What's The Difference Among a '57 Nobler, A Gieske Nobler and an ARF Nobler - RC Groups
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Mar 04, 2013, 08:08 PM
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What's The Difference Among a '57 Nobler, A Gieske Nobler and an ARF Nobler

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Mar 04, 2013, 09:16 PM
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George Aldrich designed it three times

Originally Posted by tigreflyer
The original was mostly drawn up on brown kraft paper in 1950, based on experience with a series of modified Veco Chief planes he had built. When his construction article for his plane was accepted (without an included plan), he was in the Dallas area, and his plane, as well as the original drawings, were in Alice, Texas, at his family's home.

The magazine plan was the "second" Nobler, although it was very close to his original in almost all regards. When he and Sid agreed on terms for kitting it, a similar situation existed, but the type of plans needed to be different, and he drafted those in Chicago, Illinois. The Green Box Nobler is a Classic (post '52) design, still not greatly different from what went before.

Giesecke used a marksalot marker, drawing shapes around the outside of Nobler rib patterns to create a larger winged model with a thicker airfoil. The very first Nobler spent about 40 years as splinters saved in a grocery bag in George's shop. After Brodak began operations, and the Tucson annual classic began, George reassembled the splinters into patterns and drew up his original plane for Brodak to offer as a kit.

(Edit here: You will have to ask John Brodak which of the three Aldrich plans he arranged to turn into an ARF. Whoops! The Smoothie ARFs, I think, were what design I didn't know which one Brodak chose from. Great planes could have made ARFs of either the 1957 or the Giesecke. They absorbed Top Flite.)

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Mar 05, 2013, 10:32 PM
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Actually the first Nobler ARF was Topflite and thought to be the 1957 airplane. I wasn't aware that Brodak has an ARF. The Brodak kit was the first Nobler. I watched George build a Nobler in 1955. He built it from the published Model Airplane plans. So George built an OTS legal (no OTS at the time) Nobler in 1955. I find knowing that amusing given all the discussion over the years.

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