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Feb 25, 2013, 11:00 PM
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BELT CP V2 Inverted Hovering (stock) FAIL

Anybody still flying these things?
I got called "old school" recently on a multiplayer game of Realflight for still having one :-)

I've become much much better at flying but blew my Belt CP V2 to pieces today just screwing around and trying some inverted hovering and a climb out while inverted..

It didn't cooperate much at all the tail started to spin and I was unable to correct it.
I did have the heli setup correctly, everything centered equal positive & negative pitch available, blades tracked rudder centered and all travel working to physical limits and working very well.. it flew and hovered very nice!
Pretty much have that routine down now after about 6 or 7 complete rebuilds,
Also build one of them from just parts.
Exploded some wood stock blades and a few other parts on the pavement..

It needs to be rebuilt again if I'm going to continue to keep it going.
I' considering dropping it and just moving forward with HobbyKing clones and upgrades.
I have my first HK450 V2 in the works.

Belt CP V2 did fine in inverted flight so long as it was moving forward.
I also notice of all the videos on YouTube of Belt CP V2 flyers that none fo them are flying any inverted stuff besides loops really.. I'm guessing there's a reason for this.

I'm still mostly stock on mine (I have two) except for the TX-RX.

Using stock wood blades and the stock $4 servos.. and stock piezo gyro.
One of them has a stock ESC and the other has an inexpensive 40amp esc (I built it from parts.
Despite popular belief there are actually no problems with the NEWER 25amp stock ESCs that came with Newer Belt CP V2s.
I've beat on mine since 2009 and have a few hundred hours of run time on it.
Some of it pretty hard run time and crashes.
Been pretty happy with them ( The Belt CP V2s) and their performance until today :-)
They were great training machines.

Now I have a Blade 450X and a buddy's Trex 450SE with a 430L motor.
And I can really feel the difference..

No problems inverted hovering the Trex 450 or the Blade 450X.

The Trex 450SE feels underpowered a bit even compared to the Belt CP V2.
But rock solid holding inverted.

The 450X is light as a feather with plenty of power and tail authority.


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Feb 26, 2013, 02:39 PM
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finguz's Avatar
It's probably the gyro on the esky that wouldn't hold the tail inverted (or going inverted). I can't describe how a good gyro felt the first time I got one. I used to use the detrum gy48v, total junk IMO...

FYI you can get a good futaba 401, or spartan quark (or ds760) for like $45-50 in the classifieds here.
Feb 27, 2013, 11:14 AM
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Might be wishful thinking but I'm hoping to develop a little mroe skill and be able to correct it manually if the gyro isn't stopping it..
Be able to apply appropriate rudder to stop the spin.
OR anticipate the need for more rudder as needed when doing a powered inverted climbout..
My mistake I was 1 foot above the ground inverted when I tried it :-(
Need to try everything new and push it's limits up higher where I at least get a real chance to recover it.
This time it just wasn't going to straighten out in the 1 second or so I had to fix it.
I don't even remember if I tried to counter the spin manually :-(

Also frustrating, I'd like to have a clearer memory on exactly what went wrong.
Feb 27, 2013, 12:31 PM
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Yeah that really sucks. Crashes can be traumatic experiences.

Sometimes it's hard to correct the mistakes a gyro makes. If they are subtle movements no problem, but sometimes it's just too much. A decent gyro will hold the tail magically compared to a cheap one (at least the ones I've tried, hot glue mods and all), it's like night and day. When I got a spartan gyro it was like 'Wow, this is how I want my helis to fly! The tail actually holds.'

I almost bought an esky cpx model when I was starting into helis but ended up getting a clone instead... took longer before I could fly, more tinkering that's for sure.
Feb 28, 2013, 07:42 AM
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Best think i ever did was to ditch the cheapo gyro's, i've got a GY401 now and it's solid, so much better than making constant corrections.

I started with a Belt CP V2 and didn't find it too bad, the HK450GT is a good next step, you can use the radio gear from the belt. Only mod's on my HK450GT are align main shaft and align tail slider as the stock slider jammed and main shaft was bent. Fly's awesome, i'm only just learning to inverted hover but it certainly is capable

Just bought myself a genuine Trex 550 FBL aswell, cant wait to try that out!

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