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Oct 10, 2018, 02:23 AM
Have Wings, will Fly!
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Baudis PitBull 1 & 2

Juri and the lovely Radka Baudis turned up at the slope yesterday, Tuesday 10th October to see how the comp was going and say hi.

Juri was carrying one of is PitBull 2 fuselages, there had been a lot of chatter regarding the strength of the nosescone and boat section where the bottom of the boat is cut away to allow the base of the servo’s to penetrate allowing him to obtain a shallower height on the fuses.
Juri provided clarity that al PB2 fuselages apart from initial batch have the strengthened boat section around the servo cut outs, within the layup is additional carbon either sided of the boat carrying forwards and rear of the servo locations to strengthen the area.

Juri stated the noses cone is strong enough to support the nose section anyway, tape should be utilised to keep the noses cone seated where it is designed to provided maximum strength to the front of the glider.

Through the discussion Juri provided an insight into the birth of the Pitbull and its air foil selection;

While testing approx 9 different airfoil’s, over a period of time in competition, for F3B, Juri had noticed one particular airfoil that really loved to turn hard a lot more that the others, this foil became the Pitbull airfoil for F3F. If you are constantly turning hard Juri believes there is no better Airfoil that the Pitbull 1 airfoil.
Although Baudis build a version for F3B and people utilise the Pitbull for this discipline its target audience and task is F3F and hard turning.

So why improve on the PB1?

There was discussion regarding improvements to the PB to slim down the glider fuze, improve strait line flight and several smaller changes with aspect ratio, wingtip design, etc.
Airfoil modifications were made to the lower leading edge of the PB1 airfoil to allow for improved strait line flight across the slope while still retaining a hard-turning airfoil. Where the PB1 airfoil can wander a bit and loves to constantly turn hard, the PB2 airfoil allows for a more direct go where you point it approach.
Juri indicated if you want a glider that can constantly keep turning hard the PB1 is still the glider of choice. But the PB2 provides for better strait line performance.

Either way go the Pitbull…
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Oct 10, 2018, 05:53 AM
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Currently at Vitt waiting for the breeze to build.
Oct 10, 2018, 06:27 AM
Albany, the place to slope off
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Wind conditions are terrible, dont know how your managing to put up with it, the live feed has been very hit and miss to, think they are having trouble with the WLAN
Oct 10, 2018, 10:04 AM
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Legendary Brian. Cheers for the heads up on Pitbulls Don. Thanks for the photos Simon, especially the ones showing the various slopes. How do you guys get around from slope to slope? Do you guys have a van to transport everyone and the gliders? Have the slopes been far apart?
Oct 10, 2018, 02:37 PM
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F3F World Championship 2018 Australian Team

Day 3

The competition was delayed until 12.00pm due to there being no wind. However the breeze was expected to come in from the ESE which is good for the Vitt slope. Arrived at the slope and set up only to sit and wait. We set about clearing the landing field of small rocks, a few Alula's in the air along with hand launches.

Nothing happened until 4.30pm when the breeze picked up enough, above 3m/s, to continue the contest. Don had to fly Round 6 again as he was in group 2 , group 1 did not need to fly again, which I was in for this round. Don flew a good flight of 66 even after a bad launch. The slope is about 20m high with some trees on the right side of the slope. The tops of them are in the flight path directly at ridge height, from base A to Base B. The landing is pretty easy with a large field behind the slope out at Base A.

Garry flew a good round with no problems but was not tight enough on course to be amongst the average times being done. 56 through to about 68 seemed to be average with a few guys doing 70's. Eventually the wind backed off and went below the legal limit, so flying was abandoned for the day a little after 5.15pm. Garry will have to fly again tomorrow as not everyone in his group flew, so Round 6 is still incomplete.

Not a lot to report from today’s flying as there really wasn't a lot. Tomorrow we expect to back at the same slope, Vitt, again but the breeze should be stronger and expect to be in for a good day.

Garry is fixing a few problems with flaps and programming issues, apart from that, no big problems.

Oct 10, 2018, 02:55 PM
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Stuart. I was talking to Baudis and he said to me that both Pitbulls turn hard, however the PB2 is better in straight line and is grippy through the corners, due the larger tail. The PB1 is better at constantly turning, hence it is more suitable to the EM style of flying and tends to like that groove more.

I also had a long conversation with Sebastion Lanes from the French Team, he won the German Open and is currently 4th in the World Championships. We discussed the planes he was using. The Shinto is his main go to plane. It does everything very well is easy to set up and fly and has a wide margin for error when flying. It is best between 3m/s and around 12 ish m/s but is still ok in stronger breeze and uses it 90% of the time. He has a Freestyler 5 for the really windy days , over 10m/s approximately. The FS5 is harder to set up and more technical to fly and performs best in those big breezes but can do well in medium to light breezes so he only uses it now and then when the breeze is full on, but outperforms the Shinto in those big breezes. He also said that if he was buying planes again to start out he would buy either 2 Shinto's or 2 Pitbulls ( 1 and a 2 ) and a FS5.

Getting back to the question of what the Austrians are flying, they are flying PB2's.

Other questions Stuart. We have a van for transport and the slopes are not that far apart, the section of the island of Rugen we are on is probably less than 20km across.

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Oct 10, 2018, 04:57 PM
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Thanks for the write ups ���� Sounds great fun
Oct 10, 2018, 06:11 PM
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Cheers Paul. I would love to have a Pitbull 1 and 2 to fly and see the difference compared to my Pike Precision. Are there any competitors flying Pike Precision 1 and 2's? Best of luck today to you all especially given the wind is forecast to be better.
Oct 10, 2018, 06:13 PM
Albany, the place to slope off
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Originally Posted by AlpineDSacro
What gliders are the Austrian team using ?? Pos 1 & 2 ...
Hi AlpineDSaco...... Sorry about the mix up, my eyes saw Australian, instead of
Seems I got it right anyway, PB2....
Oct 10, 2018, 07:52 PM
Albany, the place to slope off
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Has everyone registered for the 2m Sportsman ....?
Not that far away now, test run this weekend with timing set up and see how it all works out.

10th November and 17th if we need it.
Oct 11, 2018, 01:26 PM
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F3F World Championship 2018 Australian Team

Day 4

The breeze was on again at Vitt, same slope as yesterday only stronger and directly onto the slope most of the day. It started out at around 8m/s and built later in the day for a short while to 10m/s. Under way by 9.00am with the zero pilot scoring a 43 second run.

A Zero pilot is basically the person elected to fly to test the air and timing equipment before the start of competition. His score does not count.

Low to mid 40's seem to be the average times in the early morning. Group 3 of Round 6 continued on from yesterday were flown which was Garry's group. His time was 53 seconds scoring a clean flight no cuts or problems. Starting to look like the Garry of old and his confidence coming back.

Round 7 started and I was able to score 47, though not fast I was reasonably happy with that time and hoped to smooth things out in the next flight, I flew a too heavy and was slow to get started. There also is a large bush/tree just before Base B and the top of it is inline with the usual course you would fly to Base B, it prevented me and others from being able to dive into the turn. One plane did drive straight through it after cutting at Base B then trying to turn back into the slope to return to Base B. The plane had its wings torn off and the fuselage launched straight back over the slope like a javelin and speared into the ground 30m behind the edge of the slope.

Don flew next in round 7, it was reasonably clean run no cuts but did get a little out of shape early on but recovered quickly to finish the flight with 48. He got a bit too far out from the slope at the start for the pump and this meant the pump was not going to work for him as he could not get the height or energy. Garry flew in round 7 next, he had a reasonable run but got out of shape early also and slowed down a lot in leg 3 but recovered and scored 55. Good flight and landing. Garry has not been trying to pump at the start and has mainly launching and then flying out of course, a safe option.

Round 8 I scored 48. This time I was too light and was bounced around all over the place, hard to get it right with the new plane and new slope to fly at. Garry had a nice flight scoring 49 which he was pretty pleased with as his aim today was to break 50's. The flight looked smooth and controlled, a bit wide on the last turn perhaps but otherwise good. Unfortunately on landing he did a flap servo and had to change out yet another futaba servo. Don scored 47, got a bit out of shape on two of the legs and a little hung up at Base B lap 5. Also did a bit of leading edge damage to the PB1 on landing so swapped his second PB1 for the rest of the day.

Round 9 I got the ballast right and scored 44 my settings for this plane are still not right and am still searching for the right feel for this plane, was a bit twitchy and just need to settle down with it. Garry up next scored 53, not a bad flight, smooth and starting look faster. Don did not do too badly this flight scoring 49, a little out of shape in places but it was clean enough, unfortunately did a bit of leading edge damage to the PB1 on landing so swapped his second PB1 for the rest of the day.

Round 10 which was late in the day and last round for the day. Don was not well and feeling pretty off coming down with the flu. His flight reflected how he was feeling with a 59. I think he was glad it was over for him for the day, hopefully he will be better tomorrow. As for my flight it was not good. I took a bit of weight out of the plane as the breeze had backed off a bit, I should have left it in the plane as I could not get going at all and was all over the place pretty messy looking flight. Ended up with a 49. Garry did 55 on his last flight for the day, he had a touch of the bushes mid course but ended up safe.

It was a common sight to see someone touch a bush mid flight, one plane smacked directly into the slope edge, another was launched without being turned on. It ended up a 100 or so meters out on the sea and sank. So there was a bit of carnage today but we faired quite well. Tomorrow is looking lighter and we are likely to be back at Goor for the day, not a bad slope and the landing is ok.

Results so far

also a link to WhatsApp where we have been communicating at the slope and posting loads of video/pictures directly.

Also the facebook page Brian set up

Oct 11, 2018, 04:13 PM
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Finally some wind for ya's. Nice flying guys. Keep up the good work.

I am up super early today to head to Two Rocks before work to maiden a 1.5 metre slopy I picked up from KAMS show and sell day. Mark heading up too to fly Gavin's Willow 2. Looking forward to seeing the Willow 2 in the air.
Oct 12, 2018, 01:53 PM
Have Wings, will Fly!
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I am still working out the trimming and optimum performance, turning, settings of the PB2 they are great panes so far, although due to being lighter and I am more used to flying my setup PB1 this is my current go to model. It flies well in light breeze and I can ballast it up to Max, where as the PB2's are heavier but stronger wings being double carbon.
The German Team are all flying Pit Bull 2's where I believe they traditionally would be flying freestyler's, not sure why!

Oct 12, 2018, 02:17 PM
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F3F World Championship 2018 Australian Team

Day 5

We flew at Goor again today. The day started out quite good at around 6m/s and square on to the slope and under way with Round 11 by 9.00am.

I was about 11th pilot to fly in this round, the breeze was between 6 and 8m/s. My pump was good after launch but did not capitalise on it exiting and on re entering the course. However I also was a bit late entering the course and did not pick things up until 2 laps into the flight when I started to smooth it out a bit. Happy with the result though at 55 seconds. Don was up next for the Aussie Team later in the flight order, and scored 55 also, in similar air to me. He was feeling a bit better after coming down with the flu yesterday, his first few legs of the flight were good but lost a bit of energy at lap 8. Otherwise it was good run. Garry flew in Round 11 later with the same air and flew a smooth round to finish with a 61 second time. Nice time for Garry with bit of a pump at the start.

Round 12 and Garry was first of our Team to fly, no pump this time the breeze was backing off and down to 6m/s so all times in round 12 were going to be slower. Garry managed 61 in the dyeing breeze but was a smooth flight. I flew a little later in Round 12 unfortunately the breeze backed off to 4m/s, flying the PB2 empty at 2700g was way too heavy so did not do very well at all. No pump at the start and had no power in the turns, I got stung with 82 seconds. Don was up a little later and faired a lot better flying the PB1 a lighter plane at around 2350g and flew in 6m/s breeze. He had a very smooth flight with plenty of ping in the turns although he was a bit late on the start, there was no pumping as there really wasn't enough lift to pump on. No one was pumping now , it was launch straight out of the course and re enter. There also were a few who abandoned their flight mid way or could not make the landing zone after their flight because they had 4m/s or less breeze.

Round 13 was not good for me at all, I luckily had swapped to my PB1 which is lighter empty than my PB2. The breeze dropped to 3m/s after I launched and perhaps less at moments. I scraped along the edge of the slope and edged around the turns to manage 105 seconds. After exiting the course I could barely make the landing zone having to commit directly back over the edge of the slope for a down wind landing which I pulled off before being able to walk back to the landing zone to line it up properly. A little later the round was held up due to the wind being less than 3m/s, but my score still counted along with a couple of others who also struggled through the extremely light conditions. Don was able to launch into a steady enough 4m/s later in the round and only had just enough lift most of the flight but it picked up for him on the 7th lap to finish off a good flight at 87 seconds. Garry had similar conditions to Don and had a smooth clean flight but just making height for the landing. Garry scored 89 seconds.

We got most of the way through Round 13 but the breeze dropped out completely and racing had to be abandoned for the day finishing at around 4.30pm. It had been a very frustrating day at the slope and in how the competition was turning out being so light and variable. Tomorrow looks like we will be back at Goor again to finish off Round 13 and get through Round 14, maybe we will manage another Round but I doubt it, we are scheduled to finish around 12.00pm to allow for results to be finalised and the presentation banquet tomorrow night. Wind should be about 6m/s tomorrow and hopefully steadier than it was today.

Oct 12, 2018, 07:36 PM
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Reminds me of surfing competitions in the 80's at locations with super small waves.

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