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Feb 26, 2013, 02:25 PM
Suspended Account


how exactly is my measured response to a 'Troll' being reported as trolling??
it said i was hostile & trolling. i dont see it. please help me undestand

Dear harryarnold,

One of your posts has been found by a moderator to be in violation of RCGroups community rules:

Original Post:
Post content:
Originally Posted by nitrodude71
ATTABOY harry, keep them true color's shining through, you sir are a true scholar and asset to the RC community. 'NOT'
i will have to report your personal attack (again)
do you have any thoughts on RCAP?


stop breaking group rules. you are 'trolling'

thanks for the compliment though. i really appreciate the intellectual discourse.

you know you can start a thread instead of trolling on this one.

its really not fair to people who are on here to do more than argue,

as you can see , im working and flying and making videos.

The warned post is currently hidden from other users to give you a chance to edit it. Once you edit your post it will be visible to other users again and all record of this rule violation will be removed from your account.
Otherwise, your infraction will stay in your account until it ages for a certain number of days. If you accumulate a large number of points your account may be temporarily suspended.

For this violation, you have been given: 1 point(s).

After May 27, 2013, this infraction will be automatically forgiven.

An exhaustive list of rules for the site can be found on the RCGroups Rules page.

There is no further penalty for being warned other than the accumulation of points. You may accumulate 10 points before being subjected to a 5 day temporary ban from the site. Very few users reach the 10 point level by accident so if this is your first or second infraction, please accept the infraction point as merely a friendly reminder about the rules of the site.

An RCGroups administrator will perform a review of the infraction sometime within the next several days, at which time the infraction will either be reversed or confirmed. If you feel that you've received the infraction point in error please feel free to initiate a thread in Site Suggestions / Complaints. Address the administrators with your specific objection and they will attempt to assist you if a mistake has been made.

The reason you have been warned is because:

Reason: Trolling (Provocation)
The post contains content which is designed to elicit an emotional response from other users.

The moderator who warned you entered this comment:
Please do not post argumentatively or in a hostile manner towards other users. If another user is trolling you, feel free to report their posts as mods only review posts that are reported.

All the best,
RC Groups
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Feb 27, 2013, 09:32 AM
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Would you like to appeal the infraction?

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