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Nov 07, 2017, 12:53 AM
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A+ jib booms

Originally Posted by kaerle44
Well. I finally got an after market A+ sail for my brand new DF-65, V.6. I sailed it today for the first time in light winds. I was very impressed by the performance increase of the larger sail over the standard A. It tacked much better than the A and seemed to point higher as well. Where the A would go into irons if not tacked quickly enough, the A+ allowed a slower controlled tack and started accelerating just out of the tack.

A couple of observations: The assembly instructions for the A+ states that the jib swivel point should be located 63 mm behind the front tip of the boom. This is in error. There needs to be at least 73 mm in order for the aft end of the jib boom to clear the mast. Moving the swivel point further aft throws the balance of the jib out of wack since the counterweight is now so much further forward of the jib swivel point. I suspect a lighter jib counterweight might bring the jib a bit more into neutral balance. Also, as tension to the backstay is applied, the mast does not have an even curve. This is due to the two piece mast I think. the mast joiner piece stiffens the middle part of the mast and flattens the middle section of the mast so that it does not follow the curve of the mainsail luff. I believe a one piece mast would correct this. I am looking for a source for 7 mm carbon fiber tube for that. If anyone knows a source for that, I would appreciate it.
I would appreciate comments from others who are using the A+ rig and have any tips to pass on.
After reading your post I put my boat on its side to see if the jib boom balanced. The clew end of the jib boom rose up to the centreline of the boat but no further. Then I loosened the rigging and the clew end of the jib boom dropped down. So my conclusion is that the counterweight is a little on the light side ... the opposite of your conclusion. And my counterweight was already pulled out 2 cm. I suggest you loosen your rigging and try your test again. I think there is something about the configuration of all the knots or the line at at the top of the jib that makes the boom swivel to centreline when under tension. Maybe the jib boom tries to stay in line with the metal ring when tensioned as 3 lines tie off there and the tension on the top little 10 mm tie off maybe stops it twisting. I donít really know.

I think one should set the swivel for the jib based on the clearance at the mast end as it will need to be a different amount depending on how tight you tie the jib boom down. A very low jib boom allows more boom on the mast side of the swivel line. I like my boom pretty close to the mast - 3 mm I think.

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Nov 10, 2017, 04:03 PM
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I have just ordered myself a v6 df65. A couple of friends have done the same.

I want to be able to easily tell us apart, and quite like the look of the soch sails sticker sets. But shipping to NZ gets a bit pricey for me. I have some vinyl I want to use to do just a hull sides sticker, not deck. A long shot I know, but does anyone have a pattern that would work?

Thanks, Ken
Nov 10, 2017, 04:10 PM
denisoni1's Avatar
I freehand cut the hull lines out of my vinyl and use a cutter for the more detailed stuff but there is also a way to do it without a cutter. Its the application that can be tricky, regardless of whether you use a sticker set or not

Vinyl Treat your RC Sailboat - DF65 v6 (4 min 46 sec)

DIY Vinyl Cutting for RC Models (8 min 8 sec)

Originally Posted by NZclipper
I have just ordered myself a v6 df65. A couple of friends have done the same.

I want to be able to easily tell us apart, and quite like the look of the soch sails sticker sets. But shipping to NZ gets a bit pricey for me. I have some vinyl I want to use to do just a hull sides sticker, not deck. A long shot I know, but does anyone have a pattern that would work?

Thanks, Ken
Nov 12, 2017, 12:49 AM
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Wow, that timelapse makes it look so easy!
Nov 14, 2017, 06:21 PM
Bob: Thank you for your input to my positing. You are quite correct. Shortly after posting my comments, I laid the boat on its side and experimented with aft stay and forestay tensions. I came to the same conclusion as you. I spoke too soon with my initial posting. I later took the boat out sailing in very light winds with only barely enough tension to keep the aft end of the jib in tension with the topping lift. It made a huge difference in freeing the jib in light winds. The slightest breeze would swing the jib to leeward and it would sail wing on wing very readily. Since the whole purpose for the A+ rig is to increase light wind performance, light tension with light winds seems to be key. I tried somewhat unsuccessfully sailing in very light winds with the recommended measurements from crane to the bumper and to the edge of the transom. As a result, the jib was stuck centered over the deck and it was difficult to sail wing on wing. Only with moderate winds did the jib start responding as it should. As the wind picks up, more tension to the rig can be added since the wind will overcome the "centering affect". I am still amazed at the improvement in the performance of the boat.
I have only sailed a couple of times in light winds so far and am waiting for stronger winds to see what adjustments are to be made. I suspect I will have to tension it as I do with my DF 95 then.
I understand that about 10 knots should be the point where you switch from A+ to A. Have you found this to be true? What adjustments have you made for very light vs. stronger winds with the A+? Thanks again, Kaerle (Chuck)
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Nov 15, 2017, 05:23 PM
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Hi, i have found the same as Bob & Kaerle with the A+ rig. Zero to very light tension on the forestay or the jib will not swing & just enough back stay tension to stop the mast interfering with the main luff in light airs. I use lots of twist in 0 to 2 knots wind speed, perhaps as much as 90 mm on the main & just match the jib twist to it & lots of foot in the sails. Ok that compromises you balance, but it seems to get the boat moving for me & I find that better than having a well balanced boat sitting still. i then tension up the stays & flatten off the as the wind speed increases up to around 7 or 8 knots, at which point I again start to increase sail twist to spill wind, but keep the tension on the forestay or I cant tack. have sailed A+ in upto 12 knots, although find after 10knots the A rig is better all round.
have you seen this
DF65 Rigging & Tuning Part 1 of 3 (28 min 33 sec)

Some interesting points, especially the 'pumping' jib & sheeting in your main to luff up windward boats, will be experimenting over the coming weeks.
Nov 18, 2017, 08:38 PM
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360 Race recording from Race Mark / Buoy

Finally got around to starting this project...

360 Cam Race Mark & Buoy, Remote Activated (3 min 6 sec)

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