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Feb 11, 2004, 02:13 PM
More Combat Please!
Wind_of_Change's Avatar
Big tease. I thought you'd built it and were gonna give us a full report!

Your avatar is so appropriate!

I'm tempted to build out a MM Dandy Sport like this.

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Feb 11, 2004, 02:52 PM
Fiberglass dont bounce???
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Originally posted by Wind_of_Change

Your avatar is so appropriate!

Thats the same thing my wife said Sorry I wasnt trying to tease, only show what a wing with the glowires inside look like. I think I will take my Uni glowires and put them in my "save box" untill next time that I have to recover a wing. I sure do think "inside the wing" would be ALOT easer to see, insted of lighting only a 2.3mm strip, you could see the whole wing insted (way better) ...R...
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Mar 03, 2004, 05:14 AM
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After 3 weeks of waiting I finally got my package from elwirecheap. I hope to get my flying wing equipped and flying this weekend.

I tried out 10 ft. of wire on the 12V inverter and it really is bright. With 20 ft. it drops a tad in intensity. I know that 15 ft. is the maximum allowed, and my wing will take about 14 ft.

One question: When I need more that one piece of wire, must they be connected in series or is it ok to connect them in parallel?

In my little experimet above I connected 2 pieces of 10 ft. wire in parallel to get the 20 ft. and that worked without any problems. I left the lights on for about 10 minutes to check the inverter, but it never got any warmer than room temperature. The power supply was 10 NiMH cells.
Mar 04, 2004, 04:35 AM
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I had some problems identifying my two inverters, so I contacted elwirecheap, and also asked them about wirering in series or parallel.

It doesn't matter whether you wire in series or parallel, it will work both ways.

I ordered two inverters, a 9V and a 12V, but they look exactly the same. The 9V inverter comes with a separate plug for a 9V alkaline battery, but it was not attached to the inverter, so I didn't know which inverter was which. According to elwirecheap the two inverters are in fact identical. Both can be used for either 9V or 12V. The difference in frequency (3000Hz for 9V and 3500Hz for 12V) has nothing to do with the inverters, it just follows the voltage you supply.

I have now tried supplying 12V to both converters (actually more like 13.5V from 10 fully charged NiMH cells), and none of the inverters get even slightly warm.

The price difference between the two inverters ($6 for the 9V and $5 for the 12V) must be due to that extra plug that comes with the 9V inverter.

I put one of my inverters on a scale and it says 28g (1oz). This includes a plug that isn't needed, and wires that are quite a bit longer than necessary. 10 ft. of elwire weighs 26g (.92oz).
Apr 05, 2005, 06:56 PM
The Original Slacker
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Originally Posted by RandyK1
Man some times I hate this hobby, it seams like every time I tell my wife that I dont have to buy anything more for one of my planes, something new shows up = spending more money. Oh well, what to do.....spend more money and tell the wife later ...R...
Amen brother! I also am mad I read this thread. Guess what? The winds tend to die way down here at night, big lot at Wal-Mart across the street and a school field a few blocks away. Watch for the UFO sitings near Reno in a few months. I think after I mod out my Easy Star for better controll I will try for a night flier version.

"Ahhhhh, no hunny. I didn't spend but a few dollers on these glowy wires for my plane. Hey hun. I got the EZ to do my first few loops today during lunch! What was that babe? Oh, you don't care? Ok, sorry."

Thats about how it goes at my house. She just got through talking me out of paintball equipment because she was worried about the cost of playing. I figure my RC investment will carry me farther for my doller than paintball would so a new flying wing for me this spring.

How to fit into the budget.....

Apr 05, 2005, 07:20 PM
The Original Slacker
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Originally Posted by VortexOfPain
I am thinking of getting a Unicorn but haven't seen one fly yet. -Jake
Don't watch them Jake. It will change your peception on what RC flight is all about. But in a good way for most. After working with a local instructor who has flown EVERYTHING he only flys EPP wings now. Watching someone who knows how to turn and burn with them is mezmorizing. I may never end up flying warbird scale for a bit longer now. Having too much fun learning to fly w/ my EZ-Star and EPP wing to try anything else for now.

Fun stuff!

Jul 20, 2005, 03:24 PM
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Hi guys !
I've been experimenting lately with installing some EL WIre on the wing of a slow stick for night flying. The problem is that I get really bad radio interference (servos wiggle really bad) when the Tx antena is in a given position. In any other position of the Tx antenna there is no interference.
For powering the EL Wire inverter I am using a 7805 circuit (I have a 5v inverter) with 2 47uF caps (one on the input and one on the output) and I am connecting this to the main battery. Even if I use a different battery I get the interference though. I am using a futaba dual conversion receiver.
Does anyone have any idea of how to get rid of the interference (or at least reduce it to something decent) ?
Thanks a bunch,

Aug 03, 2005, 07:57 PM
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Mugi (projeti-alike) video - dusk flying with lights on


I've had a projeti for a couple of years, sadly retired after one too many hard ones.

I knocked up a projeti-alike called a mugi, literally in a couple of days. I also fitted it with high intensity LEDs. As it's made of translucent correx (twin wall), the light makes the whole wing glow.

Flying performance seems very similar to a projeti (amazingly) and boy are these thing tough! For more info on the mugi + how to make the LED kit, have a look here.

I've made up a video here of my mugi doing some dusk flying at the weekend. It starts off quite light, but by the end, its close to dark and the wings are really glowing! It's a 17Mb clip.

Note - the clip uses the DivX codec, which most should have but if you don't, go here for the free download/install.

cheers, andrew.
Sep 11, 2005, 04:10 PM
Sussex, UK
RobinBennett's Avatar
Cool video!

This seems to be 'the' thread for EL wire, and now the nights are drawing in I'm keen to light up a 3D plane, and EL wire seems much better than LEDs.
Sep 11, 2005, 04:22 PM
Sussex, UK
RobinBennett's Avatar
Whoops, managed to post that before I'd finished :-(

One problem is that I only have 2s batteries, and most of my planes are under 8oz, so I'm a bit worried about weight.

Are still the prefered supplier?

Has anyone tried these people?

They do a high-brighness wire @ $1.13 per foot

and a 6v driver ( that seems more suitable for a 2s battery (or possibly driven from the BEC?)

How tough is this wire? If you put it on the leading edge of a flying wing, I'd have thought it would take quite a few knocks..

Does the light show through 3mm white depron or 6mm EPP enough that you could only light one side of the foam?

Sep 12, 2005, 02:23 PM
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I actually ordered my stuff from They seem to have the right stuff (at least for me they did). They have a 0.9 mm wire that basically weights nothing (around 0.1 oz/ft) and it comes with a 4.5V (that can do 5V too) inverter that is very light too (probably 1/3 oz).

This is what I ordered:

Feeding the inverter from the BEC is probably not a very good idea since you'll inject the inverter noise to the receiver (been there, done that). I made a BEC from a 7805 chip to drive the EL Wire kits. You might also have to put some ferrite beads on the connection between the inverter output and the EL Wire to reduce interference. I originally had lots of interference and the ferrite beads solved the problem. Also keeping the receiver as far away as possible from the inverter(s) helps.

I didn't have a chance to check out the high brightness wire. I think that you have to buy a minimum amount to get that price and they also didn't have the light inverters. It would be interesting to know if anyone tried it and how do they like it.

I put two of these kits on a SS with different colors for the fuselage and for the left and right wing and it's awesome flying at night. I'll try to post some pictures later.

Sep 12, 2005, 04:44 PM
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Oh my God, this is so cool!

I want to see someone put this stuff on their f-15 or f-18 depron pusher parkjet. That would be SO amazing!

Helicool, awesome avitar! StrongBad is the freakin' greatest!
Sep 12, 2005, 05:48 PM
Sussex, UK
RobinBennett's Avatar
That's a good point about noise from the inverter, I'd not considered that.

It's a bit of a pain to require a regulator to drive the inverter though; I'd much rather connect it directly to the battery, even if that means it will dim as the battery voltage drops. I suppose I'm just displaying my lack of electronics knowledge - It's taken me all evening to wire up 4 LEDs!
Sep 12, 2005, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by RobinBennett
That's a good point about noise from the inverter, I'd not considered that.
Me neither ... until I tried it and saw how it worked ;-) ...

Originally Posted by RobinBennett
It's a bit of a pain to require a regulator to drive the inverter though
It's no biggie ... try the schematics here:
You can leave out the diode ... and the caps if you are really lazy ... I used caps but no diode.

Originally Posted by RobinBennett
I'd much rather connect it directly to the battery, even if that means it will dim as the battery voltage drops.
You could do that ... I accidentally used one of the 4.5V inverters on a 8V source for a bit and it didn't blow up. I guess you could do this with 2 lithiums in series but keep in mind that the inverter could go out any time ;-) ... that's going to be fun to land the plane without the EL Wire lit ... hopefully you have some landing lights too.

Originally Posted by RobinBennett
I suppose I'm just displaying my lack of electronics knowledge - It's taken me all evening to wire up 4 LEDs!
;-) ... try the schematics above and you'll see that it's not that hard.

Sep 13, 2005, 02:49 PM
Sussex, UK
RobinBennett's Avatar
> It's no biggie ... try the schematics here:

You're right, that looks dead easy - assuming I can find the parts. I'm quite happy soldering stuff together (although I kill ICs 90% of the time and now always use sockets). The bit that worries me is specifing stuff and finding them in the catalogs that are obviously meant for people with a lot more knowledge.

This looks like the right thing:

Amazingly I think I've actually got one in a 'project box' of leftovers - it says:
7805 P+
but someone has written NG on the back, which I think means No Good :-(

What are the caps and diode for?