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Mar 02, 2013, 10:36 PM
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Kds innova 450qs tailspin

Hi everyone, I am helping my friend who has the above heli and it currently has a bad tailspin on takeoff, anti clockwise he says, that apparently he can't electronically trim. My mate doesn't use computers (who is he fred flintstone, just about) so I'm trying to help him troubleshoot this where should we start, thanks for any advice.
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Mar 03, 2013, 07:01 PM
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Can anyone pls offer some advice or a starting point on this, cheers.
Mar 03, 2013, 08:06 PM
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Has it work at any point? If so, did he crash it or did it just stop holding out of nowhere?

Is the spin slow or fast?

Make sure rudder & gyro direction are correct.
Mar 03, 2013, 08:23 PM
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Thanks for your reply yes it has been working, just recently got some new servos from bg and after installing them and trying to subtrim has this tailspin on takeoff, ok will check rudder and gyro directions ty
Mar 03, 2013, 08:36 PM
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For sure check rudder direction. Looking at the heli tail pointed towards you, if you give left rudder on the stick, the leading edge of the blades should cut to the right. If not you need to reverse the rudder servo in your radio.

Are they the same servos you had before, just new?

Gyro direction probably wouldn't have changed at all.
Mar 04, 2013, 05:05 AM
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Rudder direction seems fine, it is lifting off the ground then tail starts twitching then randomly spins anti clockwise, could it be a sensitivity setting.
Mar 04, 2013, 06:03 PM
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Reporting back to say found the problem we think, couple teeth missing from the rudder drive belt a new one ordered and on the way.
Mar 05, 2013, 03:26 AM
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Mar 21, 2013, 09:20 PM
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After flying a walkera lama 400d like an expert i decide to buy a KDS 450QS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, NOW I HATE IT , MINE IS A TRASH, it claimed it was for beginners.
I am from Puerto Rico and i need to fly always on wind.
I did buy mine at rccarmax, first flight never occured.
KDS 450qs never elevated, start spinning like crazy.
Plastic servos damages, and something rare in the tail.
I did claim to rccarmax and after a lot of email fihting for the return and refund I Accepted that they send me new gyro and new 2 servos and it was the big error in my life.
I upgraded servos to metal gear KDS N290, ALL SERVOS THE SAME
Installed them and still spinning, I notice heli turns to left but not to right side
changed the gyro and nothing happened.
Now i spent 344.00 in the heli with a lot of spare parts, spend in a 6 KDS N290 servos and in 1 KDS 300 servo that is in my way.
I can not correct the problem and I do not find anything to do to correct it.
I also tight the drive belt and nothing.
Problem will bbe in the transmitter???? or in the heli???

With the money i send in this heli i would buy a good quality heli


The fllowing was the answer from kds support:
Sorry for the later reply ...
KDS IS SPINNING COUNTERCLOCKWISE UNTROLLABLE --- This is lock tail is not enough, please check the helicopter tail units and transmitter parameters .
PS : KDS 450QS is my company research and development for beginners (training),
Suggestion: according to the need can promote configuration ,
The servos replace :
Pls replace the tail servo for N290 or N590 only , Then flight will be perfect
If you Swash plate servos used N290 Digital Metal Gear ,Pls change the Tail servo for N590 Servo ,Thanks .
With best regards"

i need help
Mar 21, 2013, 09:28 PM
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My belt drive looks nice and tightened
Mar 22, 2013, 05:33 PM
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finguz's Avatar
So, what's the problem? That the tail won't hold but just spins?

The most obvious things would be, rudder direction control, gyro direction, belt twisted the right way (also translates to tail rotor spinning the right direction... usually counter-clockwise). It sounds like you need to set your gyro endpoints also, or something mechanical on your tail to allow more movement to the side you can't turn.
Mar 27, 2013, 11:36 AM
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i changed the gyro and tail servo. installed a n590 as KDS suggest me.
Heli hold good in the floor rudder works great direction limit etc but when i accelerate throttle heli does not respond when i try to turn nose clockwise.
Mar 27, 2013, 12:42 PM
Need More PURPLE !!
Dejavu*Xion's Avatar
It's not a trash heli, nor is it a beginner heli. You have about a year long learning curve ahead of you. I suggest you buy a sim..That walkera lama 400d you had/have is nothing like a c.p.
when you fix your KDS just shelf it for a month, and sim as much as possible. Otherwise i can see the bad outcome same ol same ol just ahead for you in the heli hobby.
Mar 27, 2013, 02:39 PM
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Can you explain to me how you set your tail up?

On the ground the heli is being held stationary by friction... but once you take off it spins like crazy. Looking at your heli with the tail pointed towards you... If you give left rudder input on the stick, your tail blades' leading edge should angle or cut to the right. If not reverse your rudder servo. Next, with throttle hold on, and the heli powered up, hold the heli out in front of you with the tail facing away from you and swing the tail left or right... when you swing left, the tail blades leading edge should cut right (and vice versa).

What value is gyro gain set to on your tx? And which tx?

Are you centering your tail slider in setup, and 90'ing your tail servo arm for equal travel in each direction?
Mar 28, 2013, 08:49 PM
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i didi all those setup ans still does not turn clockwise

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