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Mar 03, 2013, 05:11 AM
Albany, the place to slope off

Albany F3F comp. 3/3/13

Final photo on the final day, wind swinging and falling toward the end, but a great day for all. Especially me on my first comp... :-) (last on the left)
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Mar 04, 2013, 09:40 PM
Albany, the place to slope off

Video Link to Albany comp....

My first attempt at a competition, had a great time and met some great people .... Cant wait for the next one ...

Round 2-Leg 3 and 4 2013 WA State, Shellys Beach Albany WA. (5 min 11 sec)
Mar 05, 2013, 05:12 AM
Registered User

2013 F3F WA State Open report.

Day 1. Saturday the 2nd March was the first day for the State Open F3F event to be held in Albany. The wind conditions were SE at around 8kts. There were some rain clouds about to start with in the morning but once they cleared the rest of the day was cloudy but fine and the breeze steadied at 8-10kts and was reasonably smooth on the slope. For a southeasterly breeze Shelleys was the slope available to us to fly at. A pilots briefing was held at 12.00pm and the pilot order established with 8 pilots electing to fly. Unfortunately Ross Cant had lost his plane the day before while practicing at Marine Drive and could not compete, although offers were made from other pilots for Ross to fly their spare planes, Ross instead chose to assist throughout the competition with timing and pressing buttons on the Bases. Round 1 was underway by 1.30 after setting the course up after the briefing. This is a little later than we normally start the competition but it allowed the breeze to fill in a bit, however the 8-10kts did not really firm up until the 2nd lot of rounds began.
In round 1 Simon Watts took the lead with his Ceres with 61.4 seconds then again won round 2 with 67.9. However Grant Andrews was not far behind also flying a Ceres. Grant was not far behind again in round 3 but it was Paul Marshall with a Predator who took out round 3 with 62.3 then won again in round 4 with 58.0. Simon wrestled the lead back in round 5 and 6 with 57.6 and 56.6 showing some consistent flying. Grant once again won in round 7 with 58.6 but the scales tipped in Paul Marshall’s favour in the next 3 rounds and won each with 57.7 then 54.8 and 50.7 seconds. The later being the fastest time for the day. The breeze held up through the afternoon and we had finished 10 rounds by 4.30pm.
New to F3F Steve Alcock was assisted through the day by Rick Leonhardt , Steve was flying Rick’s T Bird and was beginning to get into the swing of the format for F3F, however Rick spent a lot of time with Steve and did not concentrate totally on flying his Ceres but managed to put in some reasonable times throughout the day. Glen Twaddle flew his 2m Typhoon and as is usual at Shelleys the smaller planes do tend to struggle a bit flying through any turbulent air, however Glen made the Typhoon look good in the air and was able to score some reasonable times for the conditions. Brian Mitchel flew a Sunbird 60” which impressed everyone with its performance considering it was a cheap buy from Hobby King. These planes are worth considering if you are looking for a 60” size plane. Andrew Muller flew his Destiny and there is no doubt that these planes are fast, Andrew enjoyed the speed and challenge that these planes give and was able to get things under control to post a days best for him at 63.2 seconds. Once the event for Day 1 was finished it was down to some fun flying with everyone having a free for all on the slope, as the lift was still good as the sun went down.

Day2. Sunday 3rd March was the second day of competition. We were not sure where we would be holding the day’s competition as the forecasts were for light and variable, so we had to wait until about 11.00am before electing to fly at a slope. This suited us as we all met at Marine Drive and had a search for Ross’s Ellipse, which had been lost on Friday. Unfortunately the plane was not found but the wind began to form from the west and it was elected to head for Sandpatch Turbine 10 and wait to see if the breeze would swing enough to the south to begin some competition. Fortunately that is what happened but it was very light at around 5-6kts. For those of you that know Turbine 10 slope it has a nice sharp vertical upper part with a ridge giving a stronger band of lift at the ridges edge. It was not long before a course was set up and those that had not flown at Turbine 10 before where given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the area. Turbine 10 is also a much easier location to set up a 100m course than Shelley’s which has a lot of undulating terrain, consequently the course at Shelley’s is often a little short of the 100m required.
Nine pilots entered for the day’s competition the extra one from yesterday was local flyer Steve Ravell who was keen to give F3F a go.
The flight order was to remain the same as from yesterday and as the day unfolded times would remain similar to those done at Shelley’s the day before even though the course at Shelley’s was just shy of 100m and the breeze at Turbine 10 was lighter and began to swing off the slope by round 5.
Round 1 and 2 were won by Paul Marshall flying a Cyril with 67.3 and 62.3. Round 3 was won by Simon Watts with 61.7 flying his Ceres. Paul came back in round 4 and won again with 59.8. Then Simon won again in round 5 with 63.2. By this time the wind was beginning to swing off the slope to the SSE but had picked up marginally to 8kts and that was the strongest we had for the day. Fortunately Turbine 10 is such a good slope we could continue and for those that were able to fly close to the ridge, the change in direction made little difference to them. This gave Paul the next 3 rounds winning them with 58.8 then 61.8 and 54.7 seconds, the later time being the fastest for the day.
Rick Leonhardt once again assisted Steve Alcock flying the T Bird to doggedly finish most of the rounds, unfortunately the conditions got the better of Steve by round 7 and 8 and Steve had to withdraw from flying. Rick however completed the 7 rounds with his Ceres but did suffer a little with the crosswind conditions. This was a common theme with most pilots if they did not fly close to the ridge. However Andrew Muller flying the Destiny gained experience by persisting and finishing the 8 rounds for the day. Brian Mitchel once again performed well with his Sunbird 60 and could not be stopped after the event as the sun went down and the wind had swung to almost 90 degrees to the slope. Brian is a very keen flyer. Glen Twaddle was also consistent all day flying the Typhoon and did reasonably well even though Glen is not used to flying in such light conditions at Turbine 10. Glen, being a local, usually only fly’s at Turbine 10 when it is 20kts plus and square on, an awesome flying experience for the those lucky enough to have such a slope in their back yard. Grant Andrews could not quite capitalize on the power close in to the ridge and only just missed out on winning two rounds during the day but flew well even so. Steve Ravell who was trying out F3F for the first time did well with his Sky Climber, Steve did fly straight and true along the course and did not require any coaching to complete each round. Steve has bought Rick’s old Sharp, a very quick 60” and will be practicing with that and looking forward to the next event, I am sure he will do very well with such a good plane.
By the end of the day we had completed 8 rounds giving us 18 rounds for the weekend, a good result for this time of year at Albany. The results were calculated and we all met at the Curry Leaf restaurant for a meal and presentation.

Most Consistent
1st Paul Marshall
2nd Grant Andrews
3rd Rick Leonhardt

Most Improved
1st Paul Marshall
2nd Simon Watts
3rd Andrew Muller

1st Brian Mitchel
2nd Grant Andrews
3rd Steve Alcock

Sportsman Class (less than 2.050m span)
1st Brian Mitchel
2nd Glen Twaddle
3rd Andrew Muller

Open Class

1st Paul Marshall Cyril 14856pts
2nd Simon Watts Ceres 14392pts
3rd Grant Andrews Ceres 13642pts
4th Rick Leonhardt Ceres 13407pts
5th Brian Mitchel Sunbird 60 11655pts
6th Glen Twaddle Typhoon 11630pts
7th Andrew Muller Destiny 11427pts
8th Steve Alcock T Bird 8157pts
9th Steve Ravell Sky Climber 3982 pts

I would like to thank Bruce Hunt, Rhodda and Ross Cant for assisting over the two-day event. Bruce was on Base A both days and does take the responsibility very seriously your efforts are very much appreciated. Rhodda spent the two days recording and moving the pilots along if they were dragging their feet a little getting to the launch site. Ross helped out a lot on Base B despite not feeling well. Thank you again as your efforts made running the event much easier.
Some consolation for Ross though, on Monday morning before everyone made the trip home were able to help Ross find his lost Ellipse from Fridays practice at Marine Drive. Luckily all that was damaged was a broken servo and a bite out of the center panel, all quite repairable.
The next scheduled F3F competition is Saturday 13th July at Cape Naturaliste. This is the Bastille Cup and will be confirmed that it will go ahead on Wednesday night before that weekend via group email and within the new thread on RC Groups.

Mar 05, 2013, 05:59 AM
Brian Mitchell
Thanks so much for the detailed report Paul. It was just superb to fly all weekend with such a genuinely nice group of guys.

Whilst the competition was outstanding, the flying on Monday was the highlight of my sloping experience so far. The speed and lift we got at Turbine 1 has left an imprint in my head that will last a long time. If only we had had the same sort of wind during the comp... but thems the breaks...

Really glad that once Andrews footage was viewed in hi def, Ross was able to retrieve his plane.

Looking forward to next time. (and for a 3m plane going cheap...)

Mar 05, 2013, 06:58 AM
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southern soarer's Avatar
Many thanks to Simon,Paul,Ross,Bruce and Rhodda for all the effort you all put in to make this a successfull event.Thanks also to all that travelled down your company and the laughs we had was great.We also flew T1 late on Monday with gusts up to 40 kph,one day to late :{ .F3F in Albany has unearthed 3 new glider pilots YIPPEE!!!
Mar 05, 2013, 07:37 AM
Registered User
Yes thanks guys it was a great weekend, and we will definitely be back for more ..
I missed out on Mondays Turbine 1 but after seeing Brians grin I believe it was awesome...
Mar 05, 2013, 09:36 AM
Another crack in the wing

Albany F3F

Hey guy's another fantastic weekend the wind may have been down in speed but the flying was really superb by all. The guys and girls who didn't go missed some really close times on numerous flights. Thankyou Simon, Paul, Ross, Bruce, and all the guys for a great weekend. Don we should have taken your cameras some really fantastic ridge lift at turbine 10 some close to ground flying tight turns and level flying.
Mar 05, 2013, 04:56 PM
Albany, the place to slope off
I would just like to thank all the guys for introducing me to the fun of flying competition slope.
Will see you all next time your down or in Perth if I make the trip up that way .. ... (Steve Revell)
Mar 05, 2013, 08:28 PM
"The devil made me do it!"
Nigel M's Avatar
Hi Everyone

Well it's time again for your next Glider Crew event Reminders and Update. Coming up on Saturday the 16th is our first Glider Aerotow for the year starting at 1.00pm at the KAMS Field. Along with my old trusty Pilatus there will be several other tugs in operation including the Cd for the Event Ian Salau’s new Hanger 9 Pawnee Tug and hopefully Rod and Brian’s new 46% Pawnee Tug. Then in only a few more weeks after that, about 9-11 of our Gliding Crew will be heading to Jerilderie, NSW for the 4 day Futaba Aerotow meet held over the Easter long weekend. So dust of those beautiful Scalies and come on down for some towing fun.

The F3F crew were back in action over this past weekend down south for the annual AWA State F3F Championships in Albany. From Paul’s report on RC Groups they had light but good conditions and it was another close competition. It’s also great to see several new flyers attending for the first time and enjoying the F3F scene. For full report please go to our new thread for all things Gliding in WA at
We will be regularly posting events, dates, updates and general discussions here so please feel free you login and join in.

“AWA State F3F Championship Albany 2013” Final Standings
Sportsman Class (less than 2.050m span and under 2.5kg ballasted)
1st Brian Mitchel
2nd Glen Twaddle
3rd Andrew Muller

Open Class
1st Paul Marshall - Cyril - 14856pts
2nd Simon Watts - Ceres - 14392pts
3rd Grant Andrews - Ceres - 13642pts
4th Rick Leonhardt - Ceres - 13407pts
5th Brian Mitchel - Sunbird 60” - 11655pts
6th Glen Twaddle – Typhoon - 11630pts
7th Andrew Muller - Destiny - 11427pts
8th Steve Alcock - T Bird - 8157pts
9th Steve Ravell - Sky Climber - 3982pts

The Crew News
- Danny and Di Hales are back “briefly” from their recent holidays and are about to head east once more to see family and attend the Futaba Aerotow in Jerilderie NSW,
- Tim Watson now has his Gold Wings Power, Congratulations Tim.
- Bill and Margaret are cruising their way up the WA coast stopping en route at Abrolhos, Ningaloo, Montebello islands before being thrown off the boat and flying home on the 17th March.
- Rod is still playing with the “Dark Side”, racing nitro and electric buggies, doing well at it and having a ball. Don’t worry he will be back flying again shortly
- We are still looking for a suitable location to host the 2 day WA F3B Open on the 13th & 14th April. If anyone has any options could you please drop either Tim Kullack or me and email? Tim Kullack [email protected] , Nigel Molyneux [email protected]
- Despite the rumours I have not given up flying and turned into a hermit! Just been very busy focussing on building Rod and Brian’s new big Tug and staying out of the hot weather. Now that the tugs 98% done I will be back at KAMS on this weekend, weather permitting to resume my flying and catching up with the rest of you.

Until next time Happy flying everybody

Nigel Molyneux
Glider Sig Rep

March 2013
Saturday 16th – 1.00pm – KAMS Field – Glider Aero-tow – CD Ian Salau
Friday 29t h– Easter Friday – Public Holiday
Friday 29th - Futaba Aerotow – Jerilderie, NSW – Day One – Brian Simpson
Saturday 30th - Futaba Aerotow – Jerilderie, NSW – Day Two – Brian Simpson
Sunday 31s t - Futaba Aerotow– Jerilderie, NSW – Day Three – Brian Simpson
Sunday 31st – Easter Sunday

April 2013
Monday 1st - Futaba Aerotow – Jerilderie, NSW – Day Four – Brian Simpson
Monday 1s t– Easter Monday Public Holiday
Saturday 13th - 9.00am – (Location TBC) – Day One - WA F3B Open - Glider – CD Tim Kullack
Sunday 14th - 9.00am – (Location TBC) – Day Two - WA F3B Open - Glider – CD Tim Kullack
Thursday 25th - Anzac Day Public Holiday
Saturday 27th - 10.00am – Margaret River – Day One – Margaret River Glider Rally – CD Ray Datodi
Sunday 28th - 10.00am – Margaret River – Day Two – Margaret River Glider Rally – CD Ray Datodi

May 2013
Saturday 11th - 1.00pm – KAMS Field – Glider Electric – CD Margaret Pettigrew

June 2013
Saturday 29th - 1.00pm – KAMS Field – Glider Electric – CD Tim Watson

July 2013
Saturday 13th - 11.00am – Cape Naturaliste WA –“The Bastille Cup” Round 1 – F3F Glider – CD Paul Marshall

August 2013
Saturday 10th - 11.00am – Cape Naturaliste WA –“The Bastille Cup” Round 2 – F3F Glider – CD Paul Marshall
Saturday 24th - 1.00pm – KAMS Field – Glider Rally – CD Danny Hales

September 2013
Saturday 7th - 11.00am – Cape Naturaliste WA –“The Bastille Cup” Round 3 – F3F Glider – CD Paul Marshall
Saturday 24th- 1.00pm – KAMS Filed – Glider Rally – CD Danny Hales
Monday 30th – Queens Birthday Public Holiday

October 2013
Saturday 5th - 1.00pm – KAMS Field -F3B Glider – CD Rod O’Neil
Saturday 19th - 11.00am – Cape Naturaliste WA –“The Bastille Cup” Round 4 – F3F Glider – CD Paul Marshall

November 2013
Saturday 2nd - 9.00am – KAMS Field – AWA Aussie Thermal Glider – CD Steve Gleeson
Saturday 23rd - 11.00am – Albany WA – Albany One-Dayer – F3F Glider – CD Paul Marshall

December 2013
Saturday 7th - 1.00pm – KAMS Field – Thermal Glider – CD Jarrah Kilgour
Wednesday 25th – Christmas Day Public Holiday
Thursday 26th – Boxing Day Public Holiday
Mar 05, 2013, 11:27 PM
Registered User
SimonWatts's Avatar

Albany F3F

Thanks for the report Paul.

It was a great weekend capped off with fantastic conditions on Monday. Some DS'ing and great front side lift calling for full ballast

A few more photos from Sunday.

Mar 05, 2013, 11:42 PM
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southern soarer's Avatar
Bad luck just couldnt get that Tyhoon CG setting right,got home and did a disection and guess what bellcrank wasnt glued down HMMMPP RCRCM floating bellcranks give up on that idea.
Mar 06, 2013, 12:26 AM
Registered User
Glen, give the bell cranks a miss and just fly the Cyril...!!!!

I enjoyed the weekend thanks guys, I am always looking forward to the next one. Anyone who wasnt there, you really missed out on a great comp and full weekend of flying.

I have another photo for you.. This one is of Ross and his recovered Ellipse. It just had a shark bite out of it and a stripped servo..a lucky result from a total..lost sight of plane incident..
Mar 06, 2013, 12:33 AM
"The devil made me do it!"
Nigel M's Avatar
Yeh come-on Glen get your Cyril out and stop playing about with little toys when you have a nice BIG toy sitting in the cupboard ! A floating Bell-crank would have made flying interesting for you Glen...

Glad you found the Elipse 2 even if it was a little worse off than before.

Mar 06, 2013, 05:57 AM
Registered User
Nice one Grant on third. Well done.

Mar 06, 2013, 07:02 AM
Brian Mitchell
Some more pics from the day

Thanks to Andrew for the pics


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