the one I just ordered????
This is the reply from Banggood cservice..

"Thanks for your reply and so sorry for the trouble.

As for order 290905 ,the item SKU054638 is out of stock before,we have split your order into 2 parcels,second parcel is 292474,hope your kind understanding.

And for order 290906,we have sent out to you on 2013/3/6 4:02:32,the tracking number is RB120275599CN,please check at the site 3 days later

Normally ,parcels take the buyer about 7-14 business days to reach it,some places also needs 15-30 business days to get it.

If still can not receive it later,contact us at once .

Kind regards,

Nice. But this very same person has sent me an email prior giving me two tracking numbers, one for each shipment - 290905 & 290906. Ensuring me nothing was wrong and it's just their website not updating my information. One of the tracking numbers didn't exist. They simply made up a tracking number to fob me off. Hence the conformation two days ago that half my order has now been sent. Yet they aren't able to give me a tracking number for that, even now, and it seems it has developed a completely different order number???

You have to rely solely on trust when you order over the internet and Banggood have shown that they are happy to lie and fob people off rather than being honest. Luckily for me I payed via Paypal. So I will be forwarding all my correspondence to Paypal and demanding my money back in full.

I am so disappointed with Banggood over this. My first order was just as they advertised - actually it arrived in NZ in 11 days, not 'business' days. Just normal everyday days. Then they go and flush that down the toilet by lying to me? What was the point of that? I'm now going to have to relay my bad experience to the dozen or so people I recommended Banggood to. Which is crap as a few of them have ordered stuff through them on my referral . And being that I am a very honest person - I will refund them myself. If they receive their orders they will refund me my refund to them, I hope
Mar 07, 2013, 03:41 PM
When in doubt throttle out
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is banggood a Chinese company??? you know China just had a new year and all order's I've placed that I would give to F's for told me orders would be sluggish as half their if not all are on leave for the holiday.......

I'm not trying to stick up for hobbyking or banggood as I really dont care about either of those companies I'm just trying to ease your mind as to maybe what is going on...

Mar 08, 2013, 07:51 AM
last of the sixties kids..
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Thread OP
Well this takes the biscuit to be honest. It now seems they have not shipped any of my orders. they have just kept my money and continually lied to me.
I had a confirmation that my latest $250 dollar order was 'shipped' two days ago. Now I get a PM from Aaron Qin saying they must have made a mistake as half the order is out of stock, so they haven't shipped it would I like a refund. NONE of the items were listed as out of stock.

I have requested my payment back from paypal. Banggood are without doubt the most dishonest company I have EVER had the misfortune to deal with.

Mar 09, 2013, 12:01 AM
last of the sixties kids..
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Thread OP
Banggood are trying now, I think, to actually help. It's a bit like having teeth pulled but I will let them help If they can or are capable of.
I have no idea If my last order has been shipped and whether they have shipped ALL the items. The language barrier and the fact that If I reply with more than one sentence they only reply to the last sentence is making it a lot harder than it needs to be..
Mar 09, 2013, 01:26 AM
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I am fairly new to this hobby but are quickly finding out, the hard way, that many of these rc stores with cheap prices from China, are: .......... how should I say this - crooked. Furthermore, the like intermediates that provide purchase protection for buyers, such as are: let's see - crooked too.

I think it's important to point this out in forums such as this one, not only to warn other fellow hobbyists, but so that ultimately it costs these businesses sales, aka. money. A language they can understand. I don't think shame and lack of integrity is their concern.

One of the problems we encounter here in the U.S. is that sometimes the price difference can be twice as much. Not a minor issue to many on a budget. Sometimes it's almost worth the risk to take a chance in one of these shops, I meant casinos. It's just really upsetting when something goes wrong.

My policy now is avoid them whenever possible, willing to pay a reasonable amount more.
Document everything.
If problem is encountered, give them a chance to make right. If things are not quickly resolved, no need to wait for them to continue blowing hot air and BS. Dispute claim with credit card or paypal.

Good luck
Mar 09, 2013, 05:53 AM
last of the sixties kids..
Cannafish's Avatar
Thread OP
I completely agree with you

Banggood did appear to try but when i suggested a way for them to rectify this problem they ignored it. I replied a couple of times with the same one line of how they could keep this customer. They ignored it every time. We have lodged a dispute with paypal. One side of banggood has said 'thank you for your problems and refund'???? the other is still insisting they send me the part of my order that is in stock... At this point I couldn't really care less what they do. Due to their utter incompetence it seems that they are now refunding me AND sending my order out..
I think they will be surprised when I send them a bill to have it shipped back to them. According to NZ post it will cost at least half of the actual order cost. What a complete shambles.
Mar 09, 2013, 04:20 PM
most exalted one
Have had no problems with aliexpress and their holding my funds until I was happy. The few times I used them were great experiences.
Just bought off Ebay and came through banggood. No problem wihth the item today. Works as claimed.
Mar 09, 2013, 04:29 PM
Different fly 4 different guy
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The other side of Banggood

Background: I purchased a v959 quad with all attachments. When plugging in the battery, whichever attachment was connected, would activate automatically. For example the missile launcher would shoot all of the darts, the sprayer would spray out all of the water, etc. I very politely informed them of the situation and they asked for a video . . .

After Banggood reviewed my video they sent me this email:

Dear friend,

thank for your information .

we have seen the video and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

since the V959 missile launcher or other attachments run automatically when battery is inserted,we suspect there might be something wrong with the receiver board.
sending you a new board can be arranged if you think it is possible way to solve this problem and you can fix with a new board, or if you have something else in mind ,don't hesitate to contact us.

waiting for your reply.


BangGood customer service team

Then I requested they send the replacement board and I got this emaiL

Dear Gord,

Thanks for your reply.

We have arranged to resend a new PCB board SKU055582 to you.

Please kindly to wait for it.

Any problem just feel free to contact

Have a nice day!


BangGood customer service team

Then they followed up with the order number.

Banggood rocks!
regards . . . g
Mar 10, 2013, 06:37 AM
last of the sixties kids..
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Thread OP
Banggood rocks do they? Well I certainly disagree. Especially as Aaron Qin has now called me a joke via PM.
Easy for them to treat me like a joke as they have $400 of my money and I have no goods. The customer service just flicks out emails. Not solutions as far as I am concerned. They said 5 of the items out of stock. One they not sure when back in stock? They didn't tell me what 'one'. I had to ask twice.
I will do my best to ensure no one in NZ uses banggood. Biggest sack of company I have come across.
If I ever get the good fortune to meet Mr Qin I would like him to then call me a joke to my face. It's easy being brave whilst hiding behind a computer Aaron you
I am going to use an American or Australian company and just pay for the shipping costs. With a phone number so I can phone them. My experience of buying from the states has been brilliant without exception.

I have already ordered another Wasp Nano from an NZ company. NZ$80 more than Banggood but they have cost me way more than that having to deal with all this

I sincerely hope some of the stuff turns up - because the cost for me to send it back to China will be 'a joke'
Last edited by Cannafish; Mar 14, 2013 at 03:57 AM. Reason: remove profanities
Mar 13, 2013, 02:24 AM
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After reading this I am very afraid! I spent like $500 in last couple of days on RC helicopters to sell here and for my friends - cheaper ones. I had one problem with them which I am after 3 days not sure if it is fixed or not.

I placed an order and shipping address was wrong. Before shipment I contacted them to send to good address which they agree to do. Then I got automatic email that it is shipped (wrong address) and now for 2 days I just can't get one simple answer from them:

To which address my items are shipped? I know their english is bad, mine not also perfect but just cant understand that they can't tell me where they sent my 2 orders (out of many).

I hope everything will be fine, if I get everything even after a month I will be happy to continue buying but if I do not get then I will invest 10 times more then I spent on their site just to hire indians to write negative reviews about them! I hate beeing cheated!
Mar 13, 2013, 09:22 AM
When in doubt throttle out
zestyzsauce's Avatar
Originally Posted by MickoBGD
I hope everything will be fine, if I get everything even after a month I will be happy to continue buying but if I do not get then I will invest 10 times more then I spent on their site just to hire indians to write negative reviews about them! I hate beeing cheated!

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