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Mar 02, 2013, 04:34 AM
M. Walker
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Please help me with my Walkera V450D01

I just got a walkera v450d01 and it has been a nightmare. I am fairly new to rc heli's and am thinking about hanging it up. I have not even flown this thing yet. I bought it RTF and I know it is a poor model and all but I am at least trying to fly this thing. upon hooking up my new battery the helicopter worked for like two miniutes then the esc burned up. I purchased an Eflight 40amp esc to replace the walkera 40amp esc and the receiver powers up but the motor only spins about 4 seconds and cuts off and the receiver keeps resetting itself over and over. I tried to program the eflight esc but it wont recognize my Devo 10 transmitter. I am ready to scrap the whole thing, can someone please help me. The servos seem to be working but starting acting squirly when disconnected them while the receiver was on and reconnected them one by one thinking it would help everything get recognized.

Please someone help me out... Thank You....
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Mar 02, 2013, 06:40 AM
Registered User
I have had the same kind of frustration. i bought a WLtoys quad from a retailer at a very low price last month but later found that the battery was already dead. I purchased a new battery, hoping only the battery was defective,but i found that the receiver board gave way more power to the rear motors, causing the quad to flip before taking off, and no matter how i adjusted the settings on the TX, the problem didn't go away. And sometimes the TX could not be turned on even though the AA batteries inside had not run out. The whole product was a piece of crap! I had to throw it away. Now, as i look for my first CP, i have to be extra careful.
Mar 02, 2013, 07:32 AM
Rotor Controller
CaptJac's Avatar
We see this all the time on the forum. A beginner buys a really cool looking heli. The dream of flying it pumped up by slick marketing - the adrenaline rush when it finally arrives - unpacking it - charging the batteries - reading the instructions - trying out the controls - it's ready to fly! What the dream doesn't include is the difficulty of flying it for more than 5 seconds before it crashes and the empty feeling it leaves in your stomach (and wallet) watching it destroy itself when it hits the ground. If flying isn't hard enough - the likelihood of a failure is proportional to minutes of flight time with the 450 RTF's - it is only a matter of time before something quits working or smokes or both. Walkera is notorious for selling cheap electronics inside nice looking helis. Is your heli fixable? Of course - if you are willing to spend as much money in replacement parts as you did the heli - that is very much part of their marketing strategy. Therein lies the dilemma - is it worth fixing or do you just toss it in the bin and wish you never started. Walkera is hoping you go the first choice. The hard truth is - especially for beginners - you would be a LOT better to put it back in the box it came in and sell it on eBay for whatever you can. Take a picture of it - it will sell for sure. Which puts you back on square one. Did you learn from your experience? Maybe a 450 size heli wasn't such a good idea after all. Maybe a CP heli wasn't such a good idea. There's a lot of learning in learning to fly. There are no short-cuts. There's hardly any long-cuts. It takes months and months - sometimes years - to be able to fly circuits. It looks so easy on the videos. It is everything but easy. It may the most difficult thing you've ever done. Downsize to a micro and get some indoor training time. They are much more forgiving when they crash. If you really want to get serious - invest in a simulator. That investment will pay you back dividends that go beyond dreams. Reality is a hard teacher. Most beginners who start in this hobby give up after a few weeks - about 98% of them. There are books you can read and schools you can attend. Read some of the threads on the beginner forum - you may find one that fits. Good luck with what ever flight path you take.

Mar 05, 2013, 01:05 AM
M. Walker
mwalker63's Avatar
Oh yes, now after these posts I want nothing more than to continue in this hobby and keep going forth... yeah right.... I have been flying helicopters for about a year now. I started small with the coax types of course and then graduated to the fixed pitch and learned to fly that really well ( you should see me with the mjx F645 in a heavy wind, it is a work of So obviously I started onto the next adventure which is collective pitch. I am on my own with this and don't have RC enthusiasts hanging around to show me the way. So I got on the internet, and if you google top rated cp heli's walkera, align and blade is all over the place. So how does someone choose??? I chose walkera cause that is what I thought would be a good choice for the money. I chose ready to fly so I could learn on it, learn to fix them but don't feel confident enough to put a kit together ( have you seen all the different motors, servos, receivers, with their meaningless numbers and letters that designate their models, who can translate that crap.... ). The only choice for people getting into this sport is to get rtf models and learn as they go. The most ironic part of all this is that I am an actual avionics repairman on helicopters. I have worked on military helicopters ranging from UH-1N Huey's and cobra's, to CH-46 transport and CH-53 heavy lifting models and we teach our newbies how to work on them and guide people that need help. So far all I keep getting is rich, nerds with lots of toys who refuse to help and try to drop what they think are pearls of wisdom that come across as nothing more then rubbing poop in someone's face cause a bad decision was made. So for those types, go get a life. I just want to say you are all so edgy and bad cause you know how to fly model heli's and are so good that you shouldn't have to share what you learned cause you are the greatest.. For those that like to help, thanks a lot and way to go. We need people like you to help the newbies along so that we can promote this hobby/sport to open the way cause once this gets really big and hopefully catches on more. It will benefit all of us.
Mar 05, 2013, 05:13 AM
Rotor Controller
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What you may perceive as arrogance from the "experts" is mostly a deliberate message to slow down the newbies - not to stop them. No doubt you have a profound respect for those spinning rotors and how they can decapitate you in an instant. Most newbies don't have a clue that a 450 helicopter can do the same thing. I've seen too many "almost" incidents from stupidity. Training on your own is tough - for all the reasons you stated. Without having someone to help you setup your heli (RTF does not mean Ready-To-Fly) and stand next to you with a buddy-box and tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong - you end up practicing your own mistakes - getting impatient - and putting yourself at risk as well as anyone within flying range. GET SOME HELP! Learning on your own makes no more sense than climbing into a full-size heli for the first time - reading the manual - and thinking you can fly. Almost all RC flying clubs offer FREE training courses. They will require you to join the AMA so you have liability insurance - I'm not the only one who takes the danger of this hobby very seriously. Your training and experience has given you the discipline to know there are NO short cuts to learning and it is hard work. This forum is here to help beginners - not to discourage them. When a beginner steps into the 450 world the rules change. You are no longer flying inside and crashing into the furniture or taking a nick out of your arm. You are playing with a loaded gun. Piloting skills are only a small part of flying a 450. You need to learn how to set them up. How to program your transmitter. How to repair them when they crash - and you will crash. Over and over and over again. A 450 will self-destruct every time it crashes. Average cost of a crash is about $20 - plus the time it takes to get the replacement parts - and the hours to fix it. Count on doing a lot of fixing. The best way to learn how to fix a 450 is to build a kit. When you are finished you will know every single part and what it does and why it does it. They aren't that difficult to build. There are dozens of videos to show you every step of the way. Once again the same message keeps coming back - there are NO shortcuts in this hobby. A Walkera 450 is NOT a good choice for a beginner. You got some bad advice. We all have been there - done that - that is part of the learning. Blaming and complaining is non-productive. Learning from our mistakes is VERY productive - and usually the only way we learn. Taking Off With RC Helicopters - FAQs 102 was written with that in mind. Glad to send you the sample version if you drop your email address in my msg box. Good luck and fly safe.

Mar 05, 2013, 05:56 AM
Cá bhfuil an linn snámha?
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1. Perhaps try and ask in the Walkera forum or thread - there might be one here or you might get some luck at the helifreak forum. Wish I could help with specfics but haven't a clue with the walkera receiver/FBL combo unit.

2. The FBL/receiver, maybe servos could have been damaged by the esc burning up - electrical spike.

3. The motor could have caused the stock ESC to burn up. Check this

4. Not sure if you crashed. If you crashed there's probably going to be lots of damage you may be unfamiliar with, consider the servos if they're plastic servos you've probably stripped gears. Apart from that I'd almost just bin the spindle and main shaft.

Again, apologies, cannot help you more than that. If you haven't crashed your airframe may still be airworthy but you'll probably have to review all the electronics and heli setup. Walkera stuff I can't help you there.

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