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Jul 06, 2017, 03:52 AM
Mike's Ma Maaaaaaaaan

Ernie Rides Again

I had left my Baby looking dejected in the corner since my little string of incidents last year (3 unexplained but similar crashes in 3 flights) with every intention of building a replacement over winter. We now have summer again and to add to the crash damage, dust and cob webs I have also managed to snap the tail off and taken several chunks out of the foam.

3D printed models were the latest craze in the Bray household and apart from watching the print head moving around I have not had much to do during the recent bout of bad weather and at some point I picked up the bits of the Burky. Half a tube of HobbyKing Foam Cure later and my Baby looked like but was roughly the shape that she used to be (note, didn’t say repaired, she really does look that bad!!!!). I found the bits for the rotor head and even the new bearings that I had ordered last autumn so that all went back together and was bolted on. So, where did I put the electrics??? Servos (of which I suspected that 1 might be shot), gone, must be in other mode!!!! Motor/ ESC, oh yes, borrowed them to try my Skyman with a bit more power (great success, don’t want to strip it out again), receiver, no idea…..

So, I found a couple of 20 year old Graupner C351s (metal gear) which weigh around 20 grams and are ‘only’ 5 mm longer than the 12 gram Corona ones so I cobbled them in. Next up was a ‘one wired 65 gram brushless no label motor which I have no idea where it came from’ soldered to an ESC with no markings on and with the signal cable hanging off, actually, found in my ‘scrap/ spares’ box, looked about the right size so ½ hour or so of soldering, stripping and re-assembly and I had a working unit. You know the little Orange 6 ch receivers (DSM2) which to be honest I don’t trust as far as I could throw one but that have never let me down?? I had 1 lying on the bench for testing stuff so that went in to test the servos and I forgot to replace it with a ‘decent’ one so it is still in there. That only left the snapped blade, I had contacted Coolwind last year but for me they were asking too much for a replacement set so 10 minutes with some epoxy and 0.5 mm G10 fiberglass sheet had that problem fixed.

Very slight breeze last night (2 – 5 KPH) but coming from a bad direction for our strip so I went for a ‘fly or die’. Long, long run and having released the back stick going to ¾ throttle and she lifted of flat as a pancake, no problem with head speed. Anything over ¾ throttle had her pitching up pretty strongly and she was rolling right but apart from that she flew. Two circuits and a nice steep but perfectly controlled decent put her down right in front of me to adjust the pushrods. Three sets of ‘circuit, land, adjust, fly’ had her really well trimmed out hands off at pretty much any throttle setting so I settled down to enjoy the last few minutes and everything went perfectly….. Bit later the wind dropped to zero and I went for a second flight where I tried to provoke a disaster (full throttle climb outs, violent shoving the sticks around, fast forward flight), nothing, behaved impeccably for the whole 6 ½ minutes including some ‘Burky Style Low and Slow’ (Burky pilots will understand this) and a full down auto-rotating landing to top it off, really, really enjoyable flight.

So, now the bit!!!!! I really should now be motivated and encouraged to build a new airframe knowing that I have the electronics to go in to produce a smart looking, nice flying model. Failing that the absolute bare minimum would be a few hours filling, sanding and re-spraying.

Anyone want to bet that in a year’s time that I report that I have been flying an embarrassing heap of and loving every minute????

Paul( )B
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Jul 06, 2017, 02:03 PM
I fly, therefore, I crash!!!
SteveT.'s Avatar
A lot of the time when you don't worry about how they look the stress factor goes way down and the enjoyment factor goes way up...

Anyway, congrats on getting it flying!!

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Jul 07, 2017, 10:08 PM
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Mine has a distinct bend in the fuselage now after a rapid unscheduled disassembly. I can't tell any difference in the flying qualities so I just try to ignore that funny-looking curve.
Jul 10, 2017, 03:36 AM
Mike's Ma Maaaaaaaaan
So nicks, dents, bent fuselages and poorly glued joints add character, right???
'Cos that would mean that I can get on and just enjoy flying her without feeling guilty, right????

Around 10 more flights all without any hitches glitches or moments so I figure that whatever was wrong I have solved it. Good news on that front, BUT, somewhere, in something, I have a faulty servo, receiver or ESC just waiting to bite my Butt again!!!!!

The 'new' servos (20 year old Graupner C351s) are coping fine, actually was thinking that she seems to have more cyclic power than before and was a bit twitchy, then the penny dropped.... Cutting a long story short I now have much longer arms fitted and therefore much more throw. Couple of times climbing out I was having to be careful to keep the nose down so I got the dumb idea, full throttle, slight dive, full up and lookey there, she will loop!!!!! Obviously had to try the same again with aileron and got a nice roll too. Dialled some more Expo in and I now have my super soft floaty gentle Baby back, BUT, move the stick a bit further for a wild ride, well impressed.

I am currently using 3S 1800 Packs on my Baby but only have 2. Other evening I had flown both 1800 pack but still had a 2650 'left over', didn't look much bigger than the 1800 so I shoe-horned her in. If anything flew slightly smoother but loops and rolls needed more work, still flew fine and after a 7 1/2 minute flight I still had 3.86 - 3.89V per cell, winner...


Jul 12, 2017, 08:23 PM
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britinoz's Avatar
Nice job Paul. If I only had those skills......................
Jul 13, 2017, 01:25 AM
Mike's Ma Maaaaaaaaan
Chris, I've seen your models, you do have!!!!

Honestly, it's all pretty simple (like me really), Loads and loads of tutorial videos for the drawing programs (I used Fusion 360 for this) on YouTube. Week or so and you would have a really good grasp. As for printing, load model into slicer, press slice, copy to SD card, insert card, press start, drink coffee, job done.


Jul 13, 2017, 11:51 PM
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I understand the coffee bit..................................I now have my Burky flying on a two blade set up and it looks pretty good.
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